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MIMM: Back to Reality OH There Goes Gravity

 I wrote another verbose and heartfelt post for you all, but I think I am going to hold off on it for a hot minute. Twould appear that this is the weekend of deep thoughts, but not necessarily the weekend of eloquence. I blame that on a ridiculous amount of time at the restaurant. But if reality=life, life=marvelous, then QED, reality MUST = marvelous, correct? Holla atcha Transitive Property of Equality. And yes, that is just about all I remember of math. But for some reason I had an odd affinity for it.

So let’s talk about finding the marvelous in reality!

Thanks to The Healthy Diva!

Thanks to the Head Diva for the inspiration to do so.

sleepy zoe

Reality is… the fact that we are not perfect. We can be lazy, we can be stupid, whatever. But the reality of our imperfections encourages us to strive to become even more marvelous. Thus my resolution for the year to allow myself to ease into the more emotionally-charged tasks, but not so far as to strategically avoid them and stick solely to what is easiest. A beneficial pyramid scheme, if you will. But you don’t get to benefit, because I will just annoy you more πŸ™‚ Suckas.

Going along with that, I had some major mental lapses when I published my Friday Post on #strangebutgood staples and recipes! As a result, some of the “strange” was missing. So expect me to rework that a little bit in the next few days, and to reintroduce it, k? Marvelous to have the option!

Reality is… the fact that you can’t always get what you want. For example, you cannot always be in Mexico. I won’t always get to see my husband (though I would appreciate seeing him at least once in 6 days). I may have to put in some MAJOR hours at the restaurant.

But reality = marvelous: Not always getting what we want encourages us to work that much harder, and to appreciate getting what we want (if we do) that much more. I would rather my life be full of fewer but more significant blessings that I truly savor. I may not always feel like that in the moment, and want to pitch a fit, but remembering to just breathe and concentrate on what you are doing, what you need to do, in the here and now to get to the next will help abate certain moments of panic. Like when we were walking home from the club on New Years–if I thought about how far I had to go, I literally would have a momentary panic attack. So I just blanked out the rest of the world and focused on my steps.

Reality is… the fact that sometimes even your best intentions can go awry. I gave myself some time to rest my leg while we were in Mexico, though probably could have done more. And so this week, when I ran outside because I knew I needed to for my mental health, I managed to strain my calf a bit. And then was staring 6 back to back dinner shifts in the face. Hhhherrrmmmmmm.


The Marvelous? I got proactive about my treatment, worked on PT, got back into some serious rolling, and it gave me some great excuses to layer my ProCompression calf sleeves with longer socks, thus helping me stay warm in the restaurant. I even got back on the erg and rowed on Saturday morning! First time in a loooonnng time, but it was really good for me.

And Marvelous is the fact that I ran Sunday on the Tmill for 5 miles, and only had some achiness when I started! And I wore my Christmas shoes, so Marvelous Indeed.


Reality is…. that I need to get some more oomphf in my diet. I eat well and substantially, but I think that part of my little niggle this past week was not replacing enough calories and fats. So back to the PB supplementation, lol.

Reality is…. sometimes you just have to work. Work hard, and work a lot. But this can also be marvelous by helping you to connect with your fellow coworkers after being gone, by showing your worth to management and kicking some serious bootaytay, and (luckily) by raking in some serious moneys to help ease some stress in that regard. Plus, it makes me do things, like get up early and start my day (even if I get called off from my shift, like on Monday, or get called in, like Wednesday). When I so want to just take things for granted, that kick in the rear gets me going. And I am so much more content with myself because I can accomplish so much more!

Reality is that sometimes you look like you looted a grocery store when you head into work. But marvelous is knowing that you’ll be the one laughing when everyone else is hangry, and you are taking care of your body so that you can be prepared to get up and do it allllllll over again the next day.

Your weekend might have been one to remember, or one that you would rather (or could just) forget. But know that it is preparing you for the next step. The meh makes the marvelous that much more bright. And the marvelous is, well, just that.


Ok, now that I could skip and be just fine with, ya know?

And also, my reality involves ice cream every.night. and, at the moment, gourmet caramel coconut popcorn. So yeah. #winning at this whole #marvelous thing.

cookies in cream 479

How is your reality marvelous?

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