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Marvelous Mag Mile with Mo: Chicago Women’s Half Marathon #MIMM

Late post for this Labor Day but I was busy with my cool life yesterday (harhar).

But seriously, I was.

Like, these things were involved:

whm CHICAGO running bloggers2

Before the race

Before the race

whm mag mile suzlyfe

Btw, the first race that included the actual Magnificent Mile! The rest of the course was actually just my usual route of the Lake Front Trail, lol.

Stolen from Mo's IG Account.

Stolen from Mo’s IG Account.

The race was so-so. It was cool to run on the Mag Mile, not just South Michigan, and to do so in a race (for the first time ever). There were aid stations every 2 miles, but no portapotties until about mile 5ish (if I remember correctly). It was pretty easy to get boxed in (because you are running the LFT, and it is only so big–so even though the course is indeed “flat and fast” unless you are at the very front, you are just going to have to be boxed in. But you know what? I was cool wid’it because Mo and I had a time, even though neither of us was feeling super spritely.

As she said, “Highlight of mile 3? Speaking in dog voice.” hahahahha long story. Also, this was the first race that I have ever run from start to finish with someone! SO GLAD IT WAS WITH MO 😀


Wish I had seen the thingy for the shakeout run with her the day before!

Wish I had seen the thingy for the shakeout run with her the day before!

Oh, and LAUREN FLESHMAN gave us high fives and complemented our major haul-ass into the finish. YUP. @fleshmanflyer? NOPE @SUZMOFLYER

After hanging out for a little, we mozied back up to my apartment, annoyed the cat and showered, and then went on the search for brunch. Yolk was cray cray, and so we went to D4, where service was a little harried and the omelet I got was about as oily as possible, but round 1 of runger and some bangin potatoes and rye bread won out. Then we went and laid upside down on chaises on my sundeck for like 2 hours and chatted before it was time to part for Mo to get home and me to vacuum (I scrubbed the grout the day before, natch) and to make Alex’s lunches.

And then runger hit again and I ate so much that I had to go back to the store. I went the day before. Runger always wins. I also did my typical eat a-whole-pizza thing. New tarte this time though: the Tarte Aux Champignon (mushroom tarte) from TJ’s. I think the Tarte d’Alsace is my preferred tarte, but this was still banging.

tarte champignons immovable feast

As if that was all I ate. But I kinda blacked-out after that haha.

I will update you on my Social Date with Sara soon! And I’m making the Eggplant Lasagna Trifle today for recipe post soon!

Do you run races with people or on your own? How many have you run start to finish with someone/many people? How many crowns were involved?

Tell me something new and exciting!

Happy Labor Day, my Americans fools! Happy Monday and First Day of September to ALLLLLLLLL!

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