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Maternity Photoshoot (Finally!)


Finally sharing my favorite photos from our maternity shoot in Palmetto Bluff!

So these happened over a month ago… oops! I’ll blame the holidays for why it has taken me so long to show them off. Major MAJOR thanks to my old running friend Allison for taking time out of her Thanksgiving and driving down to Palmetto Bluff to take these for us. More info on our time there

Maternity Photoshoot

I am 31.5 weeks pregnant in the pictures, and for those that care, the shirt is from Target, the shoes are TOMS (both mine and Yoshi’s), and my necklace is Landon Lacey Jewelry!

And now we are 37+ weeks along, and I’m even bigger (and not just because I ate #allthefood at Thanksgiving lol). 

Yoshi, we are so ready to meet you! Your nursery is ready, the hospital bag is ready, and we are just so excited to be your parents!

Thank you again, Ally, for the gift of these pictures. Thank you to our families for all the love and support they give and show us every day! 

A really quick Friday Catch Up: 

1) Not much is happening at the moment: Alex is working like a dog, I am trying to stay warm, and Yoshi is “helping” by giving me random hot flashes.

2) Ridley has finally re-figured out her boots, so all is well.

3) My hip and ankle are feeling great! KNOCK ON WOOD

4) We ordered the artwork for Yoshi’s room this week, and I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT IT.

5) I I’m really tired of wearing all the layers.  

Like I said, not much going on over here!

Have a great weekend, everyone! Please say warm, safe, and uninjured. 

What’s going on with you?

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