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Imma Ride a (Migraine) Train (Weekend Recap)

Oh, boy, friends, this weekend I was riding the migraine train, and I can tell you that it is NOT like Amtrak. The whole weekend wasn’t a total wash, though!

UGH Migraines. It has been quite a while, so I guess I was due, and goodness me, did this migraine make up for lost time. Thursday, I was at work, and my head started to hurt, but I thought, well, hey, I’m at work, could be a work thing, you know? It started to go away while I had lunch and a chat with one of my friends at her place right after, so I didn’t think much of it… until about 2 hours later, when Alex and I went to get ice cream (I was really hoping for another round of graham cracker, but alas. Still on point, though), and clouds and some showers rolled in. 

But it was a different type of headache, like a whole-head-ache. Not like my usual migraines, which typically sit on the top and front of my head like a British fascinator. But way less awesome.

By 7 that night, I was getting to the pain cave. I went to sleep early (let’s be honest, when your head hurts like that, it is the only option) and had a night of little to no sleep.

Friday didn’t fare much better: basically, I spent the day lying down; on the couch, on a dog park bench with my head in Alex’s lap while he watched Ridley. I got a frappuccino on the way home, took Tylenol, and then took a nap, and when I woke up, I felt so much better!

Until I got to work and realized that I had gotten my in time incorrect and was supposed to be there earlier. Luckily, my manager was forgiving because she knows me and knows it is totally out of character for me to act that way. 

Work wasn’t too bad, and when I finished my shift, I though, hey, maybe Alex and I can do dinner like we had planned! By the time I got home, though? That was not an option. Back to the couch I went, and Alex was a superstar taking care of the pup. We did pizza at home + he went to Del Seoul and got us some kimchi fries to share and a few tacos for me. And I forced myself to eat some lettuce and tomatoes, because I refuse to go a day without some greenery. But you know I didn’t feel good if that was the only veggies I had all day!

I laid on the couch and finally moved to our bedroom at 8. Luckily, I slept through the night and woke up feeling 90% better in the morning, just in time for a beautiful day and a chance to run with Alex!

Remember how I am just returning to exercise? Let’s just say that this run, done in heat, with the shadow of a migraine still active, and after weeks of just walking, well, it was humbling. But also awesome. And even though it was short, when it was done, I was DONE.

The rest of the morning was spent chugging ice water outside and refueling, then taking Ridley to the dog park and picking up our new CSA box, which is filled with GORGEOUS beets, Chinese savoy cabbage, more lettuce, chard, giant squashes, and fresh herbs. I am so FREAKING excited about the beets! And the dill got put to use immediately in an omelet for me and a drippy egg sandwich on pretzel bun for Alex. I also finished the BBQ pizza from the night before.

Basically carnage.

The night was interesting: I had to work, and my stomach/digestive system and my head took turns messing with me and seeing who could be most upset. Like siblings vying for their mom’s attention. Rude.

Sunday morning, I woke early (for no reason) but was happy that my head was 95% better. It was Alex’s last day before the start of Fellowship (aka today!!), so we did out June routine one last time: puppy play time, gym (for him) while Ridley and I went for a walk and talked to my parents, then meet for groceries, vacuum and laundry, Game of Thrones (this time with a side of work, on my part), I made chicken tacos with a cabbage slaw (from the CSA box!), and Wreck It Ralph! Super cute btw.

I’m going to miss our June routine. Guess we have to put our big kid pants back on….

This week, Alex starts fellowship, I have Remicade, and at the end of the week, my family comes to visit! I am working at the restaurant on the 4th of July, so that will be interesting….

Any plans for the 4th?

Last time you were out of commission?

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