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How to Make Friends and Influence People (Weekend Recap)


Ever wondered how to make friends and influence people? I did, too, but based on this weekend, I think I’ve got it down pretty well!

As evidenced by this weekend, there are a few ways to make friends and influence people. And somehow, they all seem to come back to the same things, at least in my case!

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We worked to clean out the freezer Thursday and Friday nights, finishing off the Chicken Kale soup on Thursday and the last of my chili powder free turkey chili (don’t worry, both had been in the freezer, lol)

with sweet potato chips and a Bourbon and diet ginger-ale (our current drink of choice when not drinking beer). I got a high compliment when Alex declared my chili better than the chili that he was eating (sorry, bud, but I claimed the last of my own), which was store bought (and had chili powder in it). SHAZAAM. 

Saturday brought hella cold temps and flurries all day (called it), so we kinda loafed around the apartment until later. And yes, I napped. That afternoon, we headed out for a nice long walk to our destination for the evening, and on the way ran into Erica, so we stopped on the sidewalk for a quick catch up (and some exciting news!). 

By the time that we got to our destination, Bitter Pops Tasting Room, we were a bit munchy, but Alex was being stubborn. Luckily, I have no shame, and soon procured cookies for me and jerky for us. Thanks to our Groupon, we also secured beer flights of all totally new to us beers, and we sat down at one half of a picnic table from two girls.

 Bitter Pops tasting room has an incredible selection of draft beers and beers to buy in their tasting room! Check out the flights! @suzlyfe

I don’t remember how exactly we ingratiated ourselves, but soon we were chatting with the girls about their dog (Bitter Pops allows dogs, which is awesome), the beers we liked, and before I knew it, we were planning to play card games with them! 

Two flights, 4 craft pints pints and an hour later, we had had a total blast with the Sarahs (as they both were named). Seriously, they were the sweetest people, and we totally bonded over our love of dogs, the fact that the Sarah I was sitting next to has UC (and I have Crohns), and then finding out all about her upcoming trip around the world. It seems that I know so many people doing that now! Jen, Alicia, Rhys (she is the OG of people I know doing the around the world exploration), and friends like Erica and Danielle are always going out and taking these amazing trips. I think that we are all learning life is short, you have to honor what is within you.

Alex and I went to Bareburger next door for dinner. It was alright. I got a Mexican style salad with pico de gallo and guacamole topped with an elk burger, Alex got a fried chicken sandwich, and we shared the onion rings and 4 awesome sauces.

The food was good, and I appreciated their responsible sourcing, but I wouldn’t say that I would go out of my way for the food and the bartender (we were sitting at the bar) was definitely… on something. That said, we had a lovely time, and it was just the ticket after a few hours of craft beer!

Sunday, neither Alex nor I was our best. Alex woke up in the middle of the night with nausea (alcohol gastritis), and I woke up in the middle of the night with my headache, which abated with Tylenol but returned with a vengeance later on. Even so, it was a beautiful (if windy) day, and so I walked back from my ultrasound appointment while Alex took Ridley out for a spin.

I swore I wouldn’t eat the entire eggplant in one sitting. You know that I did. Sorry, not sorry.

Later on, we went on a really long walk with the Riddles, taking a new route!

We were laying low, conserving out energy, because that night, we got to meet up with the entire team from Team Challenge for dinner at Hopcat! Those crack fries aren’t going to eat themselves!

It was so great to have my team around me. I’ve missed my kids (because you know that I think of them that way, even though I’m only a year or two older than them), and I’ve missed helping them with their running. I’m hoping that I will be able to coach them for the upcoming seasons, and maybe even go to a race one of these days–that would bring everything full circle for me. Obviously, I won’t be able to run with anyone for the next 4 weeks (stupid ovaries and your swollen-ness. Do your job so we don’t have to do this again!), but if all goes well, I should be right on schedule to start back with them as they start up in April. 

And yes, froyo was had afterwards. #allforyoshi

Froyo time! Snow Dragon Shavery @suzlyfe

I didn’t watch the Oscars. I used to live for that stuff, but honestly? It just isn’t really on my radar anymore. I taught myself to read while running on treadmills by using US and People magazines, and I flipped through one the other day and was like, ok, whatever. I guess my life is interesting enough, or, alternatively, the lives of my friends and family are more interesting and meaningful than the lives of the rich and famous. (I am excited for Emma Stone, though, she was fantastic in La La Land. I don’t know if she was that fantastic, as I haven’t seen the others, but good for her. That said, Steve Harvey was a trendsetter with his Miss Universe dust up. )

Yet. I still watch Real Housewives. But I wouldn’t say that I really care about them, I just find them entertaining. And so frustrating and bewildering. Ah well, you can’t be perfect!

This week, I am going to be in and out of the various doctors, Alex is on service as an attending, Ashley is coming to visit (YAY!), we are trying a new meal kit delivery service, and I have tons of reviews and things to write for you guys. Maybe my life isn’t as exciting and dramatic as the Real Housewives, but then again, it does just fine by me!

Suz has the secret to making friends, and this weekend was proof of that! #sweatpink #weekendrecap Click To Tweet

Oh, and the answer to how to make friends and influence people? Be authentically yourself, find other people who are authentically themselves, and take chances by opening yourself up.

The secret to making friends? Be Authentically You, Find Others Who Are Authentic, Take Chances and Make Connections @Suzlyfe

And maybe drink a beer (if you are sober) or at the very least, offer food.

What is your secret to making friends and influencing people?

Do you have wanderlust?

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