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Mom To the Rescue (16.5 Months + GA Trip + Catch Up 6/14)


I know it has been a while, but I’ve been hanging out with my Mommy and Emmie with her Grandmommy! I’ll fill you in on the past few weeks, including our week in GA!

I know it has been a few weeks–my last catch up covered my official injury diagnosis, and now I am another 1/3 of the way towards being off crutches!

Catch Up 6/12

1) . Quick injury and health catch up (here is the issue): It is up and down. I’ll have 2 days where I literally don’t feel A THING and then I’ll have 2 days of a burning in the area or in the outer hip. When that happens, it is a hint to GTF off of it for a bit, but it resolves over a few days. So I am optimistic that I will able to spend at least part of our upcoming vacation not on crutches, but they will definitely be accompanying us.

I have only 2 more weeks of steroids to go!!!! I’ve been on steroids since my flare in March, and I am so ready to not have to take those icky little buggers anymore. I am feeling great apart from my injury and am very thankful for them in getting me feeling well!

We will see what this holds for the IVF future. Plans may have to continue to change (I saw my GI on the Thursday before I went to GA) regarding taking me off of Methotrexate and then trying to get pregnant. We will see.

2) Speaking of health, something that has recently become a major topic of discussion in our house is cutting out of processed foods. This was spearheaded by Alex, who went to a session at his Transplant Congress conference last week in Boston (why I had planned to go to Georgia in the first place) that discussed the role of processed foods and artificial sugars as a direct link/contributor to metabolic syndromes. And in May, the NIH finished a small, controlled study linking processed foods to obesity and weight gain regardless of calorie intake (larger studies are needed to confirm).

Although Alex and I are both healthy weights and healthy individuals, he eats a great deal of processed foods on a daily basis, even though they check out nutritionally/macro-wise. Every day, he has high fiber cereal with almond milk, crackers, peanut butter, and ice cream, which in and of themselves aren’t the worst, but when you look at the ingredient lists, he realized that his choices were highly processed versions. He was also having some GI upset, and after modifying his diet, that seems to have resolved pretty quickly!

I have the same problem (and worse in some ways!) and am also working to make changes!

With regards to Emmie, I have always tried to focus on less processed food no artificial sugars, and I started making food for her early on because of her soy and dairy issues.

We are not going whole-hog and never having those foods again, but we are just trying to make some sustainable changes for long term health.

3) Ok, so enough of that, what about our trip?

Mom came up on Thursday evening and she, Emmie, and I went to GA on Saturday. I went to Mom’s Night out Thursday evening and had a drink my girls, and then we had family dinner at Tarascas on Friday with me staying after for a friends birthday dinner.

Alex left early for the airport and Mom and I left a little after (still super early in the morning). She had to manage the kiddo in her stroller while carrying the car seat as well while I crutched along. We just did curbside check in for the bag because we were out of hands after that!

The flight went well–Emmie stayed in her seat for half and then out for half. I even got a rare cuddle as we landed!

Unfortunately, we had an incident with our baggage that soured some of our travel and resulted in us changing the airline that we returned to Chicago on. Long story short, we had some inappropriately condescending interactions with one employee and a downright rude interaction with another (a separate airline). To the extent that I had to step in and as calmly as I could tell someone to STFU (I used better language). There is always a story when we travel!

We got Panera for lunch on the way, and Emmie got a few 15 minute naps, but after as fussy as she has been in the car seat, she hung in there for the 2 hour drive (we broke it up with lunch).

The next few days at the lake were spent with sun, playing with Emmie, seeing my brother and Dad, and being on my back a bit too much (I was better after). Emmie got to go swimming, and even Grandmommy went in the lake!!

Em wasn’t so sure about the lake at first. The water was a different temperature and there wasn’t a fish handpuppet, songs, or Daddy. But she settled down and had the best time with Grandpa!

Things we have discovered in the past few weeks: Emmie is obsessed with my mom and also with Galen, my mom’s giant yellow lab. Every time that Emmie was upset, we just got Galen involved–she would giggle immediately! He was very helpful in water, lol.

