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Natural Electrolytes for Endurance: Running Coaches Corner (Giveaway)


Hydration is one of the greatest concerns for endurance athletes and I knew I wanted to address it for the first April Running Coaches Corner Post. Join me and my cohosts this month as we discuss nutrition!

I was provided with EnduroPacks product for review. No other compensation was provided and all opinions are my own.

Natural Electrolytes for Endurance. Why hydration is so important and a review of Enduropacks All Natural Electrolytes! @suzlyfe

Why is Hydration So Important for Runners and Endurance Athletes?

Did you know that running performance starts to decline with a 2-3% loss of body mass due to fluid loss?

Water is critical to proper performance and functioning because without water, many chemical reactions, including energy production for muscle contraction, cannot occur without water. Without sufficient water, you will experience a drop in stroke volume, cardiac output, and oxygen delivery. Furthermore, dehydration results in an increase in our body temperature because out body cannot cool itself. 

A perfect demonstration of the effects of dehydration.

A perfect demonstration of the effects of dehydration.

Add to all of those issues the fact that we cannot actively consume sufficient amounts of water to replace what is loss through sweat, and you can see how dehydration is a very real concern, and why you can’t only drink water while on the run! Thus why coaches, dietitians, and experienced runners will tell you to carry water with you throughout the day. Just like you wouldn’t eat only while running, you can’t just drink while running!

But sodium is also extremely important for runners and endurance athletes. Hyponatremia is a drop in sodium concentration in the blood. Aka overhydration. Hyponatremia is just as dangerous as dehydration!

To know how you are doing with regards to hydration, I recommend the pee test:

Hydration Pee Test Color Chart. Find out about your hydration levels and prevent dehydration!

For more on electrolytes, check out Kelli’s guest post from last month!

Why Sports Drinks Are No Good

We all grew up with or are at the very least familiar with Gatorade, Powerade, and other sports drinks that promise to boost performance and provide electrolytes to keep us going. But when you actually look at the ingredients included in those drinks, you will realize that you might as well drink a soft drink and add salt to it. That’s about all that they have to offer. 

Gatorade and other sports drinks don't actually provide you with true electrolyte replacement! Find out about all natural electrolytes at @suzlyfe

In a pinch, they are fine, but emptying that much sugar, preservatives, carbs, and junk into a body that is running a marathon? Probably not the best idea. And furthermore, no, you do not need to chug Gatorade when you are chilling at your desk.

So, what are some alternatives to sports drinks? What are some healthy and effective sport drink alternatives, should I say?

All Natural Electrolytes : EnduroPacks Spray

Though I’ve not been able to go on my long runs over the past few months (though I have recently returned to running after 5 months!), I have been able to get a decent sweat on. Whether running or cross training, electrolyte loss is electrolyte loss. Now that I am back to running, and we are staring spring marathons and the summer training season in the face, it is time to get my electroylyte and hydration plan figured out.

Enduropacks all natural electrolyte spray is a sugar free, preservative free way to avoid dehydration for runners and endurance athletes. Find out more at @suzlyfe

That is why I was excited to try out EnduroPacks, an all natural electrolyte spray that is also boosted with 13 minerals to encourage absorption and replace mineral loss in muscles from work. Furthermore, it is all-natural, sugar-free, and comes without any of those tastes or fizziness that might turn you off of other products. It tastes like you added a light spritz of lemon to your water, which is actually quite lovely and refreshing!

Sugar free, calorie free, all natural electrolytes for endurance runners @enduropacks #runchat Click To Tweet

Just add 10 sprays to 16 fluid ounces of water, give it a shake, and go! 

Now is your turn to try EnduroPacks for yourself! 

One Lucky US reader will win a bottle of the EnduroPacks All Natural Electrolyte Spray to kick off their training season! Giveaway will be open for one week (12 AM, April 14th). Enter via Rafflecopter below!

Now it is your turn! Tell me your favorite electrolyte tool!

Have you ever found yourself severely dehydrated or hyponatremic?

Today is also Running Coaches Corner! Link up with us this April as we discuss nutrition. Join myself and cohosts Rachel, Lora, and Debbie.

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