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Marathon Coaching + Healthy Snacks On the Go Giveaway!


Well, the weather, in a word, sucked this weekend. That does NOT, however, mean that the weekend sucked! It was, by and large, a rather low key few days, but there was some excitement for me and some ensuing excitement for you!

Thanks, Katie!

Thanks, Katie!

I hinted at this on Thursday, but as it hadn’t been finalized yet, I didn’t want to specify, but I have joined the team of Chicago Endurance Sports as a Summer Marathon Coach! I will be working mostly from Fleet Feet Sports South Loop with a fantastic team of coaches, including Sara Larsen, a fellow blogger (who I got to meet at the Fleet Feet Fall Fashion Show).

fleet feet fall fashion collage

Sara (upper right) and Erica (bottom right)

We will be leading about 120+ participants (in the South Loop location only, the entire program is about 600!) in training sessions Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings for the next 20 ish weeks. My job will be very similar to my role for MDA Team Momentum at last year’s Chicago Marathon, but I will also be responsible for my charges throughout the week, as well. 

Of course, one of my trepidations in taking on this responsibility, and another part of why I wanted to wait until I had spoken specifics with them before I spoke on the matter, is my stress injury recovery. But based on my speaking with the coaching staff, I should be fine–I can float between various groups, and do the walk-run thing for the next few weeks and then move to the continuous running groups, or wherever I need to be. 

three things in life .jpeg

Also, because I am not concerned with a time goal for Chicago, necessarily, I can adjust my own training as necessary. As a coach, my focus is on my charges, NOT on my own race goals; not having time ambitions means that I can do that without worry! And if I over do it one session (and have to do a lot of running back and forth to help out), I can rest as needed, or make up the rest of my mileage as needed.

Found me some runners!

Found me some runners!

The first day of training was on Saturday, but I felt like I fit right in with the other coaches and the participants. I was called upon to help out as a personal trainer and also to offer some advice on ITB pain, I was able to offer some comfort and advice to some new marathoners, talk about my feelings regarding several of the marathons I have run, and also to lead a pace group!. 

Can you tell that I am excited?!

twin cities marathon 2014 suz

Marathon Excitement, thus appropriate.

To celebrate, I have a HUGE treat for you all. Big. HUGE! (Pretty Woman :D)

Shape Up for Summer Hop 2015

I’ve participated in Kristi’s Blog Hop giveaways before–I even co-hosted the Winter Giveaway! Last year’s Summer Shape Up Giveaway was my very first giveaway, so I thought, why mess with tradition (slash, wBy not start a tradition!)?

Summer, as we all know, is often a season of goals and being on the go–either taking the kids to and from their activities or doing the same for ourselves! We might just be trying to navigate the social aspects of summer in a healthful way (especially here in Chicago, where there are so many festivals and whatnot) or maybe you are tackling some fitness or health goals more actively–marathon training, anyone? with me!

Being always on the move, always socializing, trying to be healthy and fueling properly, and all while not eating the same thing day in, day out–it isn’t easy! So I have gathered up a bunch of products that I love and wanted to share with you all that are portable, delicious, nutritious, and guaranteed to satisfy your stomach and tastebuds. This year’s Suzlyfe Summer Shape Up Giveaway is all about Healthy Snacks on the Go!!

summer shape up health snack on the go giveaway suz.jpeg

Your Suzlyfe Healthy Snacks On the Go Box  (value of $50+!!!) includes:

Again, as I am shipping this myself, like the Mother’s Day Running Mom Box, I am going to have to restrict this to the continental 48 unless you are willing to help with shipping. I hate to do this, but Canadian friends, fear not–I have a very YUMMY and HEALTHy giveaway (hint hint) coming up for EVERYONE soon!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

#Healthy on the go just got easier + tastier with @suzlyfe #summershapeup snack box #giveaway! #fitfam #fitfluential Click To Tweet
Giveaway runs for the next 2 weeks, ending June 15. Be sure to check out the other fantastic giveaways, spread the word, and good luck!

Do you have any summer health and fitness goals? What is your biggest challenge with eating healthy on the go?

Any CES trainees out there? I would love to meet you!

Don’t forget to VOTE FOR SUZ!

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