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My December in Chicago Bucket List


Alright, alright, it is December (and December in Chicago, no less), so I guess that means I should get in the December Holiday Spirit, yes? Thanksgiving aka Best Holiday is over (and it was lovely and relaxing), there is a distinct chill in the air (and wind, it being Chicago and all), and everything in the land is green and red. Except, well, the scenery, which is largely 50 shades of gray. But the lights that are out are colorful. I think it is about time for me to get some sort of bucket list together for the end of the year and December in Chicago. What are the must-dos?

 Creating a bucket list for December? Check out my list of must do-s for Chicago. And get ready to get outside! Find the lsit at @suzlyfe

1) Go Ice Skating

Skating in Millennium Park in downtown Chicago, IL, is a must for anyone's winter bucket list! Check out what else you must do in December in Chicago at @suzlyfe

Chicago has many ice skating opportunities, and I’ve said year after year that I’m going to go skating in Millennium Park. Well, that has yet to happen. I should say that I literally can’t skate to save my life, I have a hurt back/pelvis, and I’m a wuss in the cold.

winter running essentials suzlyfe

But it is going to happen. Because it is high time!

2) Christkindlmarket

Visiting the Christkindlmarket Holiday Market in Daley Plaza in downtown Chicago, IL, is a must for anyone's winter bucket list! Check out what else you must do in December in Chicago at @suzlyfe

Christkindlmarket is the epicenter of all things Christmas, especially of the Nordic holiday variety. I tend to stumble upon this more than make an actual effort to go, but I would like to make an concerted effort to go out of my way and at night and see the whole business in its element. Again. I don’t like being cold 😀

3) The Nutcracker

Seeing Joffrey Ballet's production of The Nutcracker is part of my December in Chicago Bucket list! Find out what else I want to do this winter at @suzlyfe

 Last year, I had mentioned to Alex that I would like to go and see The Nutcracker, and he was kind of meh on the idea. This weekend when we were at the viewing of Roman Holiday, there were a few previews before the movie, one of which was announcing a screening of the New York Ballet’s production of The Nutcracker. Well, bowl me over with a feather boa, Alex said that he would like to go and see The Nutcracker in person! Apparently, this was all a flight of fancy, because when I raised the idea to him last night, he quickly gave me the “we’ll have to see because I’ll be on service.” Cool. Thanks, babe. 

4) Zoolights at the Lincoln Park Zoo

Zoolights at Lincoln Park Zoo is a must do for anyone's December in Chicago Bucket list! Find out what else I want to do this winter at @suzlyfe

Notice how many of these items involve me going outside? Now you know why I’ve not done them before! I’m hoping that even though “he’ll be on service” Alex will oblige me by taking me to see the epic lights displays at the Lincoln Park Zoo. Slim chance of that, huh? Anyone want to be my date? I’ll put out…. for coffee.

5) Go Outside on a Snowy Day and Find the Fun

Having fun on a cold and blustery day is the mark of a true Chicagoan!

Even the thought of doing this hurts.

I think that I have convinced myself, in many ways, that I am more afraid of the cold than I am. Scratch that, I am in fact not a fan of being cold, but we’ve had such insane winters the past few years that I am admittedly totally winter-shy. Consequently, my goal this December (and winter, in general) is to find that one day when I look outside and think, “Hahahahahahahahahahaha NO,” and instead say, “Buck up, buttercup!” and get bundled up in big puffy and head out into it. Remember what running in the rain did for me this summer? I need that for winter weather, in general! If I must have a snowball fight with myself, I will do it. 

Wish List Item: Run Pain Free

Even if it is for 50 yards. My dream at this moment would be to run for a mile. I don’t know if that is a possibility. It might be, it might not. I will do what my body needs me to do, and if that is rest, well,then I shall continue to rest. I don’t need a lot of gifts (believe me, coming up with gifts for family to give me is really difficult!!), and the one thing that I really want is something that no one but time and self care can give me. Obviously, we are talking about selfish wants, because obviously I would love for ISIS to take a hike off a tall cliff and for world peace and to feed the hungry. But selfishly, I would love to run, walk, jump, frolic, Suz-about pain free. Running is obviously the reaching wish here, but I’m going to be real with you. 

Luckily for me, I have coaching clients to live vicariously through! Anyone else want in on Coach Suz Training services to help keep me sane? Help me, help you!

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What is on your bucket list before the end of the year?

Is it easy for you to get into the winter and holiday spirit? Or do you need a kick in the pants as well?

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