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#MIMM Restaurant Week(s) Recovery

How is the rebooting process going, my friends? My Ctrl + Alt + Dlt plans took a little bit of a detour Friday, but thanks to some serious support from two very amazing women, I feel back on track, and we have realized that some doctors’ appointments MUST be made. Slip-ups always have the capacity to be advantages, if you are just willing to see the marvelous in them!

And with that, let’s get to talking about some marvelous from the past weekend!

Thanks to The Healthy Diva!

Thanks to The Healthy Diva!

Well, one exceptionally marvelous occurrence:




Yay hooRAY!

(Also marvelous was getting called off of work last minute, meaning that Alex and I could have dinner together.  And I made him an EPIC burger.


I ate you. Sorry, not sorry.

I ate you. Sorry, not sorry.

Not marvelous was Alex actually having a lot of work to do. Womp Womp.

RW really isn’t that bad, it is just exhausting because we are all working, all the time, and the clientelle is a bit all over the place. And there is a LOT more explanation necessary for the menu, which we already usually have to explain a bit more than the typical restaurant menu. And the focus is on turning tables and increasing profit (which, let’s be honest, it typically the managers’ focus, beyond good reviews), which is just exhausting, particularly following the holiday season. But it serves its purpose of getting people in the door during an otherwise slow time, so of course I am very, very thankful for that. #mamaneedsanewpairofshoes

Some more marvelous? I have come up with a new wardrobe for work. As I have said time and again, I spend the majority of my time at work FREEZING. Not just chilly, but clutch your hands together, remember the time I almost went into shock? FREEZING. Well, enter my new solution: I know wear fleeced tights, my jeans, socks, a camisole/beater, longsleeve waffle knit shirt, long sleeve tee, and my work tee. That is four layers up top and two on the bottom, people. But it seems to be working, at least after 3 shifts. The outfit will definitely be put to the test today, when it will be 10 for a high, and we know what that will mean for the restaurant. FUN.


Super duper marvelous? Running yesterday. Yup. I tested it out. I attempted the strider on Friday, and interestingly, my leg actually felt better afterwards. I guess that it stretched out a bit? Well, I decided yesterday, after my leg feeling pretty normal Saturday and Sunday, to test it out. So I warmed up a little on the strider, and then got on the Tmill and fired it up to a slowish pace. A few little twinges here and there, but I am very happy to say that it was relatively painless! Please cross your fingers for me!

Hi Mommy!

Hi Mommy!

Other marvelous? Talking to my mommy on Thursday and Friday, and getting some serious support from Caitlin when I was having a mental crisis on Friday. Thanks for being there for me, girl. You kept me afloat.


Also, I made another marvelous batch of my zucchini pumpkin goji protein muffinsAnd they were/are just as amazing as the last. Seriously, get some of this in your life.


I’m taking advantage of my lunch time at home to have some marvelous meals, like tilapia, omelets, and big ol’ salads with all sorts of fun add-ins, most notably TJ’s Kimchi and Cowboy Caviar (not mixed together, lol).

And for my next project, I am working on organizing our honeymoon pics….

What a dump...

What a dump…


Take me back there, now.

Take me back there, now.

That’s all I’ve got for nowsies. I hope that you had a grand weekend, and that it is warmer wherever you are than it is here! My mom went back to Mexico to see my dad this weekend, and my brother is going down for his birthday next week. How rude of them not to include me….

How are you handling the cold? Have you gone anywhere amazing on a trip recently?

How are the various injuries??


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