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Love All OVER #FFavorites #Strangebutgood #RecipeFriday

BEFORE I FORGET! I want to wish my loverly Laura from Gluten-Free Treadmill a big GOOD LUCK and GIT IT GURL as she tackles her Ultramarathon this weekend! Please let me know that you have survived!.

I have so much favoritism to go around (contradictory, no?), that today is going to be a bit all over the place, but I really want to bring this week to a close with the utmost positivity, and the only way I know how to do that is to discuss some of my favorite favorites from the week.

five friday Collage

1) First, I have a few thank yous to give out:

a) Thank you, thank you, thank you all for your wonderful comments the past few days, no, the whole month, no–you guys are always so great, so supportive, and just really an amazing part of my life and my day. You are my first favorites for this week. OWN IT, BABY(S).

I toast you.

I toast you.

b) Thank you so, so much to Heather, Clare, Kierston, and Laura for hosting these parties. You all are providing us (the little guys) a chance to expand our audience as well as giving us a forum to discover new things/people and share some of our creations.

c) Another thank you to all of you people, for putting up with my crazy. Cue Oprah-esque Giveaway. But paid for by others 😀

d) Thank you, Jeannine, for chopping off my hair. Yes, I am shamelessly plugging myself and her, but she so deserves it, as does my hair.



2) Food


a) Does anyone else love the clean-out-the-fridge meals? I LOVE them. It’s like a snack plate, but on a meal scale, and it is the PERFECT opportunity for epic #strangebutgood (s). This week, we had a COTF meal–Alex had spicy beef and broccoli, Mediterranean cous-cous, salami and mozzarella slices, and then finished it all off with a half Extra Crunchy Jif and Orange Marmalade on Multigrain sandwich. AWESOME.

My creation? So #strangebutgood I had been craving TVP all day, but had opted for an omelet at lunch (it seemed a better pre-yoga option). So I got SO EXCITED about a TVP taco. Then I remembered that I was nearly out of TVP. FAIL SADFACE. But you all don’t come to the Suzlyfe for normal, right? Don’t worry, I didn’t disappoint:

crazy dilla3edited

I took a multigrain tortilla, spread Laughing Cow Light White Cheddar across it, then layered some of the marinara sauce from the night before (Classico sausage and pepper), then TVP cooked with Worchestershire, balsamic, a spritz of liquid aminos, some garlic powder, and some salt, and finally distributed some sauerkraut. Folded that sucker in half, sprayed the exterior, and gave it some warmth and crisp in a saute pan. Alongside it was a salad of “juicing greens”–spinach and kale mix–, the other TVP, and Goddess dressing. Verdict? SURPRISINGLY DELICIOUS. Quite fantastic, actually–the balsamic and marinara complemented each other, the creamy cheese balanced out any acidity or sour, and the sweet, acid, and slight sour of the tomato sauce brought it all together.

strange recipe Collage

b) I made Alex and I a riff on Chicken Parm on Tuesday. I used the aforementioned Sausage and Pepper sauce enhanced with some sauteed mini sweet peppers and onions, served over tricolor rotini. For the chicken, didn’t use egg wash but instead smeared Miracle Whip over the raw chicken and then crusted it with crushed oyster crackers, seasoned it with a little pepper, garlic, and some parm. To cook everything, I first julienned some salami and and browned/crisped that in the pan, removed when crisp, and then added a titch more oil and cooked the chicken. When it was done/a touch under, I transferred it to a baking rack (atop a foil lined baking sheet) in a 200 deg oven until Alex was back from the gym, then brought that up to a broil and added sliced mozzarella mixed with basil, the slightest amount of oregano and time, salt, a little parm, and diced sundried tomato. Rotini+marinara+extra cheese and seasoning shreds mixed, chicken atop. Finished with a little more parm and the crisped salami. Seriously excellent. Didn’t take a picture, probably should have, don’t care. TRY IT #RecipeFriday

3) Excellent Customer Service

a) You all likely saw my tweet/read about this on Tuesday, but TSA confiscated my Earth Balance Peanut and Coconut Butter. Well, EB saw my tweet too, and they are so kind to be sending me a coupon or two! Krista of <a href=”http://http//”>Tiny N Fit and I are trying to engage the company for a little share-the-loving opportunity, so if you like EB peanut/coconut butter, stay tuned!

About to be in my belly.

About to be in my belly.

b) I haven’t been able to get a review up of the Swirlgear preview event I attended last week, but trust me when I say you all will be so, so impressed. Everything I learn about this company makes me excited. Except for the fact that I can’t afford things.


c) Jeannine doing my mom and I a major solid and fitting us in. And making me even more of a sexy beast than usual.


d) Prompt and positive people picking up physicians’ phones. (once I started and realized it, I had to go for the alliteration). Makes scheduling appointments where I will likely be forking over more money and getting told that things are wrong with me that much more bearable.

4) Race Expo Goodies at Big Discounts

003 001

Also, I am apparently a hoarder.

5) I threatened, and I am delivering: 5 Favorite YouTube Videos and Other GIFs.

a) Bedroom intruder

b) Wacky Walk after Spinning :

You have to imagine it with the caption: “How I feel the day after spin class”

crazy dance

c) Don’t be that Guy Videos

d) Leprechaun in Mobile, AL

e) UVA UTS “I’m a Bus”

When a UTS bus confronts a red light:

suck my dick i'm a bus

Runner up: Harlem Shake

Tell me your favorite YouTube/GIF!

Any hilarious or desperate food solutions from the week? 

What are you looking toward for the weekend?!

See you fools tomorrow for the Long Run!

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