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#MIMM A Busy Weekend

Well, hello, there. Didja MISS ME?? Don’t answer that.

Guys, this weekend was a little jam-packed, to be sure. 3 big dinner shifts at the restaurant and 2 back to back doubles made me very glad to have some of my posts already scheduled.

But some truly marvelous things have happened in the midst of it. And instead of concentrating on the things that weren’t occurring, let’s concentrate on the marv that continues to be life, liberty, and the pursuit of awesome. Thank you to Katie! Let’s get to some Marvelous in My Monday!

And another Merci for the Diva!

Getting some more decorations up. Last night (when I finally caught a break and got a night off! YAY FOR SEEING MY HUSBAND!!!), Alex got the second strand of lights put up. Luuuuuvvve that.


Alex’s aunt sent us some absolutely gorgeous Xmas decorations, and they finally arrived. Look at how beautiful these are! I put the wreath up at midnight….decor1 decor2

Jog-a-Hog. (the myth, the legend), is getting his cross training in with some trail running. But he is feeling shy, so I am going to let him hide for a little longer 😀 Ie I don’t feel like uploading another picture.


Finding my favorite Bagel Thins. Cinn Raisin FTW. Made my day, no joke.


I was at the restaurant all day, and they didn’t need me after all last night, so I got to come home! I stopped by TJ’s on the way home and got some necessities, and also some treats #treatyoself


As previously mentioned, I got to spend the night with Alex last night.

The stuff dreams are made of

The stuff dreams are made of

I love cooking for him. I get to have fun and be creative and his meals are usually much more composed than mine! Not necessarily true this week though. I got to have some fun as well.

Gourmet Grilled Cheese IN YO FACE

You are welcome for the food porn

You are welcome for the food porn

Sweet Potato Quesadillas IN OUR MOUTHS

spq4edited2 spq8edite2

And the all important, and so b e a u tiful Crabbies.

Additionally, I’ve had some great runs in the midst of all of this work, even though I didn’t know I would even be able to move my legs! But you know what, I had one of my best and most filled running weeks in a long time. I need to back off this week to make sure that everything recovers after such a tough work weekend and tough running week. That means lots of recovery stretching, PT, rolling, and good fats, proteins, and carbs.

Most marvelous, aside from the added time with Alex, is continuing to build friendships with special people. I am so appreciative, and it feels so good, to have contact beyond the restaurant and Zoe. Who is awesome, but more insane that the people I typically meet.

Rolo Soccer World Cup

Rolo Soccer World Cup

And remind me to tell you about Zoe and Nuts. Maybe one of the funniest things I have ever seen, no joke.

This week, I have a big meeting, something that has come out of the blue. I’m honestly shaking in my boots about it, to be honest. I came apart last night when Alex started talking to me about it because I hadn’t had the time to process the opportunity and what it could me. Now I’ve got to sit down and prepare. Scary, but marvelous.

This week won’t be quite as busy during the week, but another full weekend to come. I promise that I will respond to comments and emails in time, but please don’t think that I am ignoring you if it takes me a little bit longer!

L O V E you guys.

Talk to me, Goose:

When the going gets tough, are you able to keep going?

Do big opportunities overwhelm you, or get you going? Are you the type that has to process what is going on, or do you have the capacity to immediately get excited?

How do you protect yourself without overprotecting yourself, allowing yourself to get excited and stay confident but return to status quo if things don’t work out?

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