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Work Hard, Stay Humble, Be Social– Thinking Out Loud

Good day, my favorite fools. I hope you are all doing swimmingly today. Shall we think?

I think so. Or I’m thinking Arby’s (actually, curly fries would be pretty amazing, now that you mention it…)

A thank you to Ms. Amanda, our ever spoonful hostess.

A thank you to Ms. Amanda, our ever spoonful hostess.

1) If you want more of me than usual, I am guest posting over at Fit N’ Cookies while the lovely Heather and her Man-boy are on Vacation! Topic of conversation: Why Training Plans, and Fitness are Like Blue Jeans–One Size Does NOT Fit All! I hope that you will stop by and let me know what you think!

Also, be sure to check out my posts on Settling in to Your New Apartment and also Apartment Decor and Design: Decorating for Rentals (live at 8 Central time) on my work blog! Please pin these if you find them useful so that they can gain some traction!

2) I am chugging along as per usual, up to my normal nonsense, and feeling a little sad that this is the last day that Alex and I will get to enjoy a picnic lunch that he made hard stay humble Tomorrow he has a weird single day of clinic, and then gets the rest of the weekend off, and then it is back to business for him as usual. I can only hope that this rotation (GI Clinic) will be less atrocious work, hours, and patient-personality wise than the last. That one really beat him up. I like to bet he one to do that, thank you.

3) Thank you all so much for indulging me in rehashing our trip to Madison. From our activities, to the place, to the food, Alex and I basically were only apart about a waking hour each day, and it really was such an unbelievable… treat isn’t the right word. Indulgence? That doesn’t sound right either. I don’t know, but whatever it was, I thank the powers that be for it.

madison alex and suzlyfe

I am so thankful that we both have jobs that aren’t perfect but that we do love (even when they wear us out), that we have the money (not tons, but enough) to be able to enjoy a trip like that without feeling anxious (and also that we are discerning–we don’t spend money just to spend it), that we understand what makes each other tick–if he had wanted to workout, by all means I would have let him, and he let me go for my run-– and, since we have been home, that we have been able to continue to enjoy our time together.

alex sharknado madison suzlyfe

4) This week. Alex and I have been inseparable when I’ve not been at work. He is trying to rejig his diet (he is feeling a little puffy, as it were, at the moment), so he has been making us salads every day, and we have had a picnic lunch either in the park or the pool deck attached to my office.

alex made lunch suzlyfe

A big salad, a heaping helping of deli-fresh lunch meat, turkey bacon, popcorn, Annie’s Goddess Dressing, cherries, and more veggies than you can shake a stick at. Perfect for an al fresco lunch, if a bit light, so I always have a yogurt or soy chips when I get back to the office (the RUNGER has been in full force this week!). Monday night, THE BOY EVEN COOKED. Grilled chicken, peppers, onions, a baby salad, and sweet potato chips. He even made his own sauce. SO PROUD.

In fact, we’ve cooked each night since we got home, and have been utilizing the grills as much as possible. Steak, chicken, pork, turkey burgers, I wonder what tonight will be?

5) Alex and I are enjoying a great little evening routine right now: I come home, we hang around or eat, clean up, then we watch PBS on Netflix–Nazi Superweapons, The Day that We Left Earth–while I blog and eat ice cream. And then I fall asleep on the couch after a good kitty-cuddle. Perfection.

love mural suzlyfe willy street

6) I finally found SOCIAL!! For local readers–check out Mariano’s, Plum Market, certain Walgreens, Goddess and Grocer, or go to and find some near you! Facebook too!

social suzlyfe

It was even better than I remembered–refreshing, light, and crisp. It reminds me of a wine spritzer, a little bit, but less sweet. Really fabulous, and gluten free, no artificial sweeteners, non GMO, and basically no sugar. GET YOUR HANDS ON IT if you can! Crohn’s, Celiac, and UC Friendly! (but only if you are of age & cleared by your doc to drink!)

7) Yesterday, I was doing my usual pre-workout, with-breakfast blog perusal and found a workout that Renee had done to relieve some stress (her son is unfortunately dealing with some serious medical issues related to a chronic illness, which I know all too well. Please keep her family in your thoughts, as well as Carson’s. These are strong women, with strong and loving families, but dealing with diagnosis can be a tricky thing. If you are also going through some tough times, I encourage you to visit my Tough Talk page, where I have spoken to some of these topics. And reach out if you are feeling lost–we can only help if you let us).

Regardless, Renee posted this workout, which for some odd reason I thought sounded like a great idea. I needed something new, something inspiring, and something different. It was great! I added on an extra mile to the warm up–largely because I was just starting to feel warm at the mile mark, but otherwise stuck to her plan. GOODNESS, those planks get hhharrrd. Not just because of your abs, but because your hands are close together, you are also engaging you adducting pectorals. Give it a go!

Ya smell what he's cookin?

Ya smell what he’s cookin?

8) This weekend is going to be insanity. It is Lollapalooza, during which the entire city of Chicago goes ape$h!t; the Zooma Half is this Saturday (I am honestly looking forward to a “short” long run. Alex was already getting excited about pancakes after, and I was thinking, “What it is only 13 miles… OH WAIT IT IS ONLY 13 MILES.” Goodness. Talk about a need for some perspective, right Sara?


And, to add to the madness (in a totally fantastic way), one of my bestest friends in the world is coming through Chicago with her hubs and kitties as they move to DENVER!! HOLY CRAP. I’m hoping that next time, they find the happy middle and move wherever I am. But I guess I will take whatever excuse I can to see them 😀

9) Speaking of insanity: On Tuesday, after dinner (but before Netflix), I looked up and saw that it was pouring rain (POURING) but sunny and no clouds in the distance. Apparently, the Devil was beating his wife. You’re welcome, Southerners. But seriously, Chicago, from Thundersnow to the Derecho to sun showers to sun fog to fog 24/7 to 65 degrees in July, figure it out, ok? (My running is not complaining about the temps, btw, but 5 extra degrees would be lovely during the day).

10) I’ve started studying for another license/certification, my dears. Back to the books, this time for my Illinois Real Estate Licence. I really am a professional student…. Luckily this time I don’t have to pay for it (my work is). THANK GOD.

And Last But Certainly Not Least…..

Atlanta Half Weekend 002happy birthday










I won’t tell anyone how old you are turning, but know that I hope that number keeps going up  up up upupupupupup…..LOVE YOU AND HAVE AN AMAZING DAY.

One of the best things I’ve ever done, and I wish I could do it again, was to surprise my mom one year for her birthday. I was in college (in between semesters) and my dad and brother knew all about. I had to fake her out, being all, I’m so sorry that I won’t be able to make it…. lalalala. And then, about 15 minutes before I got there, I called, saying I wanted to “chat” to make sure she was home and then I drove up the driveway and she was like, “Wait, someone is driving up, I’ve gotta get Champ (our old dog) before he goes and licks them to death.” And then she walked out, Champ runs out to me and attacks me, and then she just keeps saying into the phone “Is that you??” It was awesome. One day, I’ll be able to do that again.

Have you ever surprised someone for their birthday? Did it go well or no?

Are you cooking/grilling a lot right now, or riding the easy mac train (hypothetically)?

Does your spouse cook? Alex used to be competent, but one of my favorite ways to tease him is to remind him that he did call me to ask how to prepare rice last fall…FAIL.

Please check out all THREE of my guest posts and let me know what you think! I would love to get those out into the world, so shameless plug, please spread the word about them! But only if you like them. If not, keep ya traps SHUT.

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