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My First Mother’s Day (Weekend Catch Up 5/14)

I had a lovely weekend celebrating my first Mother’s Day! Find out what we did in my Weekend Catch Up.

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My First Mother’s Day Weekend

Friday played out a little bit differently from what I planned… as in, completely differently! Stroller Strides ended up getting moved indoors due to weather, and unfortunately, I can’t go to the indoor SS classes because they are too far for me to get there via stroller/walking (and going without the stroller would be a bit against the concept). Instead, I cleaned up around the house in preparation for the house getting cleaned… 

and it didn’t get cleaned. Because the appointment is for THIS week.

0 for 2. That said, I did get a lot of organizing and setting up of things around the house done. I vacuumed the apartment to within an inch of its life–don’t ask how much dog and cat hair came up. I even vacuumed the couch cushions and around the dog crate. It was intense, and took me quite a while! 

I also decided against working out–I was just tired. I took a nice (but shorter) nap, and then took the kids for a walk. Alex was working and on call, so we kind of winged dinner–I don’t even remember what we had! I think I was just too tired. Emmie actually kept me up more than Alex’s pager kept him up over night, lol. 

Saturday wasn’t the prettiest day, but it was a really exciting one:

We had our first family run! Alex, Emmie, and I took Rob the Bob for a run/walk out to the lake and back (about 2 miles total). My knees took a little bit of time to warm up, but I felt much better and faster on this run than the others that I’ve done! Emmie did great in the stroller, and she had fun watching Daddy push her. I hope that this is the first of many!

Emmie all tucked in for her run

I dropped them off at home and headed to my class, which was completely different from what I expected and not one that I think I will repeat. Not because it was terrible or anything, but it just isn’t what I am looking for. I walked back and met Alex and Emmie for some lunch at Sultan’s, then we went home to hang out. Look at the beautiful flowers that my mom sent me!

We didn’t go to look for a couch due to the threat of rain and the need to sloth, but we did at least get laundry done (including the blankets, which were beyond vacuuming). 

I DID get my dinner at mfk, and I finally got some delicious bread (I don’t trust commercially manufactured breads due to the fact that soy is in many of them). We had an amazing cocktail called the Blood and Sand, which was Scotch, sweet vermouth, cherry, and something else, but whatever the mix was, it was DELICIOUS. And gone before we knew it!

Alex got the fried calamari, which I couldn’t have because soy was in the fryer oil, but that was fine. I just kept eating bread, haha. And before long, Emmie needed some attention–she just wanted to be held! So I held her for the majority of the meal (which you know doesn’t bother me).

I got the ceviche de camarones and the roasted cauliflower, both of which were delicious. We got a glass of grenache blend as we waited for Alex’s albondigas (veal and pork meatballs), and as he was finishing, Emmie decided she had had enough of all the stimulation in the tiny restaurant. I didn’t take pictures of the meal, but everything was absolutely delicious, and it remains a very special and amazing date night place for us! I hihgly recommend it if you are ever in the area. 

Alex and I stopped for some ice cream (for him) and chocolate bites (for me) on the way home, and I fed Emmie and then opened cards from all of my children (including my husband), and we spent the rest of the night (after Em went to bed) hanging out on the couch watching Portlandia.

Sunday continued the festivities: Emmie gave me the gift of only waking up once during the night, and then eating quiety and in a relaxed manner (this has been an issue for her this week), so that I could get out the door and head to yoga! 

My class was AMAZING. As it always is when I take from Elyse, and there were so many mamas in the class–obviously, it was part of their Mother’s Day gift! I really could take a class from Elyse every day. She is just the best. 

When I got home, Alex headed out for a run, and I started feeding Emmie… and then she poosloded EVERYWHERE, and so it was emergency bath time for her before Daddy got home and we went to meet Alex and her husband at the zoo. It was so great to see them, but unfortunately Emmie was super fussy (for a variety of reasons) but ultimately we just put her in her stroller and closed the top and she stopped fussing. We walked the zoo for about an hour, and then parted ways, and Alex and I headed to Frances’ to pick up brunch while I talked to my brother. I’m really excited for him to see Em in a few weeks–the last time he saw her all she could do was eat, sleep, and fuss. Now she does that, plus a little bit more, lol. 

We Facetimed with Alex’s brother and his family (who we will be staying with in Virginia in a few weeks) as well as a cousin (whose wedding we went to a year and a half ago). And then naps were necessary for all before we went to the grocery store. I prepped Alex’s food for the week (roasted asparagus and sweet potatoes + pesto and chicken sausage egg cups with parm and giardineria) and chicken for me while Alex “tortured” the baby with tummy time. 

Her face cracks me up every time

I made Alex an open faced rye toast (from brunch) + eggplant hummus + lamb (leftovers from Sultan’s) + sauteed onions + giardineria sandwich and I had spaghetti squash with the eggplant hummus (Cedars, get it!) and chicken and stuff. While feeding Emmie, who was DEMANDING it. She was tired and overstimulated and hungry, and like I said, I’ve gotten used to eating with one hand!

I finished out the day with Whole Food’s dark chocolate with coconut (I love it), writing this post, and watching Justified

Fancy? No. Perfect? Far from it, from an outsider’s view. But it was a wonderful, fulfilling, and filled with love weekend that was all I needed. 

This week, I’m going to hope for warmer, sunnier weather (unlikely), a class or two of Stroller Strides, a run, phone calls with my mom (finally home this week!) and best friends, and I’m going to donate some supplies to a women’s shelter (unused things from after I gave birth to Em) and the couch and find a new couch!

I see like 3 of these things being accomplished. I’m cool with that. MOM LIFE

Moms–happy Mother’s Day and I hope you had a great one.

How did you spend your weekend?

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