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Frose and No Sleep (Mother’s Day 2019 + 15.5 Months)


It has been a bit of a weird week over here, and I will explain why in a second. But every week is a great week that I get to be Emmie’s mom, and what better day to celebrate than Mother’s Day!

Last time we caught up, the sun was coming out and I was stuffing my face!

Catch Up 5/13 + Mothers Day

1). Emmie’s No-Sleep-Week

Let’s back up to last week first, shall we? As soon as the sun came out, it went back away. I will leave it at that for the weather talk (Alex is having fun complaining about it, I’m just like, “Whatever,” at this point, lol).

We went to an art class on Monday that Emmie had no interest in. She just wanted to push the chair around. But at least she wore an amazing smock.

I got her a Water Wow book later in the week and she at least had some interest in that!

We went to Strides and then came home for a snack and nap… except she didn’t nap. She laid, sat, and stood in her crib for hours.

I don’t think she has ever just completely not napped in a day before. Even when we were having sleep regressions, she would fall asleep for 15 or 20 minutes at some point.

So we went to Target. We didn’t come home with this guy, but all of us wanted to.

She was so exhausted by that night that at 6:30 she was literally having trouble staying upright–she kept falling over! Finally, she misjudged a step and fell over and then fell backward and tapped her head, which set off the waterworks. She was too tired to brush her teeth and just fussed, then fussed on her changing table. When I went over to help, she started grabbing for me, and then I ended up holding her for the first 2 stories. She didn’t want to let me go! She resisted Alex a little, then allowed him to take her, then resisted him letting her go into bed. She had a bit of restless sleep throughout the night and woke a bit early.

The next morning (after waking early-ish at 6:15), I wasn’t sure if we would make it for our music class (Pip Squeaks at Musical Magic, the next level up of the class that she loved there previously). She was kind of sobby midmorning, and I was almost about to throw in the towel when I decided we would go and just see. I’m so glad that we did because she had a BLAST. She was so involved, and even though she did her walk-around-the-perimeter thing, she went and got instruments, put them back (except for the egg shakers, always her favorite), and participated in almost all of the activities!

Then it was time to go home and get lunch and nap, and after lunch, she passed out for a good long time.

I will come back to other happenings in a moment, but first let’s keep with this crazy sleep schedule.

Thursday, Emmie refused a nap again!! This time, she laid in her crib for two hours… and then FINALLY fell asleep right before I went in to get her. As in, I was just checking the monitor as I was walking to her room. I had checked 7 minutes before and she was standing! Of course, we had to be somewhere at 4, and we weren’t about to miss that because it was Broadway and Me! (We went to a different day because we had other plans Wednesday PM, again, more in a second). She was VERY mad at me. She woke up fine, but then was clingypants but also mad, so that was weird.

We made it to class just in time.. but then the car door tapped her foot and we went from okish to losing it again. Mother of the Year over here. She spent the first few songs resisting and hiding, but finally warmed up and got into the show and played. She is finally competent at getting back up onto the mat (no more being stranded lol), and she helped put up toys, which she hasn’t this whole session.

Friday was the Mother’s Day Stroller Strides class! We didn’t go to class (more in a minute), but Ali and Ryan came over for a bit, and then we went over for the pictures and to see friends. I LOVE the pictures that were taken. Here are my favorites!

Photographed by Samie | © 2019 TK Photography |
Photographed by Samie | © 2019 TK Photography |

A crew went out after for lunch, but Emmie looked like she might take a nap, and Alex was coming home, so we went home. Thank goodness we got a nap… not that it did us much good because she was a handful at dinner, as she was the night before!

Saturday was swim day, and she slept well (yay) but it didn’t do us much good because she didn’t really participate, and then she did another “lay in the bed for 2 hours but not nap.” We had a birthday party to go to, and she was a mess the whole time. Ironically, so were many of the other kiddos!

She did better once we came home, and we ended up having a fun night, unexpectedly. And we finally got her to eat something with some nutrition.

Sunday, she was the early riser again, and then needed an early nap, but it was a short one. We tried again that afternoon, but no dice. She was super clingy all day again, but also would be in a great mood at times.

