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So PickyRunner made all of my dreams come true when she nominated me for the Liebster Award!!! Okay, maybe not allllll of my dreams, but definitely one of my fist pump moments 🙂 Now you ninnies can be even better informed about me in ways you never wanted to be!


Here are her questions for moi:

1) What does your ideal weekend look like?

Components: Sunshine, long runs (pain free!), trip to the farmer’s market, long walk through a new area, frozen yogurt/ice cream, time on my own as well as time with friends, basically my wedding weekend.

Chelsea Patricia Photography

Chelsea Patricia Photography

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2) What’s your favorite form of social media?

Twitter! I used to laugh about it, but now I love it–it is like a combo of email/text/AIM in a way that is both intimate (because you can have direct conversations with people) and also universal and open (because people can chime in!). I used to love Facebook, but now I’m kind of over it–it became too inundated with other…stuff….

3) What’s your favorite quote?

2 ways to look at it: 1) favorite mantra “Carpe Diem”; 2) Favorite quote: “May you live every day of your life” (Jonathan Swift)


I then my personal quote, “Carpe Viam” (Seize the Road)

And so, so many more.

4) If you could travel anywhere right now, where would you go?

At this exact moment (ie winter), I would go back to Mexico (but only if I could take my fam with me. Ok maybe I would go anyway!). mex1 Collage

If I could transform the season, Paris. Now.

Clinky. Not Kinky. Mind out of gutter.

Clinky. Not Kinky. Mind out of gutter.

5) Who would you want to spend every day with for the rest of your life (if you could only choose one person)?

Well, I already declared this, but Alex. I love you, Mom, and you are a very, very very veryveryvery close second.

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6) What’s your favorite movie?

I’ve gone through periods of obsessions with movies–The MummyClueless, I would watch them over and over and over. If we are talking purely enjoyment-driven-wise, I honestly might have to say the Disney cartoon Hercules. I adore that movie in every way. It has never, ever, ever, gotten old to me, and I have seen it a great number of times.


I don’t know what my favorite serious movie would be. Some I respect more than I would say are my favorite….

7) What’s your favorite sport to watch?

I still love to watch Grand Prix level Show Jumping. It is what I grew up wanting to do, and something that I understand so completely.

I have always adored this horse. Gem Twist was one of the most legendarily athletic and also sweetest horses ever known.

I have always adored this horse. Gem Twist was one of the most legendarily athletic and also sweetest horses ever known.

It is exciting, nail biting, and each and every round of it is different, even though riders are taking the horses through the same course over and over. The horses are gorgeous, and I love seeing the level of teamwork.

8) What’s your favorite thing about your favorite season?

The blooming flowers of spring, and running in the crisp (and cool, but not cold) morning air.cherry blos2

Not favorite thing? The pollen.

9) What is your biggest inspiration?

iphone 008

Knowing that I am representing something bigger than myself, and also the possibility to surprise myself.

10) If you could pick any milkshake flavor/combo, what would it be?

Maybe with some graham cracker and sprinkles mixed in....

Maybe with some graham cracker and sprinkles mixed in….

Shake-wise, Cookies and Cream. No question. Sorry, Sarah, but it’s just tooooooo good.

Also with cherries.

For youz guys:

1) Fave bagel/bread flavor?

2) Low and slow or quick sear?

3) Giant zit or sunburn?

4) Three squares or mini meals?

5) Wine/beer or liquor?

6) Shaving or waxing?

7) Potato wedges or curly fries?

8) Out at a bar/party or home with friends?

9) Board games or card games?

10) And just a question: do you find human-mascots creepy?

And my girls that I am tagging (sorry if you’ve already done it!)



Danielle (Danielle, I love you and have now corrected this injustice)








Hope everyone is having a Marvelous Monday!

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