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Recalibrating my Post-Marathon Hunger Signals: MealEnders Review + Giveaway


Particularly in light of the recent NEDA Awareness Week, I would like to say that parts of this post may be triggering, and it might be best for those with disordered pasts to take a break from Suzlyfe for the day. Love you all, and I want what is best for you!

So I want to be VERY VERY clear before I start this review. This is NOT about controlling calories. Hello, if you train for marathons, you need calories. In fact, check out this post for some great fueling options of nutritious and delicious calories that can help you achieve your goals, rather than just fill you with salt and sugar. This is about relearning boundaries. Because I seem to have given them the middle finger.

And during marathon training? That was fine. In fact, it was necessary. When you are training for marathons, even with you are a bottomless pit like myself, you often must eat past the point of comfort and satiety in order to get “enough” in. This is especially true for myself, as I don’t do well with the calorie-dense foods that many nutritionists might recommend (that is why I rely on these foods to fuel my training). But I get so used to being uncomfortable that it become the new “comfortable” or the “new normal.” So what happens after the marathon?

sperience chicago eleni egg white omelet

Decidedly NOT portion controlled.

After Twin Cities, I made a conscious effort to continue to eat as if in the middle of training because my body was still recovering and repairing. And I have done the same this week as well–even though I am resting my quad and my body, I am still making sure that I get good nutrition in. But after TCM, I never really had to go through a complete recallibration of my appetite because I immediately found myself back in a highly active lifestyle (which was not planned).

But now? I am going to make a conscious effort to let my body rest properly. And though I am not trying to lose weight, I would love to be able to eat in a sort of normal fashion. I’ve spoken about this a few times, but I completely lack the ability to say “when” as it pertains to food. I have long had an insatiable appetite, but taken (it seems) to the next level–I eat past the point of satiety, past the point of comfort, past the point of sense. Hello, Alex and I ate 2 jumbo bags of chips together with very little help during Super Bowl weekend. I honestly get nervous before I go to parties and things because I know that I lack the ability to turn it off–not because I am worried about the calories, but I seriously just.can’t.stop. It doesn’t matter what it is–healthy veggies or glutonous snack foods, I will overeat. And if it is in front of me, it doesn’t stand a chance. Even if I DON’T LIKE IT. 

chocomoose suz sugar candy bin

I have issues with sugar.

This doesn’t mean that I haven’t been successful in developing various techniques for trying to put the kibosh on my eating. But the problem comes when they become just another component of what I eat, and not the end.

Ultimately, I think that it comes down to three things:

  • Getting in the proper nutrition that actually satisfies and fuels my body sufficiently
  • Giving my brain and stomach time to have a conversation that yes, they are done
  • Breaking the cycle.

A New Strategy with MealEnders

I was honestly curious about MealEnders the first time that I saw them on a blog–On the one hand, I thought to myself, well, I already do that time of thing–follow a meal with a mint or something of the sort–what is so different about this? What makes this so special?

mealenders how it works

Well, dress me up and call me Polly. I was a doubter, and I will say that I was honestly surprised by the effect that the MealEnder had for me. I first tried the Mocha, and not only was the outer layer super tasty and Tootsie Roll Like, it acted as my little after-meal-chocolate that I often have. And then the minty inner was more than just my typical Tic Tac, which, come on, has basically become candy for me. It was honestly a challenge for me not to chomp into it (I’m a chewer, not a sucker), but I’m glad that I did. The core isn’t overpowering, but what is so cool about it is that it actually tingles on your tongue! And I won’t lie, it actually helped me break the cycle and say “when” because it was so different and intriguing.


I don’t intend to use these after every meal, but I think that I may keep one on hand if I find myself sliding down that slippery slope. Because veggies or chips, sometimes, it is just exhausting not to be able to stop.

mealenders review giveaway suzlyfe

If you are curious about MealEnders and would like to give it a try, enter for the chance to win all 4 of the flavors! Sorry non-US loves, this is only for the US peeps

I want to be clear that though I have had certain food predilections in the past, I have never dealt with unhealthy exercise issues or attempted to punish myself through food restriction. My restrictive issues in the past largely revolved around body-trust issues as a result of my Crohn’s Disease (I have several posts about this in my Tough Talk Series). I would not have engaged in this review if it could have been detrimental to my mental or physical health, and I would not suggest this product if you are worried that you might use the product for anything other than sporadic behavioral conditioning. I am not recommending this as a weight loss tool nor am I using it as one myself!

I was given the opportunity to try MealEnders through my Partnership with SweatPink. Decisions and opinions are my own.

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Ends Next Thursday 3/12

Do you struggle with overeating beyond the point of satiety? How do you try to curb your habits? Who is a member of the clean plate club?

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