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Daily Rituals that Make My Day #Thinkingoutloud

A thank you to Ms. Amanda, our ever spoonful hostess.

A thank you to Ms. Amanda, our ever spoonful hostess.

Appropriately, as she is our hostess today, Amanda’s WIAW post yesterday revolved around the idea that it “wouldn’t be a day without” with regards to food. Well, that got me thinking (dangerous territory, I know). What wouldn’t it be a day in the Suzlyfe without?

  • A stupidly early wake up (sans alarm)
  • Coffee (half caff, but nonetheless) heating up to the sound of Zoe yowling. Nut butter, carbs, nibbles of Alex’s cereal, and a few baby carrots before sitting down (on the floor) to my laptop and wrestling with the internet (which either isn’t working because our wireless stinks or because the Ethernet cord refuses to stay connected to my laptop)
  • Trying to juggle my laptop, breakfast, coffee, and Zoe, who is trying to convince me that she is fffffaaaarrrrr more important than whatever I may or may not be trying to do.
  • Me doing a systems check to see what body part doesn’t want to work.


  • Working out, or “working out” and really just pretending.
  • Shower, deodorant, lotion, Coach perfume.


  • Standing in front of my wardrobe and putting on the same thing time and time again, with subtle changes. Flats just about always. Jeans just about always.
  • Dealing with Alex’s dishes, and shaking my head.
  • Eating as much of my lunch (or breakfast, if lunch is already prepped) as I am taking with me to work.
  • Me thinking that I should probably clean up more.

suzlyfe laundry day

  • Great people watching on the way to work. It is Chicago, after all.
  • Sitting down with my breakfast once I get to work and starting my day with blog reading.
  • Likely working on a project for one of my bosses that I will later figure out was useless, because he has changed all of the information upon which it was based.
  • Candy (jelly beans, fruit tic tacs, m&M’s from my drawer)


  • Lunch (DUH)
  • Being freezing at my desk during the afternoon.
  • Snack time never being soon enough!

kind vanilla bar5 suzlyfe

  • Needing to do something active in the time between work and dinner a) because I have been sitting all day and b) because otherwise, I will probably try to eat the moment I get home.
  • FOOD
  • Hopefully time with Alex. Unfortunately, there are more than just some days where this isn’t a given. I would like to say that it wouldn’t be a day without some time with him, quality or not, but I think it would be better for me to say that it wouldn’t be a great day without it.
  • Turning on our Christmas lights that offer the perfect lighting in the apartment.
  • Ice Cream.  With nut butter. And a protein bar etc. Hot tea. Brushing my teeth right after.
I will always love this picture.

I will always love this picture.

  • If Alex is home, it wouldn’t be a day without me falling asleep when chilling with him on the couch, likely while he is watching something that I don’t care about (the better to sleep through)
  • Zoe getting on one of our stomachs and kneading. Then finally curling up and letting us pet her until she randomly decides that she’s had enough and jettisons the whole scene.

zoe direct

  • Zoe yowling. Zoe yowling while Alex is trying to sleep.
  • Zoe throwing litter around wantonly.
  • Me eating throughout the day.
  • Me thinking something completely ridiculous.


  • Chocolate
  • Me eating Alex’s cereal.
  • Me feeling like I should be doing more, then feeling overwhelmed and not doing anything.
  • Popcorn.
  • Zoe trying to do something she KNOWS she isn’t supposed to.
  • Me finding Zoe hair in my mouth, my eyes, on plates when she hasn’t been anywhere near them.
  • Me texting my friends.
  • Me making sure that Alex has enough food and snacks, and rearranging his shelves so that he can see all of his options.
  • Looking at my wedding pictures and feeling instant joy.


  • The weather being out of its bleeding mind.
  • Exchanging at the very least a kiss and an “I love you” with Alex.

madison alex and suzlyfe

Obviously, my morning time has a lot more givens than the rest of my day. But there are so many things that I can count on that bring me such comfort, even they annoy me at the time (ZOE. Alex, you have already started 3 avocados….). But they make my life mine, they connect me with my family, even if we don’t speak that day. They make me feel awake, tired, satisfied, yearning for more, thinking about the future, happy in the moment, remembering the past. These moments remind me that I have incredible people, places, and things to fill my life, and how fortunate I am to be with a man-boy-bear-pig that I love, a cat that I adore, a mother I couldn’t live without, friends who send me hilarious pictures and websites (helmets and super poo ;D ), a home that isn’t perfect but is a great start, a city that I miss exploring, a job that lets me explore my abilities, a goal that excites and scares me, a future that does the same. All rooted in things that I can count on to rarely change, but to happen day to day.

What completes your day? What are some parts of your day that are givens, but remind you of the unpredictable?

Are there parts of your day that you pretty much have down to a t, even if there are other players involved? As in, you know exactly what their role in that play will be?

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