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More than a Candy-fueled High #MIMM

I hope that everyone had a marvelous weekend, and are ready for a week of getting it done.

Thanks, Katie!

Thanks, Katie!

Speaking of getting it done? Good luck and congrats to everyone participating in the Boston Marathon. And congrats and good luck to the city and people of Boston—you all have been through a tough, tough year, but like the best parts of America and the human spirit, you have risen again, and we are all so proud of you.




On a more microlevel, I am also in the process of rising again, as evidenced by the events of this weekend. I had quite a few highs—one that I accomplished for myself, and another that came from helping another person.

For myself: I conquered my 10 mile race on Saturday.

lakefront10 suzlyfe

With someone else: I really, truly helped someone—proof that my strategic selfishness has paid off in a real and beneficial manner.

I want to discuss the incident just a little bit, but I am going to wait until tomorrow to delve into it in actual detail with the return of Tough Talk! I had actually decided the day before that it was time for me to bring TTT back every now and then, as I do miss having the type of conversation that I had with you all last Tuesday and that I used to have back in the day.

Yes, this girl was very, very sick. I by chance saw a tweet that outlined a rather scary situation, and I reached out to her to offer my support. She ended up sending me an email, to which I responded, and included my phone number, telling her to call if she needed to actually talk to someone. And she did. And I am so glad that she did—she was truly in crisis. Did we “fix” things? No. But we put an active plan in motion.

Being able to help this girl only further cemented the directions that I am taking with my life, with NASM and also with the blog. I have been increasing my time on social media platforms in the effort to expand my visibility, and I enjoy this aspect as it helps me to instantaneously connect with the larger world. But it also gives me some trepidation—I don’t want to be a media ho.  But connecting with this girl in particular reminded me of why I am doing all of this, and it is related to why I am pursuing NASM and why I believe that I should continue to write on the blog, documenting both the nonsensical thoughts that pass through as well as the serious discussion. One of the original reasons that I started this blog—to help others to “show Crohn’s Disease [insert other issue here] who’s boss every day.”  And yes, I hope that I am able to accomplish this goal simply through my everyday actions and activities. But sometimes, we need to just outright talk about things. Like saying to your friends and family, “I love you.” You hope that you demonstrate this love at all times, but just outright saying “I love you” is so powerful.

So buckle up, my beloved fools.

I love my #Swirlfamily. #swirlon

I love my #Swirlfamily. #swirlon

And yes, though I don’t know you all as well as I know others, I appreciate each and every one of you, and the time you take out of your day to come and hang out with me. I hope that I can give you a moment of your day that helps you to think more positively about the rest of your day. Because you all bring so much positivity to me.100 prct

Here’s to another week of being unapologetically awesome.

Are there any topics in particular that you would like me to cover? Tomorrow will be about finding strength in times of crisis, when you feel lost.

Did you get to spend time with friends and family this week? Any good candy-fueled stories?

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