Chris got two pies–a cherry and a peach–from Southern Bakes. They did not last long. We had hummus, guac, and pita chips for dinner on Saturday so that we could have pie as the main focus, lol.

On Monday, Mom and I took Emmie to the farm to see our horses! She actually reached right out to our horses’ pasturemate, Ronan (another big old retired love), and then wasn’t so sure about the horses that belonged to us, lol.

Snapshots from the lake:

Emmie loves chairs

Emmie loves Galen. He is her favorite chair.

Emmie does NOT love the carseat, though. She cried and fussed pretty much any time that she was in it, and even had a real meltdown in it while in the car on the way to the airport. Like, full on crying for 30 minutes, break, then starting again. She at least fell asleep on the plane THANK GOODNESS.

The trip to Georgia was also special because Emmie got to meet my aunts and my mom’s best and longest held friend. Emmie was a bit fussy at times but did a great job overall.

4). We had an awesome time back in Chicago with the family reunited. There was lots of pizza, chocolate, and wine (see you can still have fun while avoided overly porcessed foods if you pick carefully!) between pizza night on Friday and the biggest pizza I’ve ever eaten a piece of on Saturday at our friends’ son’s birthday party! Also double chocolate cake 😀

Sunday we had dinner with Ali and family at Wishbone, and the girls had sooo much fun. It had also been over a week since I had seen Als, so it was so nice to have dinner with everyone.

I got chicken and waffles for dinner, and we had hushpuppies and cornbread muffins for the table. Finished off with French silk pie and pecan pie for the win!

Mom and I took her to Present Place on Monday so that Emmie could get out of the apartment. She had a blast for a few hours, and then we went and got brunch for lunch before coming home for a nap. The weather was gorgeous, so we got another good walk in after Emmie woke up.

We just had a great girls’ day, perfect for Mom’s last full day in Chicago!

Mom left on Tuesday after breakfast and taking the kids for a walk! Emmie and I just played at home for the morning, though I would have loved to have spent more time outside because it was beautiful.

5) Some Emmie updates!

Like I mentioned, Emmie is having a hard time in her carseat. I’m hoping it is just a phase. It is nonstop and you literally cannot make her happy.

Thank you Wubbs for helping her sleep on the plane

She DEFINITELY has had mental and physical growth spurts over the past 2 weeks. She looks taller and leaner in the face, she is remember and processing so much more and complex things. We told her go get her “phone” aka the sound remote because we couldn’t find it, and she immediately went over and pulled it out from under a couch cushion.

As of this week, she answers “baa baa” when asked what a sheep says, and has started with “doggy” and some “mommy” as well. Hoping she keeps expanding her vocabulary so that we can understand more! (check out the second video)

Also, best video ever is of Emmie brushing her teeth and going over, hovering over Ridley to show her how she does it, and then offering Ridley her toothbrush to do the same! (see above)

We are back to eating some sweet potato and avocado occasionally, and she has, for the first time EVER, started eating eggs! Like, full on scrambled eggs!

Emmie and Ryan are starting to see each other and really interact–look at them holding hands at Taco Tuesday! Also there is a great video of Ryan cracking Emmie up in the videos from my insta embedded above (or go here)

If you look behind Emmie…

Unfortunately, Emmie did have a small incident this week–she scraped the back of her throat pretty badly on Wednesday when she was brushing her teeth. She was playing with a pillow and fell off of it and down towards her face, causing the scrape as it pressed against the rug and into her mouth. It was scary for her because she was swallowing blood, and scary for us because we couldn’t see how bad it was! No more walking with toothbrushes….

This weekend, Alex’s parents will be here to celebrate Father’s Day and help out with Ems. They are also going to watch Emmie during fellowship graduation (Alex isn’t graduating yet, although he is technically done with his GI fellowship now) on Friday.

Next week I was hoping to having a follow up with my bone doc but didn’t schedule my appointment in time, so I won’t be able to go in until after our beach trip. But we have some other fun things planned (poker night for CCFA and then a zoo picnic with Holly and Ali!).

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