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I Need a Marathon of Life Training Plan

I’ve decided that I need a marathon training plan for life, or a Marathon of Life Training Plan. My performance anxiety has led me to realize that I am great at giving advice, but I need to sit down and focus on myself!

Edited to add: I started this post to discuss the fact that I was having second thoughts about myself (as you will see in a moment). Something that I love about blogging, writing, and journaling is that you might just find yourself answering your own question as you get your thoughts out there!

I Need A Marathon of Life Training Plan so that I will stop second guessing myself, get over my performance anxiety, and reach my goals. Suzlyfe.cim @suzlyfe

I felt a little bit disengaged here on the blog for the past week or so, and, as you know, I am often (too much so) an open book, so you are going to get to hear about it today.

Why have I felt disengaged?

I’m having second thoughts. About myself. And the Marathon of Life

And those second thoughts are making my call many other aspects of my life into question. I’m having second thoughts on everything from the blog and its future to my (still nascent) job and its future to our family plans and family future to our new apartment to staying in Chicago to whether or not I like certain foods. 

Seriously, it is madness. SHEER MADNESS.

I know this is the ebb and flow of emotion that follows a big life and lifestyle change, and those feelings are compounded by the fact that we are bleeding from a very unfortunately orifice thanks to moving, the emperor’s Alex’s new clothes, medical bills, and fracking taxes. It’s a big, bad, terrible month. For a lot of people, I know! But these big financial considerations are coming at a time when Alex and I are talking about expanding our family, etc., and making plans for the weddings that we have to go to this summer. Blogfest, even. 

I’m having second thoughts about my ability to perform. I guess you could say I am getting performance anxiety. I started off so scared, then so confident, and now I’m back to being scared. 

Jumping the Gun In the Marathon of Life

Ooooh are you ready for a metaphor? Cause one just came to me (thank you, being a running coach). I feel like I am at the point in marathon training where I am doing 14-16 milers and now that I am past the half marathon point, I have my mind on the marathon. Add to that a few “meh” runs, and I am wondering how the flaming hell I will be able to run 26.2 miles. I am focusing on the end of my metaphorical marathon training plan when I need to look just a few weeks ahead at a time.

In non runner terms, I am jumping the gun and looking at the final exam while I am 60% of my way through the course.

Now, if this actually were a running situation, I would know what to do, where to go (I would hire myself, lol). In fact, I would probably already have the plan mapped out. But this isn’t a running situation. OR SO YOU THOUGHT.

I Need A Marathon of Life Training Plan (and Coach)

In regular Coach Suz fashion, all roads lead to running, at least metaphorically. So I know what I need to do:  In short, I need to simmer down. I need to develop an actual plan, not just a cluster of ideas, and I need to implement said plan in a sustainable manner. If I treated these issues as if they were injuries, scheduling difficulties, and goals as I do when creating running plans for clients, I would have already created an action plan, 2 weeks at a time. 

So my goal for myself for this week is to create a plan: figure out my goals, give myself some timelines, map out my strategies for reaching those goals, and give myself workouts so that I can be more apt to reach those goals and better prepared for when I do. 

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Thank you, running. Thank you, being a running coach!

Have you ever had to step back and treat yourself as your own client (in whatever it is that you do)?

Who else is going through a period of second guessing themselves? 

Do you find yourself jumping ahead in your marathon training plan (of life or running)?

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