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Marvelous Monday: In the Twilight Zone

We have reached the last Monday of 2013! Holy balls…. this has been quite a year for myself and my family. I have no idea what next year will bring, and I don’t even want to speculate. Don’t go trying to pigeonhole my dreams πŸ˜‰

But for now, let’s stay in 2013 for a little bit longer. And boy, do I have a story for you! Here’s to finding the Marvelous in not-so-marvelous situations. Besides, I had plenty of marvelous this week to make up for a little bull….

Thanks to The Healthy Diva!

Thanks to The Healthy Diva!

The Twilight Zone: a place of craziness and where normal things don’t happen very often. Also a no-man’s land–like this weekend: the no-man’s land between Christmas and New Years. As I said on Twitter, I have quite the story to tell you. I am going to save that story for tomorrow, as I think that it warrants a bit more discussion, or at least its own post, and I would rather save this post for the marvelous of the weekend. Cool?

But life is about finding the humor and the marvelous in the most ridiculous of situations.

Thursday was plenty fabulous–I ran outside for the first time since Thanksgiving and got to test out some of my new gear! Marvelous is doing 10 miles on the Lake Shore Trail, the longest full run I’ve done since the Marathon. I’m not going to lie, there were parts of this that were quite a struggle–more psychologically than physically. Those middle miles got me, I tell ya. I had a turn around point at 5, but miles 4-7 kicked my mind. My brain felt disengaged, and I questioned how far I really could go. I was stuck in The Twilight Zoneit seems. But I pushed through and finished the run with a smile on my face, hands that refused to do my bidding, and no pain! #winning

newpants1editedMarvelous celebratory fish tacos and Metropolitan Brewery’s Flywheel capped off the night. And a little snuggling with my furry family (yes, that includes my husband).

Friday was a tad, um, different. Marvelous is an excellent tricep workout in the gym. I didn’t realize how good until the next day–just the right amount of sore/tired->you can feel them when you aren’t using them, but no pain. I ran errands and the like, then it was off to work.

And back to The Twilight Zone. First off, the dynamics at many of my tables were just… off. Like a husband that was a total patronizing dick to his wife the entire time, and people basically refusing to order. But one table took the cake. Tune in tomorrow, honestly maybe even later today, for the details.

Yes this is random, but a) it would happen in the TZ and b) this actually would be awesome

But Marvelous are coworkers and management who take care of you and trust you, and most marvelous is a husband who drops everything when you ask him to come and walk home with you because you are so undone. Marvelous is the fact that, though the next day, they address the issue as a learning experience, but that they return to business as usual.

Saturday was solid–marvelous respite from frigid temps. 7 great miles (on tired legs that still kicked) on the tmill and Alex and I organized the balls out of our storage spaces in the apartment. All I wanted for my shift was a solid, but unexciting shift. But it was back to the Twilight Zone. I had biscuit sitters (people taking their time, ie sitting on their biscuit), tippers of a certain ethnicity that tend to tip very substandardly and lived up to their stereotype, and a girl that vomited–to boot, at a table that seemed cursed for the night (2 high maintenance tables there in a row). All in all, the night was fine, and I went home with more money than I arrived with, and had a few tables that took very good care of me.  I still feel like I am snake-bit, though.  But, marvelously, I wasn’t there too late, and at always, a marvelous night cap of ice cream and sunbutter. 

Sunday, thank goodness for a day to cleanse. Marvelous is A full day off (Alex too!). I had a marvelous chest day in my new and awesomely marvelous new top,


seeing the guns come back,

I love this meal.

I love this meal.

lunch at favorite spot West Egg, and the grocery store. The weather is getting icky and very cold (Monday I think the high is predicted  in the single digits?). Marvelous is getting to watch show jumping (Rolex Grand Slam) on NBC while blogging and eating kettle corn.

No words

No words



Making up for my lack of Zoe pictures

Marvelous is spending time with the man I love, who loves me, and just doing nothing.

And marvelous is a clean bathroom floor πŸ˜€


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