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Lorna Jane’s NOURISH #WIAW

As always, you all give me more love than I feel like I deserve. I’m glad that you enjoy being here, and don’t you stop. I originally was going to post my review for round 2 of Cicchetti today (yes, that sundae, lol) but I wanted to take WIAW in a little bit of a different direction. This is not a WIAW in the sense of what I ate–in fact, I’ve neither made nor eaten the food in this post!–but this is a WIAW in the sense of what I eat, how I eat, and what it does for me. This is, for me, and I hope for you as well, a WIAW of what nourishes my soul, mind, and body.

Thank you as always, Jenn!

Thank you as always, Jenn!


nourish cover

I am so, so grateful to have been given the opportunity through my ambassadorship with Sweat Pink to review Lorna Jane Clarkson’s new cookbook Nourish The Fit Woman’s Cookbook. I am offering my review a bit later than originally planned, as I did not receive the package until quite late. But, as you all know, I don’t like to phone in my work, as it were, so I decided to take a bit more time. Alas, I still have yet to really get my hands dirty with the book and recipes, but I think that you will, as I did, find that this cook book is so very much more than just a collection of recipes. And that is why I think that it is more valuable than many other books in my library.


I hope that you will take a moment, and read this very carefully.

who is

Furthermore, I hope that you will read this with the background of my post from Tuesday, and my approach to my blogging. Think back to the discussions that we have had over the course of this spring: speaking about filling our lives with positivity, shirking regret, treating ourselves well, and, always, loving ourselves.  Read Lorna Jane’s words again. Now you understand why this “cookbook” resonated so well with me. The recipes are beautiful—crafted to help our bodies reach full potential. But what I so connect with in this book is the fact that LJ is more concerned with all of us living our lives actively.

active living

We are the drivers—and we are not backseat drivers. Remember how I mentioned this with regards to bad news? Empower yourself to live on your terms. Give more, be more, move more, believe more, and nourish your mind, body, and soul more.

LJ talks about the daily rituals that keep her whole, and that made me think about the same for me:

cherries suzlyfe

I wake up, fix my breakfast and coffee, sit down, eat, and catch up on my blogs while rolling on my lacrosse ball. In short, I am waking my mind and body. I stretch out, I see Alex off, and then I work out. Mind, body, heart, spirit.

At work, I eat and get set up, read a few more blogs, check in with Caitlin and the boys, respond to comments, and then get to “real” work.

Lunch is for me. I take it as often as I can outside, in the fresh air and sunshine. After this winter, we need all of the outdoors time we can get.

lunch view suzlyfe

I usually have a salad. I. love. Salad. I typically follow it up with tea.

A few times a week, after work, I go to yoga—mind, body, spirit.

athleta plie Collage

At night, we turn on our string of lights (that we put up at Christmas).

015 (800x533)

As often as I can, I take uninterrupted time with Alex. Mind, body, soul.

I have my ice cream. Soul, and, to an extent, body and mind as well. It helps me with calories, which are used by my body to fuel my activities, and it is my “glass of wine” every night—we all know that to be very mental, lol. I finish with tea, either decaf green or decaf chai.

So. Ridiculously., Happy.

So. Ridiculously., Happy.

As much as possible, I lay down on the couch with Alex, and fall asleep before we actually go to bed.

Eating, as much as work and play, is a critical part of the balance that we seek in life. Sometimes we need food to be flippant and fun, but we always need our food to work for us, rather than against us. It is this meeting of work and play, form and function, desire and need, that I believe is the crux of active living and also the foods that LJ is putting forth. That doesn’t mean we don’t need chocolate (I will slap you silly if you ever tell me that), that we don’t need that beer. In the classic 80/20 spread, we need the 20 as much as we need the 80.  But when that 80 is delicious and hardworking, we are able to be more, to do more, and they are, above and beyond, sustainable.


The absolute most perfect peach maybe ever, captured for Instagram yesterday

Above all, however, this is indeed a cookbook, and these are the recipes that I am most looking forward to digging in to:

And quick note: I found it fascinating and also empowering that nutrition facts are given, but calories are not.

Mexican fish quinoa salad omelettes nourishing breakfast salad

I know that I tend to go on and on about food (yes, Mike, I agree that sometimes my blog should indeed be called Suzlyfe OMGALLTHEFOODZ), but that is because I respect what food gives to and does for us. Perhaps I have this perspective because of my illness–I’ve been both scared of and obsessed with food before. Sure, I think more about food than some people, but others think about makeup more, and does that make them any less for it? Absolutely not.

And so I leave you with this question:

How do you find the balance–so that food is both important and just a fact of life; so that it nourishes but is also fun and pleasurable; so that it is both the 80 and the 20?

Or do you look to other means? What is the “food” in your life, as it were?

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