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Guest Post Postponed–So here is my Weekend! #MIMM

Edited to add: Apparently RunnerGirlEats is experiencing technical difficulties at the moment. The guest post will be up later this week, but in the mean time, enjoy this little blurb from my end, and I will try to get something up later today. Thanks all!

I hope that you have had a fantastical weekend, full of unicorns, running, and sugary confections. Or at least one of those three. Also, if you had a weekend full of unicorns, I want to know about it in it’s entirety. I saw a unicorn last week with C, but sadly it was not living and breathing. And yes, this was before the boozy cupcakes, so it had to have been real, right?


I’m thinking that a bit more Caitlin-and-Suz-shenanigans are in store for tomorrow. You don’t want to miss that either πŸ˜€

Before I even get started, did anyone get caught by the time change? Because Alex did! He was a little late to the hospital, but all is well. Also, if you missed it, on Saturday I mentioned some current covetables of both the clothing and feats-of-awesome varieties (some of my fave girls are ROCKING IT currently!), with a GREAT opportunity to scope out the new Swirlgear Spring Line before it hits the shelves. CHECK IT OUT FOOLS!!

Have a great day! In fact, have a MARVELOUS one!

Thanks, Katie!

Thanks, Katie!

SO as I mentioned, I was supposed to be guest posting today at RunnerGirlEats. If you don’t follow Karen, I suggest you gitonit, and while you are there, tell that girl congrats because she got her MRS Degree on Saturday! I will let you know later on this week when the guest post (A combination of honeymoon, tapering, and nonsense, as per usual) is going to actually air. So in the mean time, I will regall you with stories of my life.invalides17

Friday, I returned to Chiberia. It was a very, very cruel joke. #takemebacktoPGHandmytwin. Alex had worked a ton the last few days, so it was all the laundry, all the groceries, and cleancleanclean. And then go nowhere because you expect your husband to be getting released around 5, then it is moved to 6, then to 9:30. And you have a not great pizza (from a box, natch) dor dinner. You can’t win them all.

I was semi-winning Saturday morning: I went to a 75 min HPF class at yoga and then got some triceps in at the gym. It was awesome to start feeling strong again, but I definitely overstretched my hamstring, and it is still icky. Luckily, I have PT today, so we will work on it, but I just hope that I didn’t set myself back….

How Caitlin and I roll before/after we foam roll

How Caitlin and I roll before/after we foam roll

But I MAJORLY won Saturday afternoon after working in my favorite cafe (best internet, music, and people watching, even if it is super hipster and was packed on Saturday). I had planned on starting NASM studying, but it was a bit too distracting down there.

twin cities So I filled out my registration for the Twin Cities Marathon, and have since left it sitting on my computer, totally filled out, since. Part of the reason that I am waffling is that the registration is non-transferable and non-deferrable to another year, JIC. I’m not worried about the current thing holding me back, but you know how it is. What do you all think??

The main reason that I majorly won? A kick-ass date night at Seasons 52. I will do a full review of the experience later, but we were blown away. It was the perfect restaurant for me (as I knew it would be), and we went to town. The service was exceptional, the ambiance excellent, and we spent 2 hours devouring 3+ courses, a wine flight, and 2 full glasses. And just talking. Marvelous.

Sunday, I went back to school. Chapter 1, done. I also started watching Orange is the New Black because I finished the available episodes of the Borgias (major sadface). I’m not sure about OITNB. I keep watching it, but I’m not married to it. I think that it is more filler for the background than something I am ALL ABOUT. I was ALL ABOUT the Borgias.

THE BORGIAS This is definitely more a distraction. Caitlin and I discussed new shows to be all about, but some of those will require me to watch on the computer rather than Netflix, so I’m being lazy for the moment. She recommended Breaking Bad, as has everyone else, it seems, but as Alex has also thought about starting it, I would feel really bad about doing so without him. Also why I am not watching my boys on Sherlock. The things I do for love, right?

Last night, Alex had basketball, and while he was gone, I made some of my fave zucchini muffins with goji AND currants. NOMS. And then cooked up TJ’s Prosciutoo Perriline pasta with bacon, spring vegetables, and mustardo. Lemme just say it was on point.

purse pasta

And this morning, Alex start the Medical ICU! So goodbye, husband!

If you are new to the Suzlyfe, please leave me a note! I would love to hear from you! And if you’ve been here before, tell me how awesome I am! Justkiddingbutnot.

Anyone else waffling on their marathon decisions?

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