One of the riders from the Spin4 event wanted Emmie to have the cat from their costume! It was so sweet and it made her day. She wanted to take it everywhere!

Between her clinginess, crazy sleep, and inconsistent appetite (sometimes she is ravenous for the morning and then super crazy picky and not hungry at all the afternoon/evening. Or very thirsty for milk and not hungry), I just know that she is having a major development leap. She is definitely learning more things: we are working on more independent eating, she is at least trying to say a few new words (but never mama). I have no doubt more is to come.

2) Mother’s Day

Celebrations for my second Mother’s Day were a bit spread out. We went out to dinner on Friday night to Umami Burger in Wicker Park. There were some excellent bites (the crispy chicken sandwich, Brussels sprouts, sweet potato fries, and tempura onion rings) but, surprisingly, the burger I had was pretty standard and not as good as others I have had in the city.

Emmie was a bit of mess the whole time, but I think she is just wanting to get out and run around more than be buckled into a seat. She had the most fun running around Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream, which happened to be right across the street! I got Frose, which I had gotten last summer, and though I was full, there was no way I was throwing any of that away!

I fell asleep at 8 😀 NO SHAME

I do have a little bit of shame because I spent the next evening watching Fifty Shades Darker (never saw the first, don’t intend to, didn’t intend to see this one) while Alex went to see Avengers: Endgame. There was nothing else on, and it was intriguing enough, but just so absurd. Like, the characters make no sense, the lines are just… seriously? And the situations and timeline are completely inane.

But no, Mom, this doesn’t mean I am watching Twilight with you.

Sunday, the “official” day, was actually pretty run of the mill by many standards, but I was ok with that! I got two sweet cards from my little fam plus a bag of handpicked bulk candy from Dylan’s Candy Bar, and I dug right in (much to Alex’s surprise, as it was 7:30).

After Alex’s run, we went to Yolk for brunch (delicious!) and then groceries before home, laundry, baking, Facetiming/WhatApp calling with our moms, and trying to get the child to nap (unsuccessful).

After a huge brunch, a healthy dinner, some dessert later, and hanging out with Alex was the perfect way to round out my day!

3) UGH Not Again

You might have noticed that didn’t include a run in my Mother’s Day recap. Unfortunately, midweek, I started to feel an ache in my right sacral area (the side that hasn’t had the breaks) during a run. I stopped and immediately decided to rest it, but I fear the damage was done. Since then, I my right pelvis just hasn’t felt right. I stopped high impact that day aside from a few testers at Strides; I literally had felt NOTHING until that run when it started to ache.

So I’m resting. I am hoping that I am able to stop anything that might be happening. I definitely caught whatever is happening early-ish (obviously not early enough), but it put a bit of a damper on our plans this weekend and for the next few weeks.

4) In the midst of Emmie’s weird sleep and my fears about my pelvis/sacrum, I had a major major highlight of this week when I got the opportunity to be the patient speaker/mission moment for the Spin4 Crohn’s and Colits Foundation fundraiser spinathon on Wednesday. I spoke at a Spin4 event 2 years ago. That time, I was newly pregnant with Emmie, and I used that knowledge to fuel my speech. This time, I had my little girl there with me!

I focused my talk on the fact that she wouldn’t be here, I wouldn’t be a mom, if not for the work that these amazing people at the company were doing, both as in drug development and research as part of their everyday jobs but also in raising money to fund more groundbreaking research in the work of developing a cure.

I had planned on Emmie be the “cutest visual aid ever,” but the crowds and loud music were just too overwheling for her, so I had to call an audible minutes before my speech. Not having her there definitely effected my delivery, but I felt that my words were still impactiful, if not as smooth as I would have liked.

5) This week, we are going to have to play a bit by ear. I am going to sign Emmie up for classes that I can drive to, and if necessary, I will just take Riley to daycare. But I am going to stay off my feet as much as possible.

OK, now to go watch Game of Thrones!

Happy Mother’s Day to all. Thinking of all my Infertility Warriors, as well as those who are unable to celebrate Mother’s Day as they wish they could, whether it be due to physical or emotional distance. Much love to you all.

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