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Mom, Otters, Pumpkins, and I’ve Got the Fever


It’s been far too long since I spouted my nonsense. Thank you for obliging me, and thank you, Amanda, for enabling!

First of all, I have to call attention to the two giveaways I have going on! Win a JHill Race Day Map (Canada, UK, and US), or use the discount code SUSIEXJHILL throughout this month for a 15% discount sitewide–from race maps to baby gifts! Next, US readers can win a bottle of Mighty Nut Powdered Peanut Butter (and check out my Vegan Gluten Free Chocolate Hazelnut Peanut Butter recipe!). 

Not an announcement, but did you see my guest post for Nicole of Fitful Focus yesterday? I discussed what to do after you’ve run your goal race. Which is pretty germane to a few of my thoughts for today…

1)  Again, thank you all so, so much for all the congratulations and support!. This weekend was pretty incredible, and not just because of the marathon. Though I didn’t get to spend much time with Alex at all (thank goodness he will be off of these intensive care rotations tomorrow!!), I made up for all of the missed Mommy time from this summer with 4 days of Mom. I recapped some of our adventures on Monday, but on Monday during the day, I took her to the suburbs and we went to Didier Farms, picked out some pumpkins (I named them Fred, Bob, and Janet), ate the best apple cider donut I’ve ever had, followed by a delicious pumpkin donut,

and watched families with kids going crazy all over the place. It was adorable! They even had camels and kangaroos! Didier Farms is a great place to take your family and contemplate your pumpkin choices near to Chicago! Check out the fun at! 2) Mom went with me to my big doctors’ appointments on Tuesday. I am glad that she did, though more for her than even as support to me. Apparently, when I was in my teens, someone had the nerve to tell her that, with the medications I was/am on, getting pregnant would kill me. Um, excuse me? First of all, who says that? Second of all, how do you tell that to a mother about her child? As a result, she has been terrified of me getting pregnant for the past 10 years. Now I understand why she had so much anxiety about the whole thing! Going with me to my appointments, meeting my doctors, and hearing that there is hope for me to get pregnant (and that my doctors will NOT put me in a situation that will endanger my health) truly took the weight of the world off her shoulders, for which I am so grateful.  3) I have to stop eating 1500 calorie dinners. I am not longer training for a marathon. That doesn’t mean that I cut everything out, but maybe hoovering everything in sight can chill out for a bit. Totally worth it, though. Bar Pastoral in Lakeview has an excellent wine selection, fantastic small plates, and warm, romantic, and friendly atmosphere. Drink up! Learn more at And when fancy mac n cheese with bacon and leeks is put in front of you, you and your “I’m not a big cheese person unless it is The Laughing Cow or Annie’s” self shuts up and dives in. Bar Pastoral is a glorious place.

4) Last wondrous thing that happened whilst my mommy was here: my mommy-mommy and my running fairy godmother got to meet! Loved that Mom and Erica and I got to share some tea and let Mom see some of Lakeview. 

5) Related ish to Mom: I’ve decided to do Rock N Roll New Orleans Full Marathon. Anyone have a discount code to share with me?? And don’t worry: I really won’t be racing that one: a) it is 6 weeks before Boston, b) I get ANOTHER colonoscopy 10 days prior and I have to do a 2 day prep this time. Alex is going to get me Xanax for it. I’m not joking, we’ve already discussed this.

Lime Jello Colonoscopy Clear Liquid Diet Prep

6) Speaking of, I’ve totally got marathon fever. Compounded by the fact that I’ve no soreness, just a little tiredness, from this weekend. Thank you, massage therapist, otherwise I would have been screwed! I’m being good, though, and following my own advice that I talk about in my post for Nicole. For now.

7) There are some mad good pictures of me from the race! I’m totally going to get some. It’s just money…. right? 

8) This will make your day. Thank you Carmy

9) So will this: Congratulations to Heather and Aaron on the arrival of little Miss Annabelle Grace! What a fabulous family, so full of love. Oh, and Congrats Benny!

10) Next week I have a real treat (not a trick) for you! It is going to be the first Pumpkin Week!

#pumpkinweek2015 is a celebration of the best of pumpkin on blogs and social media from October 18-23! Tag your creations and link up with us!

#PumpkinWeek2015 October 18-23

Join 6 awesome bloggers as we share pumpkin recipes on our blogs and social media for one pumpkin-y week ending in a giant pumpkin recipe link-up on Friday!  

Lovely co-hosts:

Want to join in the fun?

Simply tag your pumpkin recipes on Instagram with #pumpkinweek2015 and/or join in the link-up on Friday! We will each be picking our favorite posts from the hashtag to share on our blogs Friday, so be sure to check each of the co-hosts’ blogs. (Please note that participating means we can share your photos—with credit—on our blogs and social media.)

That will be starting next Monday! I have some great new recipes coming your way with typical Suz flair, and I am sure that the other ladies will be knocking it out of the pumpkin patch. Fred, Bob, and Janet are scared 😀

Mommy time, Marathon Fever, Babies, and #pumpkinweek2015. So much to discuss! #thinkingoutloud #sweatpink Click To Tweet

Have a fantastic Thursday, my friends!

Will you be joining us for Pumpkin Week?

Have you ever had an apple cider donut?

Do your parents live near or far?

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