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Movin on UP! #FFavorites #RecipeFriday #Strangebutgood

Quick note: I am sorry if I am getting a little behind in commenting on y’alls’ blogs and responding in kind on my own. Things got a little busy in the past few days, and will continue to be through the weekend. Know that I will play some catch up soon! Have a fantastic day!

March is flying by. Does anyone else feel like that? I feel like that has been the case with the entirety of this year, really. That said, on the one hand, I can remember New Year’s like it was yesterday, but I feel like I left the restaurant forever ago. The fact that I had Remicade this week threw me through a loop–I couldn’t believe that it had been 7 weeks. I would gander that the weather has something to do with it–we’ve lost any sort of seasonal sense of timeline as a result of the everlasting cold and clouds and snow.

And now that I’ve gotten that out, how about we head into the weekend with some positivity and round up some Friday Favorites, shalllll we? Much Gracias-ing to Clare, Heather, Laura, and Kierston!

five friday Collage strange recipe Collage

1) Dinner last night with Natalie of Ramblen at The Gage was fantastic. Great, great food, cool ambiance, and really interesting conversation about everything including business–I am so ready for this weekend. Too bad Danielle got caught in Canada as well as Philly! Well, girl, neither of us got much sleep, so I am right there with you on the struggle train. But dinner? DELICIOUS.thegagecarpaccioedited

Though from last Saturday, I’m counting it–Dinner at Seasons 52 was the jam. Basically a shmorgasboard of my favorite things: golden beets, paper-thin flatbread, lush red wine, sashimi tuna with soy reduction, grilled fruit, and crispy veggie straws, and mini deserts (chocolate and raspberry to boot). Oh and time with Alex, which is a rare, rare treat these days.

seasons spread

2) You all indulging me by allowing me to relive my amazing time with Caitlin last week. If you found yourselves going, “Er.Mi.Gerd. Shut your face, girl. Get a life and a friend in your own city!” Then you can just go and SUCK IT.

suck it trebek

This is my blog, and I will use it how I please. Remember? It’s the SUZLYFE AND I’M THE ONLY ONE QUALIFIED TO LIVE IT. HOLLLLLLAAAAAAA. Loveyoumeanit.

3) I’m really enjoying working towards my NASM certification. PS IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN PURSUING A NASM CPT LET ME KNOW. I have a contact that can get you a decent discount. Plus it is a referral-esque thing, so you call can help me out in the long term too. Help me help you!

4) I am loving, loving, loving blueberries right now. I got some fresh ones on sale a few weeks ago, and it sparked my berry cravings. And then quality when down, price when up, and I was SOL. Until I got some frozen blueberries on sale from Mariano’s (and organic, natch), and now I am like a fiend. And this brings us to our #strangebutgood recipe for the week!

I am a complete sucker for spaghetti squash. I honestly am not a huge fan of pasta in general, but I looooove me some spaghetti squash. I made Alex pasta on Sunday (and, in all my humility, it was BALLER), and come Monday, Alex wasn’t feeling great and just wanted something simple, so I made him a bacon, apple and cheddar grilled cheese with some soup. I, however, was needing something dramatically different than the same-old-same-old. So what did I put together? Tough, I’m not going to tell you.

JK. Totally going to tell you. Because it makes me feel self-important. (Boy, I am in quite a little mood, aren’t I? Snarkitude ON)

March Madness Pasta

blueberry pastaedited

  • Ingredients:
    • Veggies:
      • Sauteed:
        • Mini sweet bell peppers (assorted colors) These have been on sale recently–take advantage!
        • Onion
        • Mushroom
      • Added at end:
        • Spring peas (mine were frozen, from TJ’s)
        • Chopped tomato (sundried might be a great option, too!)
        • Blueberries (Frozen)
    • Trader Joe’s Spinach and Feta Chicken Sausage
    • Quick Mustardo
      • Horseradish mustard
      • Honey mustard
      • Finish with seasonings of choice (I think I added a little garlic powder, red pepper flake, and parsley)
  • Assembly notes:
    • Quick and easy method:
      • Heat pan to medium, meanwhile chop your veg and gather your ingredients.
      • Pan saute fresh veggies (except tomato)
      • Prepare Sausage:
      • If frozen, quick 30s in microwave, cut
      • Otherwise, cut and add to veggies. Cook until browned with some crust
      • Add frozen veggies.
      • Microwave Spaghetti squash and prepare mustards/seasonings
      • Combine all ingredients in pan (sauce last). Toss to combine.
      • Microwave additional blueberries (optional)
      • Transfer “pasta” to bowl, add blueberries and finish as desired.
    • Bacon would also be a welcome addition šŸ˜€
    • As always, don’t forget to season!
    • I microwaved my spaghetti squash before I mixed everything together in the pan. Get rid of excessive moisture, but not all.
    • Combine all ingredients and toss. By not drying out the squash, you will have plenty of moisture for the mustards to become a nice and even sauce. Though if you like to add olive oil, go for it.
    • Optional: micro some more blueberries in a small ramekin until they release juice (about 20 seconds, if only doing a single serving) and mix in at the end.
    • Finish with parm if you desire. (I didn’t).
    • Obviously can be done with regular pasta.
    • Also, feel free to base it on your favorite NCAA team! Now that I think about, UVA definitely was represented šŸ˜€

A great middle-of-a-long-ass-winter dish that got me excited about the prospect of spring without getting my hopes up too much. The acid of the mustards, the salt of the feta (particularly after browning in the skillet), the savory meatiness of the sausage, and the herby-spice of the seasonings highlighted and balanced the blueberries. Furthermore, warm blueberries take on a much deeper, more earthy flavor than a typical raw blueberry–they are not sweet in a sugary way but more sweet in a caramelized onion or sweet pepper way. And the tomato gave some acid/moisture/sweet as well.

Enjoy! And don’t forget to play with your food!

5) This is a March favorite–getting out of my comfort zone and exploring friendships and new opportunities. I played with Caitlin in Pittsburgh last week; I started my NASM certification; I meet Danielle and Natalie and attend WITS this weekend; I get to attend a Swirlgear fashion preview party next Thursday; next weekend I get to see my mom and go home to my beloved Atlanta; I have embraced my hamstring/running rehab program as the building blocks of a strong, better runner-Susie.


Basically, I’m trying to keep movin on up moooovin on up!

Later fools!

How are you anticipating spring without going overboard? What are you eagerly awaiting for the rest of the month? What was the last great dinner you had?

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