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A Marvelous Year in Review 2014


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Wow, only a few days left of 2014. To think that we have been through 363 of them (depending on how you count), and soon it will have been FIFTEEN YEARS since I stood in the center of Times Square as a 6th grader, saw my first person dressed and painted all in silver, and counted down the ball drop to the Millennium (but not the millennium, technically).

When I think over the events of the past year, I have so many different emotions, and I feel pulled in multiple directions, it seems–I am so far from where I was a year ago, but I am still in the same place. Kind of like a treadmill–you can go through so many freaking experiences and emotions and miles without ever technically moving forward or backward. And I guess that just goes to show that you can never discount the power of stillness and presence. And, having just had this thought–it is kind of like running up a hill (which we don’t have in Chicago) or running into headwind (which we do have)–lots of steps, lots of effort, still growing, but staying in seemingly the same place. But are you really?

Hell no. And I’ve got the vocabulary of a sailor and the gluteal muscles to show for it 😉 And I’m not longer waiting tables while waiting for my historic preservation career to get going. Waiting for people to reach out to me, rather than reaching out to them. Relying on old friendships (that I still cherish and hold dear), rather than moving forward with new ones. Stuck in old habits, old ways, because I didn’t know if I could say it was time to bust out of them.

For this final Marvelous in my Monday of this year, I wanted to look back at my year, but it almost seems unfair to my year to do that! But I am going to try, because what good is this blog, if not to help me remember and chronicle my years, experiences, and the things that I eat! (The latter being the most important, obviously…)

Suzlyfe Year in Review 2014

So here is My Year In Review 2014: This year, I….

mex1 Collage

  • Made a bunch of running goals that immediately got put on the back burner–some came true, some did not.
  • Lost my job, pulled my hamstring, and decided to try to find myself again by going to visit someone I had never met (hello, ultimate blind date) and pursuing another certification in something that had nothing to do with academics. I also rekindled my passion for yoga.
Shirtless hot guy yoga

I miss those days

  • I met one of my Best Running Friends (and best friends, period) and yet did no running. I did climb into a bulk candy bin, however.

upitt5 caitlin

mom me atl publix marathon

  • April was completely all over the place–I mostly yogaed, ran, got injured, ran, got injured…. had my phone stolen and I majorly changed up my eating habits.
  • In May, Alex and I returned to Virginia, had our first anniversary (and met Gabi!) went to Charleston and saw one of my oldest friends, went to a wedding where everyone but us got terribly ill, our nephew was born, and I contemplated whether or not the job path that I thought I wanted was really for me.

seabrook rehearsal suzlyfe

  • In June, I took a leap of intuition, and it paid off in interest–I found a job at a company that I loved. Marathon training began in earnest, and I met some really incredible business women that continue to inspire me. And two of my best friends visited.


An amazing book full of knowledge

An amazing book full of knowledge

  • In July, we escaped to Madison, and had some time just for us at an incredible bed and breakfast. I also started to dabble in racing, which led to…
  • July and August turned out to be the months of meeting more new running and real life friends. Erica, Mo, Sara
  • During December, I just couldn’t take the early morning workout game anymore, so I dove into running on the treadmill, and my hamstring told me that was a stupid idea. made another marathon decision early in the month, and I am trying to find a balance with that.

phoenix marathon etc

  • Then it was social week craziness with all sorts of parties before we went to Roanoke and Charlottesville, had Christmas, ate ourselves silly, I watched Alex in action (ironically not only on vacation but also after finally being released from 11 months of inpatient medicine), and for the past few weeks, we have just really tried to soak up being together as much as possible.

There was also a helluva lot of eating in there as well, but y’all knew that 😀

I think that the theme of this year has been a combination of balance and exploration–learning when to take the risk, and how to find equilibrium in the midst of it all. I definitely look at my year and know that there are times when I overdid it, and my body and mind really told me, but I think that I have learned so much about myself and my body this year. I don’t have to be as afraid of my body as I once was; I don’t have to try to do everything, but I do have to put forth the necessary effort. I can have dreams and follow through with them. I am still working on figuring out the “aftermath” part of it all–I’ve never been particularly good at that. But really, I think that my posts Ceding Control and Treating Myself Like a Peer are really representative of the direction that I want my life to continue in this year. Finding a path, but having a bit of fun–allowing myself to explore a bit, but still keeping myself accountable for the final objective.

Living life as a journey, not for the journey or the destination.

Cheers, 2014. Sup, 2015?


What are some of your final thoughts on 2014 as you look back on the year?

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