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Mag Mile Half Marathon Race Weekend and BIG News

This weekend was set up to be a big weekend for me, with my goal race (Mag Mile Half Marathon) on Saturday, and my vague-blogging anticipation for Sunday. How did everything go? WHAT HAPPENED SUNDAY?

Linking up with Katie and Erin to celebrate the weekend and Jenn and the WIAW Crew!


Friday, just a few hours after my post went live, I called about my big Sunday announcement, and I had my hopes dashed, as many of you saw on Facebook and on IG stories (PS–follow me on Instagram and don’t wait so long for news!).

Weekend before last, right after hearing about July being adopted (via Laura, of all people!) I found a Corgi puppy for adoption at a new shelter. It was as if everything had fallen into place! I was freaking out, so excited, and I immediately called Alex (on his way to the airport) and we talked and then I put in the application and called the shelter. 

A week (and a few days) later, we are 72 hours out from getting to the shelter to be first in line to get our puppy. I call around lunchtime to ask what time we should get there. And I find out that the foster family decided to keep her. AS OF THAT DAY. Not going to lie, it was a bit of a crushing blow. But I also understand that she was obviously a great pup, and I truly hope that they are all happy together. 

Friday Night, after dealing with the emotional roller coaster of the day, I went to get our packets and bibs for the Chicago Magnificent Mile Half Marathon, and I RANDOMLY ran into an old friend from high school! Actually, she recognized me, and I think the first words out of my mouth were “Holy Sh**.” 

Typical. Suz.

Turns out that she lives about .5 miles from me! Small world, and we are making brunch plans. Because that is what we do, lol.

It was an early night, and I passed out on the couch. 

Saturday : A Race and Delicious Eats

Saturday morning, I rose at 5:15, had my coffee, bagel thin and nut butter (one of these days, I will take a picture of this in the daylight so that I can have a picture that I can use for these posts, lol), and a ginger chew, and then Alex and I headed downtown for the Mag Mile Half Marathon!

Chicago Sky on fire!

Full review and recap of the race tomorrow, but if you follow me on Facebook and Instagram, you already know how it went. The morning was gorgeous at first–crazy sky on FIYAH–and you know who else was on fire?

Marcia, who was, as she aptly texted me, “A vision in orange.” It was my second time meeting her, but the first time we have really gotten to chat face to face, and all I can say is HUG and HEART emoji!!

After the race, Alex and I headed to brunch at Eggy’s, one of our old favorites.

I got the Verb Omelet (peppers, spinach, jalapenos, and egg whites) with pumpernickel rye + an entire pot of decaf coffee.

Alex got their AMAZING Chicken and waffles. The batter on the chicken is amazing; there must be maple in it. The waffle itself is a bit more savory. The perfect balance, and the juiciest chicken with some of the crispiest skin! 

After stuffing ourselves, we went up to Marianos and got our groceries done for the week before heading home. (Me, snacking all the way, lol). After naps, we had a light lunch–I had a protein smoothie, bagel with more nut butter, and some of Alex’s chips and hummus.

That night, we decided to take advantage of the by-then gorgeous weather (it had drizzled throughout the race) and walked to pick up some prescriptions and then down to the NEW outpost of one of our favorite restaurants, Adobo Grill.

It was just as fabulous, maybe even better, than we remembered! Adobo burned down due to a grease fire almost a year ago, and they reopened in a new (but nearby) location about a month ago, as we discovered on the way back from the Clif party on Wednesday. 


Margaritas, Salsa Trio (with chips and jicama, natch!) to start.

Chicken enchiladas with killer mole for Alex and Ceviche de Camarones for me. Loved the addition of the fried smashed plantains beneath (used to be plantain chips). We both licked our plates clean, you know us.

Yogurtland for the win on the way home. Underneath all that awesome is Birthday Cupcake Batter, Cookies and Creme, and French Vanilla.

After I got home, I had a Luna Dark Chocolate Hazelnut bar to round out the day.



Well, the plans for Sunday had changed… but we decided that we would go and look at dogs regardless. We went to the gym (I ellipticalled, legs felt fine and dandy, and then did some upper body), and then we went to PAWS Chicago, a different shelter than the one that the Corgi had been at (which was hella far away), but closer to us and had some cute dogs online. 

We got there, walked around a little bit, and then I saw one that I wanted to meet. And….

Meet Ridley. Ridley is a family name, and one that we had actually planned on naming a daughter at some point. Well, little did we know that our daughter named Ridley would be furry and with four-legs! She is a blue heeler mix, so we will have our hands full, but I am so happy, I can’t stand it. 

And yes, she has already peed on the rug twice. 

And no, she and Zoe have not yet met! That will come this week, and I will update you on how it goes. For now, we are just trying to hold on tight!

Today, I have Remicade and then will go home to walk the pup before returning to the hospital for my psychiatrist appointment. Oh, and I’m going to be sleeping out in the main room with the dog (in the crate) while Alex sleeps in the bed with the cat. 

Typical. Lemmer.

Never a dull moment for Suz, from a new fur baby to fantastic food! #sweatpink #whatiate Click To Tweet

Who would be more likely to sleep on the couch–you or your partner?

Chicken and Waffles, omelet, or sweet brunch?

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