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Brand Loyalty + Running Apparel (Thinking out Loud)

A thank you to Ms. Amanda, our ever spoonful hostess.

A thank you to Ms. Amanda, our ever spoonful hostess.

I am SO FREAKING HAPPY (yes, all caps be necessary, yo) that you all were so excited about the sweet and savory recovery oats. I seriously have had that rattling around in the ol’ gourd for 2 months now. So happy that I finally got my act together and put it out there!



And Amanda, obviously, chocolate is an approved topper. I was just concentrating on the maple flavor for the time being. And the sprinkles. Girl, if you be craving some cocoa goodness, head over here and check out my GF chocolate zucchini bread (make yours sans the PB, obvs), or the 3x chocolate protein muffins.

Also kind of cool? Alex told me that he finally looked through the site when he was on night float the other day! HURRAY MY HUSBAND FINALLY LOOKED AT MY BLOG. And then didn’t comment. FAIL.

So this happened yesterday.

convo with RUB

And yes, I am very proud to have gotten in a totally involved conversation with a BBQ restaurant. And don’t worry, there will be more about this place in the near future, because a) this is Suzlyfe b) ALLTHEFOODS c) BBQ d) duh e) obsessed.

Tuesday night, Alex and I spent 4 whole waking hours together for the first time in…. yeah. We went to dinner at a new place called mEAT. I would give it a WIAW post, but honestly? It fell a little bit short. Two aspects of the meal were outstanding, however: the Maple Bourbon Manhattan and the Rosemary Mint Pork skewers with apple chutney.

Alex gives it 2 thumbs way up.

Alex gives it 2 thumbs way up.

Everything else was way overpriced and overcooked, or just meh. As in, I do a better job at home for 1/4 the $$, and other restaurants do better for 1/2 the price. The complementary kale chips (a fun and health-forward idea) were burnt and so dry that we were coughing). That said, I did think that many of you would totally dig the idea of the restaurant, which is very attuned to paleo/gluten free diets–the menu actually marks which dishes are such–and for dessert they have chocolate fondue or an avocado cocoa mousse.  So while I liked aspects of the concept, paying $15-20 for maybe 6 oz of meat on a skewer ALONE (no sides) just wasn’t worth it. I would go back for the Manhattan. Or I would just go somewhere else. Regardless, it was lovely to spend time with the old boy.

The other day I cleared out my drawers and my workout gear drawer. Madness ensued.


I have some things to sell, several of them brand new (if you are a size small in Brooks running shorts, lemme know–I got the wrong size for this cut and now have 3 pairs) and some used. Mo said she uses Poshmark. Any other good ways to sell things?

Are you someone who has absolute loyalty to brands? I would say that I have loyalty to pieces, and then buy them in every color (I get it from my maaaama). Thus the blazers, ProCompression, Plie pants, C9 Seamless Bras, Feetures socks, Brooks shoes, CW-X compression, V-neck tees, Toms… So I just think to myself that I have brand loyalty. Well, check out this outfit:


Not a damn thing from the same place. SwirlGear Hat, Pearl Izumi Shrug (from Xmas!), Brooks shirt (from Caitlin), C9 bra (unpictured, you pervs), Victoria Secret Pink seamless underwear (also unpictured, but after Rae’s post yesterday on underwear I thought worth mentioning that these are fantastic for running), Moving Comfort shorts, Feetures socks, Brooks (also from xmas). And maybe the most un-riot-of-colors of all of my outfits (sorry, but at least still colorful because #idontdoquiet).

That's better

That’s better

I was very sorry to hear this, but my mom told me that my beloved Cabo has gotten pulverized by a huge hurricane and is in shambles. I’m just glad that my family isn’t down there at the moment (and I obviously hope that people are safe), but I am glad that I got to see it as I have.

cabo sunrise5

And SPEAKING of brand loyalty, throw all of that to the wind when you win my Suzlyfe Runner Box and get to try ALLTHETHINGS!!

get run on giveaway suzlyfe

Today I finally get to see Sara again for yoga after several failed get togethers (mostly my fault). And then I get to jet off to another studio to clean. Hard knock life.

Have a lovely Thursday, Fools!

Brand Loyalty? What do you do with things you’ve never even worn? How do you sell a brand new $175 designer bag?

Ever get into a conversation with a brand/store/restaurant via Twitter?

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