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Marvelous Monday after a Mundane Weekend

If you are coming to this post in 2015, please know that Bloglovin messed up and is sending you to an old post!

Morning, loves. How’re we doing today? I’m looking forward (in the directional, not the pleasure, sense) to a double at work after a weekend of disappointing returns. Side note, if you tip me 8% on $232, you can g* t* h e double hockey sticks. Still, plenty of marvelous did happen, so I think I should focus on that, yeah?

mimm marvelous

A shout out to Katie for hosting!

Perhaps the most marvelous part of the weekend technically was not part of the weekend at all. On Thursday, I interviewed for a major position at a large local non-profit. I have mixed feelings about the job–I think that it might honestly be too much for me, but it would be the opportunity of a lifetime career-wise as well as lifestyle-wise. I feel like overall I rocked the interview and really sold myself well. There were a couple of questions that showed my inexperience, but I feel like I always came full circle and ended each answer on a positive note. It was a panel interview, and other board members joined via Skype and phone.

But most the most marvelous aspect of the interview was my mindset. I talked last week about my trepidation and mental hurdles going into this interview. I am proud to say that I have rebounded well, and though I will be very sad if I don’t get the job, there are a few other opportunities that have just (literally, as of last Wednesday night) popped up for me to apply to. This interview gave me some confidence to move forward.

Thursday MorningThursday Morning

Getting my baking on Thursday afternoon was also stupendously marvelous.


Not marvelous but certainly funny was Friday’s lunch snafu. I baked cookies for the residents’ cookie party, and Alex had me meet him at the hospital to pick up lunch and go to the party. I would also like to say that I was still on the treadmill at 11:25 in our apartment gym and walking out the door at 11:55 showered, dressed, and with makeup on. I am goooood.

overworked kitty

overworked kitty

Marvelous is also the fact that as I type this up, I am petting Zoe and she is drooling. ahhahahahaha.

Reason 578 that it is impossible to get work done

Reason 578 that it is impossible to get work done

Anyway, I meet up with Alex, we go upstairs and…. walk into a room of ONLY residents sitting in a audience for noon conference (their daily case-review). Alex was mortified. So I gave him the cookies and went back downstairs to eat my lunch. Hey, I got some sweet potato fries and goldfish out of the deal!! I went back home and then later to work.

The fact that Alex left for the weekend Friday night and a double that left me with 1 hour off on Saturday didn’t leave much time for marv on Saturday. And the GROSS weather didn’t help. At least I was rocking my ProCompression FTW.

No words

No words

Sunday I was honestly pretty tired, I couldn’t sleep in, but I took my time and cuddled with the Zoester after a nice and extended breakfast. Marvelous was Alex coming back home last night. I really missed him this weekend (dunno why), and Zoe was glad to have her heated bed back (his stomach). He came by the restaurant and we were able to spend 2 waking hours together. Also marvelous is the fact that he doesn’t have to wake up at 530 right now–this is good for allll of us.

Marvelous is Christmas week, and 3 days off. I wish Alex had the days off, but he actually will be at work longer than usual. I’m planning on baking more cookies, this time for my friends at work and for the people who take care of our building. I have NOT A CLUE was we are going to do for Xmas dinner. I feel like it will be rather low key and bit less opulent than my Thanksgiving extravaganza

Just. Why.

Just. Why.

OH super marvelous is finding a favorite ice cream flavor that is available locally (but I will now have to relocate it because the store I got it from is closing WOMP).And my parents being back in the US!! YYYYAaaay mommy!

Basically, black cherry frozen yogurt with cherries and chocolate chips. Right flavor, but I have a different brand (I wish I had a publix nearby!). Publix reminds me of home....

Basically, black cherry frozen yogurt with cherries and chocolate chips. Right flavor, but I have a different brand (I wish I had a publix nearby!). Publix reminds me of home….

So off we go into the week. Have a beautiful one, folks!

Talk to me, Goose:

What/when was the last time you showed up and had to do an about-face and leave?

Anybody else have NO PLANS for Christmas?

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