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#MIMM A Marvelous March Forward!

It is still so weird not to be updating you on my hours of toil and snackage at the restaurant.

And it feels so good. Marvelous. Simply Marvelous.

Thanks, Katie!

Thanks, Katie!

Katie, thank you for giving us all an excuse to be a little bit selfish but in so doing, to share some sunshine with the world. In my mind, Marvelous in my Monday is not about trying to supplant our feelings about the upcoming week, but rather to start the weekend off with a smile on our face. Because you mirror the body language of the people around you. So you all should be DANCIN right now!


Why? Because it is MARCH.
I am going to ignore the fact that it once again snowed on a Saturday, and the first day of the month. My blog. My rules. At least it was pretty snow!

March is marvelous because Alex and I cleaned the apartment yesterday. Feeeels so goood.

March is marvelous because of all of the opportunities on the horizon:

**Tomorrow I am going to Pittsburgh to be united with Caitlin. There will be a choir of angels, I have no doubt.

Sorry Joseph. She. Is. Miiiiines.

Sorry Joseph. She. Is. Miiiiines.

**I am putting plans into action. This weekend I made some pretty solid decisions for my future. TUNE IN TOMORROW SUCKERS.

**I get to represent Ramblen as a brand ambassador.

ramblen_logo_site_beta_01 I am so excited, and so fortunate, to become a representative of yet another company that I so whole-heartedly believe in. For those of you who don’t know: Created by Danielle (The Trex Runner) and her business partner NatalieRamblen is a website and digital sharing platform that serves to provide fit, active, and healthy individuals with the tools and information they need to continue to enjoy their lifestyles in new cities (whether due to travel or relocation). For example, safe running trails, guest-friendly gyms, places to get your hot yoga on, best shopping for those with special food needs, yummy places to eat well and affordably.

**Just as exciting, I get to attend the Women in Travel Summit with Danielle and Natalie on behalf of Ramblen.

Final-Women-in-Travel-Summit-small-copy1 If you are in the area, please check it out and consider attending! We are going to gorge on 312 and Bretzels, we have already decided.

**Though I may not be running, I will get to work hard on my health and nutrition, and regain the progress that was lost during January and February.

Shameless. But Proud. And Long Hair Don't Care.

Shameless. But Proud. And Long Hair Don’t Care.

Please excuse the expletives.

**I will get to go home, pace my mom at the Atlanta Half Marathon, and get my haircut. Mostly, though? MOMMY TIME.

iphone 028

**Perhaps the chance for some warmer temps? Then again, it did snow on March 1st…

**Alex’s birthday to cap the month off!


**UVA winning the ACC title!!! WAHOOWAH WAHOOWAH

One of my favorite pics of the Lawn from last year.

One of my favorite pics of the Lawn from last year.

What are you looking forward to this month???

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