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Moms, Daughters, and Smiles (5 Months + Weekend Catch Up 6/25)

It was a no-boys allowed weekend over here (ok, Alex showed up a little bit) fully of sunshine and smiles and fun! A quick recap of our weekend on the Weekend Catch Up!

Did you see the Friday Catch Up?

Weekend Catch Up 6/25

1) First of all, BIG UPS to Mother Nature for pulling out all the stops for an absolutely gorgeous Saturday and Sunday. The nonsense weather of last week was pushed to the side so that we could actually enjoy this beautiful city and the Pride parade could be as joyous as ever!

It was a bit chilly Saturday morning, but it warmed up.

Mom and I soaked up the sunshine with walks with Em and Ridley and al fresco dining of snack plates and such on our balcony. We don’t need to be fancy 😀

I think I mentioned it on Instagram or here, but I’m currently not drinking (or at least trying not to) because of some elevated liver enzymes in my bloodwork from 2 weeks ago. I’m going back in this week (today, possibly) for a recheck and a tissue test to see if they can figure out what the culprit is. Raised liver enzymes can be a warning flag for my Crohn’s, so we want to check on it. 

Anyhoo, Mother Nature. Freaking gorgeous. I ran outside a little bit over the weekend to and from my fitness classes, and it was just such a pleasure to be outside in sunshine, mid-low-seventies, and zero humidity. #swoon

2) Speaking of, I got my butt literally worked this weekend! Also, my biceps. 

It all started Friday, when my license fell out of my pocket when I went to the store to get food to make Alex’s lunches (new yummy recipe, btw), and I ended up carrying the baby in my arms while retracing my steps. Not really sure why I chose to carry her, but whatever. So that was about a mile+ of walking carrying her in isometric holds. She doesn’t weigh much, but I just haven’t done that particular carry that much!

PS, the short and short of it is that my license was returned by the dog walker of someone in my building! Thank goodness. After the financial issues of this past fall, the last thing I need is to have my actual license floating around.

So, it was an active rest day. 

Saturday and Sunday, though, were actual workout days, with short runs to Pilates Pro Works for Pilates Pro (Reformer) and Tone and Flow (yoga/pilates fusion). I am loving that I am actually seeing progress, and I even did my Tone and Flow class #sportsbrasquad style (my short sleeve was too much). The little runs helped me shake things loose without overdoing it, and I will go for an actual run today while Mom can watch Em. 

I think my summer fitness goal is to work up to taking a Studio Lagree class. I’m still not strong enough, but I think that if I keep it up, I will feel comfortable and competent going into one or a few by the end of the summer! Of course, I could go now and modify the hell out of everything, but you know I’m too proud for that.

3) Emmie had a great time with Grandmommy, and Mom kept commenting on how much Emmie had changed since she saw her even 2 weeks ago! It’s true–Emmie definitely is on the other side of the mental leap, and that plus the prudence of my diet = happy kiddo, by and large. 

Oh, and we are officially in 6 mo clothes! We wore our new 6 mo rainbow jammies Sunday night in honor of Pride. Pictures to come but kiddo was tired. There is a rainbow on the butt. They are amazing,

Emmie and I will go and visit Georgia in 2 weeks to introduce Em to my mom’s side fo the family



In order to reduce some travel time into and out of the city from our house, Mom and Emmie and I are going to extend our time in the city proper during the trip! Instead of going back and forth from the lake (where my parents now live), we are going to stay in the city Thursday night, which means the possibility of a) getting my hair done and b) SEEING PEOPLE WHO LIVE THERE! That means if you are an ATL friend, let me know if you are available! We will ONLY be in the city–sorry to the people who live OTP. Love y’all, but we don’t have time.

And if you don’t know what OTP means… well… you aren’t from Atlanta 😀

4) Mom goes back home tonight–she was originally on an earlier flight, but she changed it (upon my asking) when we were trying to schedule my iron infusions so that she could watch Em during one of the infusions. Then we had to reschedule them all anyway, so it was moot, but she already had the reservations. So extra day with Mom! It’s supposed to be another pretty one, so I’m going to march her around outside. I will probably also make her go to brunch with me. I already made her do laundry yesterday lol.

Unfortunately, she got to see about 1 hour worth of Alex the whole weekend, but there were some emergencies (lots of bleeding) that kept him late each night. He even got home and got paged about 5 minutes after walking through the door on Saturday, and he just stayed there after.

On the plus side, I got to try the new sofa bed. Not bad!

5) I made us dinner Sunday night (we ordered in on Friday and got Mom a TJ’s pizza on Saturday). I made Mom a breadless version of my Cornbread Sweet Potato Hash with sweet apple chicken sausage, and I made myself a Kale Sweet Potato bowl/hash of sorts with sundried tomato chicken sausage topped with nutritional yeast. Will DEFINITELY do that again!

This week went from being packed with infusion appointments to being relatively empty. So Em and I are probably going to hit up Stroller Strides and try to get some runs in to work on my fitness, and tummy time and sit ups to work on hers!

And because I think that this picture is hilarious….

Christopher Lloyd called. He wants his hair back.

Have a great week, everyone!


Kale bowl or hash?

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