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My 15 Minutes and Other Thoughts

Thank you all so much for the good juju yesterday with my recovery update. I’m hoping I haven’t jinxed myself again by posting an update, but, well, we’re are just going to have to hold our breaths, right? Today I’ve got some random thoughts (the joys of funemployment) as well as some fun announcements! Let’s Think Out Loud, shall we?

We are going to start with an announcement, as I am sure that many of you will gloss over the other random:

I’m going to be on a podcast! 

Super cool, right? Monday afternoon, I was tweeted by Denny of Diz Runs (who had guest posted on Amanda’s blog Run to the Finish), and he was interested in interviewing me for his podcast! You know how much I like to talk about myself, so obviously I was game. Well, I decided to make it happen, and yesterday (Wednesday) we recorded an hour long fireside chat (well, Zoe-side), covering all sorts of things, from running to Crohn’s to my stress fracture. You know I love to tell stories and wax poetic about things, and I feel that it went rather well (or at least, I hope). Denny said that it should be going live next week, and I will be sure to let you know when!

Otter can't hear you

While I will be downloading it, you better believe that I won’t be listening to it. I cannot listen to or watch myself on tape. Can. Not. Do. It. Forget waterboarding and all of that, I will squeal everything you’ve ever wanted to know if you make me watch video of myself speaking or acting. And, all of the people from Blogfest (as well as all of you, actually) can finally know what I sound like! (Remember how I had laryngitis?)

I was on the Jillian Michaels Show!

I woke up (funny story about that in a minute) yesterday morning with a text from Lauren that she had seen me on the Jillian Michaels Show on E!. My best guess was that there was some candid of me from Blogfest or the BODYSHRED event that I went to last summer (remember my interview with Sean, the BODYSHRED Master Trainer?). Well, apparently, they were showing footage from when Jillian’s microphone wasn’t working, and so they panned out to the crowd–I was first row, boom, they got me. And, according to Lauren, I look none too pleased. WHOOPS. So my 15 minutes of fame is looking like a bitch on the Jillian Michaels Show. And that time that Kara Goucher tweeted me. And a few other things here and there. But mostly? Bitchy Resting Face FOREVER.

Speaking of Bitches…

With all of my time on my hands (I heard back from the job that I wanted, it went to someone else, ugh), I have been watching all of the TV that could possibly catch my fancy in the slightest way. That means Bravo, which means that, after I have exhausted all my other options, Vanderpump Rules. Will someone please explain to me the lure of James? Please. I DON”T GET IT. During marathon training, I could easily eat him during the course of a day. And still have ice cream for dessert. But no doubt I would get food poisoning from that experience. Just ew. 

stop being so hatefull

50 Shades of Single

Can we laugh for a minute about how Dakota whatshername was in 50 Shades of Grey last year at this time and is now going to be starring in How to Be Single? #theresyoursign. That’s like a Vanderpump Rules storyline, honestly.

Moriarty vs Voldermort

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, but with Spectre coming out on DVD and the 8th Harry Potter to come, who else loved that fact that there was an epic show down in Spectre between Moriarty (from PBS Sherlock) and Voldermort (Ralph Fiennes). That seriously made my life. If only we could have Harry and James on the same team, and then we would be good.

 Voldemort Boo You Whorecrux meme

Grandma Status, Confirmed

We all know that I am majorly grandma status. I am lucky to make it to 9:30 most nights, and I am up at 5-5:30, with or without a job. Well, on Tuesday, I passed the f out at 8, struggled to stay awake a bit longer and was down for the count by 8:30, even with Alex trying to keep me away. This is the second time in a week. I AM NOT DOING ANYTHING THAT TIRING. And I slept soundly until 5, with the exception of getting up once to go to the bathroom and then returning to our bedroom to discover that I’d been sleeping on the couch (Alex sprawled across the bed gave it away). According to him, I was unconscious, deep phase 4 sleep, so he gave up. Last week, when I feel asleep at 8:15–I remember this because I heard the next basketball game tip off and, thought to myself, that was supposed to happen at 9:15, I’m good (well, that was EST, not CST, dummy), I just told him no, I wanted to sleep on the couch.

Suz loves naps

Isn’t he glad that he married me.

A Little Bit Nervous

Last piece of the puzzle today, and I’ll let you go. I am going to PT today (I scheduled it yesterday) for the first time. I am nervous. I haven’t taken my leg back behind vertical on purpose (excluding walking) in months. I am nervous about doing things too early. I am nervous that I am going to prolong the healing process even more. 

But I’m also excited. I’m excited to move forward, to see my therapist (who I adore) and to get my body back to feeling like it is mind again. I guess we won’t know until we try, right? Wish me luck!

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