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I don’t know about you all, but I have not been feeling well the past few days. Alex and I both think I am fighting a GI virus, which for me translates to pandemonium. Thus my sluggishness on responding to comments, and for that, I apologize. I’ll spare you all the details, because I’m sure many of you are also a bit under the weather. So here’s to hoping we all feel better ASAP!

A thank you to Ms. Amanda, our ever spoonful hostess.

A thank you to Ms. Amanda, our ever spoonful hostess.

Speaking of details, t’would appear that you all would like to know a bit more about me (though I can’t imagine for the life of me why, and what else there is to know, really). So I am going to compile 3 survey posts into one Thinking out Loud post, and spare you all recurrent nightmares about post after post of more details of myself.


You can blame Ange for this:

  • 4 names I am called (that I will answer to): Susie, Suz, Babe (Alex, nobody else better try that), Bug (my mom) and then a bonus one: Hobs. I lived in a tiny single in my dorm first year undergrad (it actually was an old broom closet, no lie) so I would joke that I was a “hobbit” in my “hobbit hole” and it stuck with one my friends. She was “Sherpa” because she helped me bring things back one day from the bookstore.
  • 4 places I have lived: Atlanta (always and forever), Charlottesville, Manhattan, Chicago
  • 4 things I will not eat: I am actually not very picky about food in and of itself–I am a rather adventurous eater, but I am picky about how things are prepared. Also, I have to be scant with a lot of things per the Crohns. But I do NOT do lychee; fresh papaya; coconut water; or bugs.
  • 4 things I eat all the time: egg whites (I actually do not like egg yolks at all and will only eat them if they are runny); carbs; chocolate; yogurt (frozen or regular)
  • 4 places that I have been: Vail, Colorado; Falmouth, Jamaica (I lived there for a month after I graduated undergrad); San Jose del Cabo, Mexico; Paris, France
  • 4 (paid) jobs I’ve had: Server, Gym Facility Attendant; Personal Trainer; Marketing Director (current) notice how many of these have to do with historic preservation or architecture (which I have 2 degrees in but have never had a paying job)
  • 4 movies that I have memorized (see, I upped the ante there!): Clueless, The Mummy; Any of the James Bond movies; Any of the Star Wars or Indiana Jones classics
Aston Martin Vanquish Volante 2014. I would be a Bond girl for one

Aston Martin Vanquish Volante 2014. I would be a Bond girl for one

  • 4 things that I am looking forward to in the next 31 days: MOOOOOMMMMMYYYY; ATTTLLLAAANNNTAAA; VVVIIIRRGGIIIINNIA; Feeling better (I hope)

The next 5 questions are from Ms. Urs!

  • Which food is your all time favorite? I don’t do favorites, you all know this. But I did used to say that I would like to die by Black Forest Cake, so there is that. But I do love a good spinach artichoke dip. And foccacia. And pizza. And BBQ, and fries.
  • Favorite Dessert? See above. Also crisps, particularly of the apple or cherry variety.
  • What would you train if you had a free day? Run it. (my legs, not my mouth)
  • Favorite piece of training equipment? Bike (spin bike especially)
  • Something you are grateful for right now! My overall health, even if I am feeling puny at the moment. There aren’t a lot of people in my position that can also say that. And the amazing support system that I have in case things don’t go so well in the future (or if they do!)

And, lastly, Carmy and Mike both nom’ed me for Liebsters. See my past stabs at answering such questions here, here, and here! And my Sunshine award random facts, which were pretty darn fun.

  • Current Health Related Goal? Ugh feeling better. But in regular life, continuing to put on healthy weight and preparing my body for its next big adventure (likely late next year to begin that one)
  • Biggest Irrational Fear? Asteroids
  • Do you enjoy Wrapping Presents? Love to give presents and I used to love wrapping them, now I just want to give them and save the planet. That said, I love pretty paper and ribbon.
  • Fave way to cross train? See above
  • Leavin on a jet plane, no restrictions, where to?
  • Take me back there, now.
  • Paris (if warm), east coast (take me home I want my mommy), San Jose del Cabo circa earlier this year before the hurricane ripped it to shreds
  • Most embarrassing thing during a race (that has occurred)? I’ve been pretty lucky thus far. let’s keep it that way please and thank you
  • best 3 moments of your life: my wedding, my first marathon, and a moment yet to come
  • Fast food: chick-fil-a.
Atl represent

Atl represent

  • Or Arby’s curly fries
  • Celeb sighting? Several, but I used to have an actual relationship with John Grisham
  • Pic of you in non-workout clothes
  • Do-over to another career? Hah I think I’ve covered that one enough this year!
  • Reaction to an Olympic Gold Medal? Like Mike, wonder who had to die for that to happen. Then likely tears
  • What do you want for Xmas? A race medal/bib holder
  • Skill that you lack: the ability to speak another language. I took 7 years of Latin but am oddly more able to pick up French than Spanish or Italian. But I lake the ability to hear other languages. It all just meshes together.

As I am not feeling particularly perky right now, I am going to ask all of you to answer any of the questions and feel free to consider this your nomination. I’m sorry that I could not participate more fully, but this GI thing is making things …um…difficult. but thank you for giving me a few moments of distraction!

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