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Making an Impact, Moving Boxes, and Flywheel Giveaway!


I feel like I was one with Chicago the past few days: in a bit of a weekend fog. Even while fighting a cold, I still managed to have a fabulous weekend! And don’t miss out on the Flywheel giveaway…

First off, a HUGE congrats to all the runners this weekend! From Flying Pig to the Vancouver Marathon to the Illinois Marathon and Rock N Roll Nashville (and 20 milers!), I just want to give everyone BIG UPS.


Thank you Katie for the Marvelous Monday Link Up!

I am writing to you surrounded by boxes on boxes on boxes and random crap just strewn about like a tornado hit. Luckily,we are quite accustomed to the latter as that is pretty much how we have been living for the past few months. Because basically we have just stopped caring, lol (but then again, so has our building, so there you go). Don’t worry, we aren’t totally in shambles, but we are close. Especially with the addition of the boxes. 

Cat in Box Interesting Meme

Zoe, meanwhile, is SOOO happy. At first, she was a bit perturbed by the boxes. Then she realized that she could hide behind them like a fort. So all is well in her little pea brain. Little does she know that we are about to shove her in cat carrier and take her somewhere new. I plan on looking up ways to drug her, an act that will also be difficult considering she only eats dry cat food and canned tuna (seriously, she won’t touch anything else). 

Anyways, the weekend was still pretty solid, even if Chicago weather continued to be gross across the board and the downtown was encased in fog and mist. I haven’t seen the top of several high rises since the beginning of the week.

LUCKILY, the weather was pretty perfect (cloudy, not windy, high 40s) for Team Challenge training on Saturday morning, and we nailed 5 miles. Also, I have apparently coined a phrase that is being used in the trainees everyday life, which just makes me laugh: “C’mon, biiittccchhesss!” I am glad that I have such a positive impact on everyone. #livebeyondexpectations

Banana Holster in a Flip Belt Runner

My last attempt to make a lasting impression on my trainees: My Flipbelt Banana Holster. One day, it will catch on.

After training, I headed to Anytime Fitness to meet with 2 members for fitness consultations. I am truly happy that so many people are taking control of their health, asking the right questions, and really listening. The first fitness consult is free to all of our members, which means that anyone who joins our club can get real fitness and health advice and coaching (on a basic level for free, but I have created some coaching packages) so that they can make real strides towards getting healthy, rather than just perpetuating cycles.

I came home and food prepped for Alex for night float (his last week of it!!). We went kind of gourmet this week with his power bowls as we use up our pantry: this weekend, he is enjoying parmesan crusted chicken and a bean and potato salad with his quinoa! Sunday, I made a sweet potato poblano pepper bolognese (to go over quinoa). (Lighting was terrible, we are in shambles around here, no picture).

Right after lunch, we started packing (and quickly realized that we needed more supplies). I felt a bit useless, as I have been fighting a cold for the past few days (and even headed home early from work on Thursday), and I was as foggy as what I was seeing out our window. But I was still able to enjoy benefits of the process, and we culled a great deal more of our possessions, and added to the Goodwill pile and the recycling pile, which now includes all of my old architecture notes. #endofanera

My first month of running since breaking my back. April Miles Bring May Smiles! @sulyfe

My first month of running since breaking my back. April Miles Bring May Smiles!

One era that I will be happy to bid adieu to? The era of the broken back. April was my first month of running and my first full month of running in 6 months! Who cares how many miles I tallied, I FREAKING RAN!

Mid afternoon, I headed over to Flywheel Old Town for a class hosted by Flywheel and Gilt City. The class was, as usual, fabulous (This is why I’m such a fan of Flywheel), but I could tell that a) my leg turnover needs serious work (I’ve held off of interval work), and b) I was fighting a cold. I was still happy with my performance. I love the no judgments aspect of Flywheel–you do what you can, when you can, and if you want to compete, go for it. Otherwise? Tailor the ride to what you can handle. 

Flywheel is my favorite spin class and method of cross training for running and marathon training! #nevercoast @flywheelsports @suzlyfe

Fan of Flywheel like me or looking to try it? Well, luckily for you, Gilt City has a special on Flywheel 5 class pack, and I am giving away a FREE Flywheel class! Open to the US, Giveaway ends Midnight May 9.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I spent the rest of the weekend packing, get our keys :D, and then packing some more. And getting caught up on my “stories” aka watching TV and drinking as much tea as possible to push this cold right out the door.

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What was the last “era” you said goodbye to?

The hashtag for the Flywheel event was #poweryourlife. What drives and inspires you?

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