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Finally: All the Makings of a Perfect Day


Saturday had all the makings of a perfect day for me, as you will see in a minute. But first, my announcement (which has to do with my perfect day).

First of all, no, I am not pregnant. (Actually, if you did the math, which I am not asking you to do, I’ve only been “pregnant-able” for about 5 weeks, so that would be way soon. Also, I have no hormones, but that is another story for another day). Thank you all so much for your sweet hope, though!

No, my announcement was far less “important” in the big scheme of things, but incredibly important and meaningful to me. I started running 7 days ago. Five months to the day since my last pain free run.

I am now a Powerpuff Girl! Powerpuff Yourself from Carton Network is the best thing ever, and Coach Suz is now a Powerpuff Girl :D @suzlyfe

Yes, I had a big scare with my right Sacro Iliac Joint two weeks ago, but we determined that it was soft tissue. Monday morning of last week, I woke up, it was feeling better, and I just decided that I could no longer be afraid of my body. My sacrum was healed, and it was time. So I got on the treadmill.

And, terrified the entire time, I ran. I waited with baited breath all day and the next to see if anything would happen, and it didn’t. So, Wednesday, I ran again. And it felt great. 

Which brings us to Saturday, which had all the ingredients of a perfect day for me:

  • Leisurely coffee and oatmeal
  • Running (1.5 miles with pauses at lights and intersections)
Finally got to put my Moto 360 Sport to proper use!

Finally got to put my Moto 360 Sport to proper use!

  • Running outside (even if it was snowing, lol)
  • Coaching (the kickoff of the Team Challenge Napa Half Marathon season!)

MY FIRST RUN BACK after sacral stress fracture.

  • Friends (I love my new group)
  • Brunch (visiting one of local favorites for perhaps the last time as residents of the neighborhood)
West Egg brunch always hits the spot! One of our favorite Chicago diners.

West Egg brunch always hits the spot! One of our favorite Chicago diners.

  • A Nap (And a solid nap at that!)
  • Signing the lease for our new apartment !!! (so ready to be out of this building!)
  • Quality time with Alex (buying him a new suit)
  • Blaze Pizza (which we have been holding off on until I had my first “real” run)

Blaze Pizza signals that I have returned to running!

  • Movie at home (Gone Girl)
  • Ice Cream (Birthday Cake ice cream. It has been MONTHS since I last had ice cream)
  • Snuggling with Alex on the couch

Oh, and the night before (Friday night), we had margaritas, so all of the makings of a great day within 28 hours, lol.

Now, it might not have been completely perfect:

  • The was cold and snowing on and off all day (craziest weather ever)
Not so impressed about the snow.

Not so impressed about the snow.

Crazy Chicago weather: sun, clouds, wind, snow. All at once!

  • Brunch was way earlier than usual because apparently runger sets in very quickly
  • My run was only 1.5 miles (You know I would have preferred something longer than that!)
  • Signing our lease was less than smooth because of computer issues
  • We spent a LOT of money between the lease and suit!
  • My family and old friends weren’t there.

But overall? Pretty darn spectacular.

Other highlights of the weekend include:

  • An unplanned margarita, chips, guac, and ceviche happy hour on Friday (my one allowed “drunk” night of the season (for medical reasons, I don’t drink very much). I had myself a good time (as did Alex, don’t worry).
  • Making myself into a Powerpuff Girl, which is just about my junior high dream. (see above)
  • Leisurely coffee and oatmeal with pb mornings two times in a row!
  • FINALLY going grocery shopping and planning out dinners at home! This past Thursday night was my first relaxing evening at home in about 2 weeks, so the fact that this week will be full of time at home and dinners with Alex makes me so happy!
  • A beautiful and much warmer Sunday.
  • A long walk with Alex in the beautiful weather.
  • Planning things for the new apartment! I can’t believe we move in a month!
  • Painting my nails sparkly blue. Because why not?

Tiffany Box by OPI is an amazing blue nail polish color!

  • Watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding with Alex, who hadn’t seen it.
  • Multiple moments were I laughed out loud with my whole heart and soul.

I’ll have a post coming up about my plans for returning to running, but right now, I just want to bask in the gloriousness of March: I got my job (one month ago today!), I started running again, I was asked to be a Matron of Honor, the blog had a successful month, I met and hung out with some fantastic new people, and I finally got to have some QT with the husband. 

Let’s keep the good going! Thank you, Katie, for the Marvelous Monday Linkup!

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Celebrate with me (or let me celebrate with you)! Tell me a huge recent victory for you (whether or not others might find it to be major)!

What color are your nails?

How crazy was your weather this weekend?

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