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Marathon Training Nutrition: Long Run Day


Thank you Jill for Hosting Fitness Friday!

Zoe yowled in thanks for all of your happy Meowzer-versary wishes yesterday! And then promptly vomited #catlife #thestruggleisreal

Zoe and Alex Lazy on the Couch

I was really hoping to have a new recipe for you all today, but with SOMEONE visiting this weekend and then coaching and whatnot, it didn’t happen. 


What is even more frustrating is that I’ve made this recipe already but didn’t have good pictures of it! GRRRRR Blogger Problems. I can’t even hashtag it because I don’t deserve to be a blogger who hashtags with such issues. 

Thank you as always to Jenn!

Thank you as always to Jenn!

Marathon Training Nutrition: Long Run Day Eats 

Marathon Training Nutrition Long Run Day Eats Suzlyfe

A little while ago, a reader asked if I might go into how I fuel for my long coaching days. I know that I already covered most of the food that I ate this weekend, and I’ve also looked a few other days in detail, but I thought it might be helpful to go over it again now that we are hitting really big mileage over a long period of time. So, for those of you who have already consumed this feast of the eyes, consider yourself spared of my usual hunger-pain inducing Wednesday posts and take a pass. For the uninitiated, get read to get hungry!

4:30/40-5:10 AM: Wake Up

English Muffin with Pb for Breakfast Suzlyfe

  • Immediately reheat 16 oz of 3/4 decaf, 1/4 caff coffee
  • Pull Cinnamon Raisin Bagel Thin (sometimes an Original English Muffin) out of freezer and let sit to thaw or nuke for 15 s and then split. Toast, spread with nut butter of choice and jam and sea salt lightly shaken over top.
  • Handful of cereal (varies, but one that is easy on my stomach)
Keep them in the Fridge

Keep them in the Fridge

  • Some Crispy M&M’s and Carrots (I’m weird, but I like the crisp and coolness, and always chocolate)
  • 8 oz or so water

I stretch during all of this, make sure I have my stuff. I try to drink my coffee before I eat my bagel thin, the water helps me wash that down. I leave the apartment at 5:10, am running by 5:15 for the 3 miles down to the Fleet Feet South Loop Store.

5:50-6:05 AM: Coaches’ Meeting

  • Eat banana from banana holster
Banana Holster in a Flip Belt Runner

My Flipbelt Banana Holster

This past time, I threw in an extra mile so that I could hit my mileage. This is just dependent on what distance/pace group I am working with. I ate 1/2 banana before and 1/2 after that mile. 

6:30–9:30 ish: RUN!

  • Ginger Chews (one right before, one on the run)
  • Gummy’s and Cheez-its at an aid station (just a few)
  • FRS Energy Chew (just one)
  • 3 or so water stops

This last run, I only needed the Ginger chew and FRS (which has some caffeine, but not that much) with the Gummies. I also take sport beans with me, and they are my race fuel. If I wasn’t getting the banana and ginger in between my early miles and the main miles, I would likely need more fuel on the run. When it was hot out, I did take some gatorade from an aid station. For more specifics on my race nutrition and running nutrition, see this post.

**PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: I actually used to fuel far more. My body responds a bit better to a longer term fueling system–building up the glycogen stores and then not taking in quite so much while I am running. Thus why nutrition is so important to me before and after. You will also notice that I don’t do gels–I prefer sport beans. If they are offered during races, I will take oranges or bananas on course. I also like peppermints and butterscotch!

9:30-10:30 AM: Post run, still at the store coaching

  • 8 oz water
  • Mini Luna Protein Bar Lemon Vanilla Flavor
  • 16 oz decaf coffee (I was really cold sitting outside in the wind!)

Other times, I’ve gotten a Greek yogurt or Elli Quark (FINALLY in Chicago!) with a Kind Popped Grains Bar from the Target right next to us. Depends on how long we have to wait for people, and what my later plans are. This time, I knew that….

12:00 PM: Brunch

would be happening. 

  • (a few little snackings in between)
  • Hibiscus Berry Kevita


  • Massive egg white and veggie omelet or scramble with fresh tomatoes, hot sauce, salt and pepper

Tempo Cafe Egg White Veggie Omelet Gold Coast Chicago Suzlyfe

  • 2 pieces crusty wheat toast with jam (or English Muffin). 
  • Water

If Alex is with me, I also have a little of his. I let Courtney be.

3 or 4:00 PM/Mid afternoon:

  • 3/4 cup or so Greek Yogurt topped with cereal or with a bar on the side; maybe popcorn instead

6:30 PM: Dinner 

Alex and I will go out to dinner. This past weekend, we took Court to local fave D4 Irish Pub

D4 Irish Pub Burger Shrimp Salad and Rogue Hazelnut Ale Suzlyfe

  • I had a veggie-loaded salad with shrimp
  • Split a basket of housecut fries, sweet potato fries, and Alex’s burger. Big run days? I eat with a bit of abandon.
  • Split 2 beers
  • Water

8:00 PM

  • Ice Cream!
Th only clock I really like.

The only clock I really like.

Actually wasn’t hungry (full from the food throughout the day) but knew that I needed the calories. I skipped my typical nut butter tonight because of the fat from dinner and not wanting to overload my stomach

The Night/Day After

I generally try to go to bed rather early for long run days, and often I will wake up and eat in the middle of the night. Because I am refueling rather well immediately following, I don’t get so much runger the day of–it is more of an ongoing process. That means that my day-after long run day nutrition is just as important:

  • Puffins Cereal when I wake up
  • Massive egg white and veggie scramble (again)
  • Lyfe Kitchen Salad with fish
  • Popcorn, Greek Yogurt, and full serving Kashi Go Lean Crunch
  • Veggie sautee with TVP, two pieces toast
  • Ice cream with pb
  • Luna Bar, 2 pieces toast, string cheese

Lots of veggies, carbs, lean proteins, healthy fats, fiber (afterwards!!) and just enough sugar. All my nutrients, throughout the day. I have to say I did pretty darn well this weekend with my refueling. 


Looking for more advice? Check out my posts on optimizing muscle recovery and fueling throughout training (marathons or otherwise!)

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Check out my new Marathons and Training Page for more helpful posts!

Any questions for me?

If you are training, how is your nutrition going? Are you making it a priority?

What do you struggle with when it comes to training nutrition?

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