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Meal Prepping For Winter with Jewel-Osco Grocery Delivery

Baby is coming, so I need to start meal prepping for the winter! The new Jewel-Osco Grocery Delivery service makes getting all my ingredients to make healthy meals easy and convenient.

This post is sponsored by Jewel-Osco. My opinions, story, and experience are 100% honest as always.

Meal Prepping for Winter with Jewel-Osco Grocery Delivery

Now that I am 7 months pregnant, the reality that I will VERY VERY soon have a little one to contend with as well as a dog, husband, and cat is sinking in. That means PREPARATION PEOPLE. Alex already works hilarious hours at the hospital, and though he will have a little time off after our baby girl arrives, I don’t want either of us to be spending that time cooking or spending all our money on takeout and delivery day and night. We are going to have enough to pay for with the baby!

If you have read Suzlyfe for any amount of time, you know that Alex and I usually have a Sunday schedule of gym/run, groceries, and laundry, but with my injury this fall and my time on crutches, I have been unable to partake in any of that–especially with the help of carrying the food home. On top of that change, we sold our car and have had to change our shopping habits accordingly.

Which means no more weekly trips to Jewel-Osco, where we have been loyal customers since we arrived in Chicago. That means no more fresh cut deli meat, and much more limited selection of produce and other products as we shop at our much smaller local grocer.

Add to this dearrth of options the fact that I need to get my slow cooker and meal prep on to make us a bevy of frozen meals for after baby comes ON TOP of our normal grocery haul AND that Alex will have to carry it all himself?? Yeah, that is going to complicate things just a bit.

Yeah. Not happening.

Thankfully, Jewel-Osco is launching home grocery delivery services! That means I can go to the store virtually without Alex and they will bring the MASSIVE amount of produce and everything else to me. Because there is only so much this pregnant lady can carry in her crutches-necessitated bookbag.

When I heard about this new grocery delivery service, I was so excited that I immediately signed up and got to picking out what I needed. That means lots and lots of produce for making soup: from sweet onions for my High Protein French Onion Soup and zucchini for my chili powder free Turkey Chili, to produce for every day consumption (and maybe some baking), like blueberries and apples. I wasn’t worried about getting fresh product, because I know that when I shop at Jewel-Osco, that is a given! Plus, you can add notes to your personal shopper.

I grabbed chicken breasts for soup and to thaw later for a quick grilled chicken breast or one sheet meal, and ground turkey for my chili and some of my favorite Italian Herb Turkey Meatballs.

Dairy meant almond milk, string cheese, and yogurts.

Shop by recipes from Jewel-Osco’s test kitchens!

Then I added on English Muffins and bagels (to be frozen), cereal (Alex loves his high fiber cereal!), jelly, and yes, soda, from the “middle aisles.” And the jumbo thing of pickled jalapenos. Because I have issues and need them at all times.

Then came the big question: to ice cream or not to ice cream? I’m not usually worried about produce and almond milk sitting for a little bit, and yogurt usually stays colder for longer, but what about ice cream? Then I saw that they have outfitted the trucks with both refrigerator and freezer compartments, and the decision was made. COOKIES AND CREAM FOR ALL (and maybe a frozen pizza :D).

Get awesome deals just because you are shopping online!

So when should it get delivered? Jewel-Osco offers delivery 7 days a week, from 7 AM to 10 PM, with orders needing to be in by 1 PM to be eligible for same day delivery. You choose a delivery hour, so I decided to pick out all of my things and put in for delivery the next day, meaning that my delivery was FREE because of the 4 hour delivery window I selected, regardless of the cost of the order! You can also do Drive Up and Go for no separate service fee, but we know I can’t do that!

The purchasing was seamless and straightforward, and I was so happy to see that, because you create an account, you can shop by your history later, meaning that I don’t have to go through and find our usual items the next time that I shop. Though browsing is definitely fun!

Jewel osco grocery delivery in Chicago

You can shop by aisle, recipe, and your previous shopping history!

I got everything that I usually get–even down to the flavors of yogurt–when I shop the stores, and even though I wasn’t picking out my own products, all of my produce was just the way I would have liked it.

They brought it right up to me at my apartment, I unloaded, and I got to cooking! Recipes that I made are below!

Recipes I made with my Jewel-Osco Haul:

(all are Gluten Free, Whole 30 approved, and made in the slow cooker or crockpot, though you can also make them on the stovetop)

I think we are set for any long Chicago winter with a newborn. But I will be needing more ice cream…

Jewel-Osco wants you to try out the brand new grocery delivery service for yourself, and to entice you, they are offering two awesome promotions!

  • First time shoppers $25 off + FREE delivery on your first order (spend $100+) using the promo code JEWEL until 2/28/18
  • Free delivery on your order (minimum $30) using Promo Code: FREE until 2/28/18.

First name Always last name hungry. Plus husband. Plus BABY!!!!

Shopping in slippers!

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And in the midst of a Chicago winter, no less–I’m not taking her out for groceries in feet of snow! Thank goodness for Jewel-Osco.

Do you do meal prepping for winter? 

Have you used a grocery delivery service before? What were your thoughts?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Jewel-Osco. The opinions and text are all mine.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Jewel-Osco. The opinions and text are all mine.

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