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Peace OUT, Funemployment! Hello, Anytime Fitness Chicago!


Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend, I know I did! And yes, exclamation points are very much necessary, because on Thursday night, Funemployment ended and I was hired for a new job that I literally am so excited about that I cannot sleep. I can’t wait to tell you about it!

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Thank you to Katie for allowing me to celebrate my marvelous weekend!

My New Job at Anytime Fitness Chicago

I am so excited to announce that I am the Member Experience Manager and Head of Personal Training at the brand new Anytime Fitness Chicago North! I found the job on a job search site, applied on Monday (I believe) and the process went quickly and smoothly, and I was hired Thursday night. And I started Friday afternoon! 

Anytime Fitness Chicago North is a great boutique gym open 24 hours with personal training and state of the art machines! @suzlyfe

My position as Member Experience Manager means that I am the point person for member and client concerns and interaction. I will also be managing and leading the personal training team–at the moment, because we are brand new, I will be doing all the personal training. I also want to be the one the train the members for the first month so that I can get to know them, learn the time of trainers that we need to bring on, and hire accordingly. 

I just got hired as the new Member Experience Manager and Head of Personal Training for Anytime Fitness Chicago North! @Suzlyfe

Anytime Fitness is a really cool brand–boutique gyms open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is perfect for those that can’t wait for the big box gyms to open up as well as those who get intimidated in a big gym setting. The new gym is beautiful (as many of you saw yesterday on Snapchat! @suzlyfe), and we have top of the line equipment–both machines and free weights, brand new cardio machines with TV’s, and small group training and stretching studio with Wexer fitness on demand videos, TRX, and more. I am seriously like a Suz in a candy store. Or a Suz at Anytime Fitness Chicago

Funny story–they were actually on track to open a month ago, but then a water pipe upstairs burst and they had to push back. Lucky for me! Or, as I told them–lucky for them!

I love how seriously they take security as well: the door is ALWAYS locked, we have security cameras everywhere, and we even have personal panic buttons that people can keep with them if they are alone–they call 911 for you. We have a phone that only calls 911 and even a panic button! 

Just a few shots from the cardio area at Anytime Fitness Chicago.

My two new bosses are fantastic–sweet, kind, and so flipping excited about opening their business (they are also fitness people, so this is very important to them). The enterprise is a labor of love with renovations nearly a year in the making (we are in a gorgeous 100 year old building). I love the passion that I see in both of them! And I think that we all will work so well together. And what is even better is that the Anytime Fitness corporate structure is there to help us out, but the franchise is owned and operated by my bosses, so it truly is our gym (but with guidance!).

Alex and I at the VIP Open House for the new Anytime Fitness Chicago North right near Loyola and Edgewater! @suzlyfe

Alex came up to meet me at Anytime Fitness Chicago Saturday afternoon so that I could show him around and we could go and drive through some neighborhoods that we are thinking of moving to and we stopped for a drink and hummus plate in Lakeview East, an area that we are really drawn to. Then we came back to Streeterville for dinner at The Windsor, which I hadn’t been to since brunch the weekend that I was put on crutches! 

Battered cod fish and chips at The Windsor in Streeterville Chicago is one of the best fish and chips dishes I've ever had! @suzlyfe

I love the food and drinks there, and can I say that The Windsor has the best fish and chips that we have yet had in Chicago? Seriously, if you even just like fish and chips, get the beer battered cod, it will make you a believer! We also love to get their buffalo cucumber bar snack, but we have discovered the best way to order it is deconstructed (it is only 4 ingredients). Then you mix, match and dip your way to happiness. 

Want a great appetizer? Order the buffalo cucumbers from The Windsor Chicago deconstructed! @suzlyfe

We left STUFFED, and came home to collapse on the coach and watch UVA be awesome. 

Alex started a new rotation in the ER at the VA hospital Sunday afternoon, so I met up with Don, a mutual friend of Erica and I, who wanted some advice on taking his blog to the next level and was in town visiting! I love to talk about stuff like that (obvs), but it was great catching up as well–we met at the Phoenix Marathon last year, and I haven’t seen him since. 

Today (Monday) is the gym’s grand opening, and I go to regular hours (members can schedule with me outside of that for appointments). I have so much research to do, so much organizing and set up, and I love it! I don’t know yet what the effect will be on the blog–I will definitely be here and present in my coaching as well–there is no way that I will stop either. Both the blog and coaching mean so much to me! I just might not be on the blog as much, or on other blogs as much. But we shall see.

So excited about @suzlyfe's new job at @anytime324! #fitfluential #anyfitchi #sweatpink Click To Tweet

Thank you all so much for sticking with me, keeping the faith in me–it helped me keep faith in myself. I am so lucky to have found a setting that feels so perfect for me. I am going to work my hardest to help the gym and our team succeed!  Once I get the personal training program in motion, I am going to help them with marketing and advertising, so make sure that you follow the gym on Twitter at @Anytime324, Facebook at Anytime Fitness Chicago North, and on Instagram at @anyfitchi.

Are any of you familiar with Anytime Fitness?

What is your favorite appetizer at a restaurant?

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