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Lunching Ladies and Impromptu Long Runs

With Alex away, I got to play and rest a bit this weekend. And that meant that I met up with friends for lunch and had some running fun! Notice the distinct lack of productivity because… well, let me explain.

Thank you Katie and Erin for the Weekend Love!

Let’s quickly rewind back to Thursday. I mentioned in my Friday post that I had gone to Thrive360 Eatery with Erin during the day and then Sweatworking that night (where I had seen Jeana and Erica and some other friends). Alex and I also got our TSA Application finished, so hopefully he’ll get approved in time for at least a few of his 1857043857 upcoming flights. 

There is nothing so glorious as a perfect run! @suzlyfe

Friday, I went for a gorgeous, perfection run along the lake in gorgeous, perfection weather. It is amazing how good your legs feel when it is 70 and humidity free! I also saw the cross country teams back in action! The men were not too far behind the ladies, but I was busy ogling them 😀

Cross country is back!

Cross country is back!

Then I trained some clients and also discovered the my computer had stopped charging, this time for good. After my final client, I rushed home to take it to a nearby computer repair shop before meeting Tiffany for lunch at Standard Market Grill. 

Tuna Nicoise Salad at Standard Market Grill in Lincoln Park Chicago. Delicious and healthy! @Suzlyfe

I mean, does it get much better than eating a delicious tuna nicoise salad with one of your good friends? Not really. Plus, I got the good news not too much later that my computer was fixable and I would get it back that night after my clients! Fast forward to that night, and my computer was back in my hands and charging… but not connecting to networks. COOL.

Saturday morning was supposed to be my last long run before the Mag Mile Half Marathon, but it was pouring, so I decided that I would do it on Sunday… until it cleared up, I realized my computer was working, and I decided to do a short shake out run before taking it back in and then meeting Erica for lunch.

Well, cue 11:00 AM text to Erica asking for a little later lunch time so that I could take advantage of the weather 😀 It was a sweaty humid one, but I am glad that I did it then!

House Beet Cured Smoked Salmon with herb creamed cheese, picked onion, and carrot on gluten free everything bagel from Wheat's End Cafe in Lakeview Chicago. @suzlyfe

A quick shower (and one last delay), and I was back out the door to meet Erica at Wheat’s End, the gluten free cafe that we went to around the same time last year. I remembered how fantastic the beet cured lox was, so I got that again and licked that plate clean. I really like their gluten free bagels–the bagels are dense, but the flavor is incredible and they stand up well with the lox, herb creamed cheese, and pickled carrot and onion. FREAKING DELICIOUS.

After brunch, I headed back over to the computer shop, where they fixed the issue (when they took the computer apart to fix the power port, a wire literally got crossed). I had a quick appointment and then when home to do… something. Don’t really remember, but I know that I watched Hinterland on Netflix and ate the day away. 

It was a frozen pizza, beer, and Netflix night. It was pretty awesome.

Alex got home Sunday morning, and after he took a nap (I’ll admit I joined that nap for a little bit) we went for a delicious lunch and then gym, grocery, laundry-ed, and cleaned! I made stuffed peppers for dinner, called my dad to wish him a happy birthday, and then we watched The Last Kingdom.

Stuffed peppers for dinner! Simple, easy, healthy, and delicious! Recipe at

Drooling over Suz's lunch dates with fellow Chicago blogger friends! #bgbcommunity #sweatpink Click To Tweet

Low key weekend. Next weekend my girlfriend Courtney is visiting with a few of her friends and things are going to be busy! This weekend was another much needed rest. 

When was the last time you had a good, solid lunch date with a friend, much less three? 

How do you spend your time when you have a quiet weekend to yourself?

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