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Necessary Rest, Necessary Work, It’s Called Balance (Week(end) in Review)

This weekend, I got some much needed and very necessary rest, but I actually managed to also do some necessary work. Because, let’s face it, when Chicago gets waterlogged, you need a balance of both!

Did it rain and pour on you this weekend? It definitely did here. But no tears this weekend, thank goodness. Well, a few in frustration over something I can’t really discuss, but whatever. I’m counting it because it was Friday before noon.

Let’s talk about things that got accomplished, Week(end) in Review style (thanks Meg!). I need to feel like I did the “necessary work.” Because I know that it was in there, somewhere.

Thursday night, Alex and I had a discussion that needed to be had, but it was a bit of a slap in the face as well. Not something that I can really go into, but it just reinforced some things that I already had going on in my mind. I would have hoped the carafe of sangria would have helped, but I’m pretty sure that there wasn’t any booze in there at all. I guess you get what you pay for (we paid $10 for it on special). 

Thus the need for a Friday morning spin bike sesh. The last time that I was on the spin bike was over a month ago! Maybe even longer, if I am honest with myself. For some reason, I’ve been glued to the treadmill (for my walks) and elliptical since I was put on exercise abstinence for the last round of IVF. I was actually pretty pleased with myself for getting back on it and not just going totally easy on myself. 

I had a client and then came home, but not before getting on the phone with my mom to discuss the discussion (deal with it, language criticizers) of the night before. I really just needed to rant. Pretty sure that she is wondering what I am on…

Still current mood

Speaking of, I discussed with my psych, and we are upping my Effexor just a titch for a little while. I am glad that I raised my concern about my depression being more than just a niggle, and the need to put the kibosh on that before my situational depression became the real (long term) deal. Weeks like last week are no joke! I can give myself grace by taking care of myself and not trying to be “strong” all the time.

Sometimes, you just gotta curl up and hide.

Getting Ridley out for a nice walk in the beautiful sunshine (that quickly disappeared) also really helped!

I succeeded in ordering the meds, starting on dealing with the issues of Thursday night, and then succeeded in delegating Alex the task of picking up the meds and sending the tax amendments (basically, I made him do my business).

I also succeeded in getting him to pick up kimchi fries for dinner 😀

Saturday was a day of necessary rest and laziness. I limited myself to running 2 miles with Ridley in a light drizzle, and then Alex and I watched 3 episodes of Game of Thrones before lunch (and later on, 2 more episodes before dinner!).

I bought new boots to replace my (not) waterproof boots and had to order a few more sizes, so Alex and I took advantage of a break in the rain to walk downtown and return the boots. Returning them in person saved us the shipping costs, and it was a nice long walk downtown together. 

When we got home, it was time for a snack and 2 more episodes of GOT, then I made us my Italian Herbed Turkey Meatballs for dinner and served them with marinara over sweet potato noodles. DELICIOUS and soooo filling. 

Easy, Healthy Turkey Meatballs with Italian Herbs | Simple, delicious, and perfect for your healthy meal prep! Gluten free and dairy free recipe. |

Old picture, still delicious

Sunday, we woke up to rain again, and I spent the early morning with Ridley on the couch working on the Thursday thing. making some progress, but I have a feeling it is going to be an ongoing thing. Alex and I went to the gym and I ran (yay!) and my hamstring held up (double yay!). 

A full grocery stop on the way home to refill our coffers. 

We met up with friends for another fantastic brunch at Hutch, and Even though Alex and I both planned on getting something different, we both got the same thing that we got the first time: the Chilaquiles with chorizo, the Lakeview Skillet, a blood orange margarita, and this time, we added on the nutella puffs (basically Nutella filled beignets). ZOMG

I may or may not have had a huge bowl of cereal + granola, a Wilde bar, and yogurt for dinner. have a brunch that substantial will do it to you!

The rest of the night involved basketball, blogging, and the Thursday Thing. And Game of Thrones 😀 Alex starts attending tomorrow, so we have to get it in while we can!

A lot of necessary rest, a lot of necessary work. I had delicious food and great nights of sleep, so I call this weekend a run of the mill success!

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Was it a restful weekend for you? A working weekend? A little of both?


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