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Ice Cream, Tree Hugging, Madness! (Thinking Out Loud)

Today, we are going old school thinking out loud. Because there are things you need to know, mkay?

That means that things are going to get random. Want some more serious thoughts? Try this discussion about my little fish family.

Arctic Zero sent me some of their new flavors to try. RUN don’t walk, to try them! The Peanut Butter Swirl? TO DIE FOR. The cake batter pops? I can’t stop.

I am trying to ration them, so I’ve not had the Rocky Road of Cherry Chunk, but I am so freaking excited. And by “ration,” I mean only one pint at a time. But c’mon, the PB Swirl had white chocolate chips in it, too! NOT FAIR.


In other food news, I got a Gilt City coupon for Plated that I finally used this week. I went with Shrimp Gumbo and Moo Shu Chicken. The verdict is still out, but I was pretty happy with my personal rendition of what they wanted me to make. As I said on IG, I’m not the best with recipes 😀

So last week I posted about my feeling of being an IVF Impostor. One of the reasons that I sometimes feel like an IVF impostor? Honestly, I feel great. Hormones agree with me (thus far). I feel upbeat, engaged, and, well, like a real person in a way that I’ve not felt (other than the last cycle) in a very long time. I feel a bit guilty–so many people have such horrific IVF cycles–check out Jamie’s in her Warrior Woman Wednesday interview–and I am over here like, EVERYTHING IS AWESOME. 

If there wasn’t the whole risks and side effects to contend with, the lasting emotional turmoil of not being able to get pregnant, and the amount of time that I have to spend at the doctor getting tested… I would gladly give myself those shots for the unforseeable future. Not that we could afford it but whatever. Details.

Speaking of, my gym client line up for next week is LIGHT. I know I should be all “probably for the best,” but guys, I need to make some moola!

Alex was asking about holidays to request off for next year, and my question was… does my birthday count as a holiday? Our anniversary? I mean, other than Thanksgiving or Christmas (and you only get one of those) what other holidays does a non-religious person get to ask off? Arbor Day? 

I’m addicted to Diet Gingerale. I need to lock it up but I’m in love.

I blew my way through Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce. I thought it was decent, but also completely and utterly infuriating. I get that it is the LA version of Sex and the City, and maybe that is why I never watched SATC for much longer than a minute. I just end up wanting to strangle/shake people. But their clothes are pretty sick, and omg the houses that they live in. 

Also, why is Jeanine Garofalo only in the first 7 episodes??? 

I honestly can’t stand the whole March Madness lead up because for the next 2 weeks, commentators will be talking about nothing but “punching their ticket to the big dance.” Guys, they are not debutantes or going to a military ball. Come up with a different phrase, please. To cap it off, I don’t really care about basketball….

We are expecting snow today and then a lovely weekend. Who called it?

Ashley is coming to visit Chicago this weekend! I’m so excited to see her! We were originally going to go workout together, but that is obviously off the table with where I am in IVF. Luckily, I can always be talked into a coffee or tea!

So that is all the random that I have for you all today! Come back tomorrow for an awesome pizza crust recipe and other Friday nonsense!

Do you ever find that you thrive in situations that bring others down?

Are you good with recipes, or do you like to do your own thing?

Joining Amanda for Thinking out loud, and GretchRuns and See You in a Porridge for What’s New With You.

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