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Looking Forward (New Orleans) & Back (the Week) Favorites!

Since I am shaking up my blogging schedule this week and for the month of March to accommodate the brand new Running Coaches Corner Link Up (by the way, have you entered to win a brand new Moto 360 Sport Watch?), I thought that today would be the perfect time to catch you all up on my thoughts, Friday Five and Friday Favorites Style. Check out what is making my week awesome!

Linking up with Heather for Friday Favorites, Mar, Cynthia, and Courtney for the Friday Five.

Favorite Things I’m Looking Forward To (New Orleans)

If you are reading this in the morning, the likelihood is that I am on my way to New Orleans! I am so excited for this weekend, though it is a bit bittersweet–I was supposed to be running a marathon this weekend, after all. But I have so much to look forward to!


It's her fault. All of it. And I should thank her for it everyday.

It’s her fault. All of it. And I should thank her for it everyday.

2) My Team Challenge family.

Joe and Angel--Team Challenge Georgia Endurance Managers past and present.

Joe and Angel–Team Challenge Georgia Endurance Managers past and present.

These are my people, in so many, and such different, ways. Anyone who has ever been on a charity team for a race knows that you are bonded by something far beyond the sport of running. Instead, you are bonded by love, a common pain, but also a common goal. Team Challenge for Crohn’s and Colitis changed my life, and I am so honored to be a coach for Team Challenge Illinois for the Wine Country Half Marathon in Napa this summer. I am thinking that I might fundraise myself and go to the race! It is the Sunday of Ideafest, but I think it might be worth it to be there and support my runners.

3) New Orleans Architecture

I have a Bachelors of Architectural History and a Master of Science in Historic Preservation. I’m from the South. THIS IS MY JAM. Taking the big camera 😀

4) Coastal Southern Food

From Charleston, but still.

From Charleston, but still.

I say coastal rather than Cajun or Creole because a) I am going to eat all the seafood and b) I don’t want to pick between the flavor profiles. I LOVE them both, and I better have myself some gumbo while I am down there. My stomach will hate me for it, but it can just deal with it. And you better believe I am going to order a Hurricane (better do so while I still can drink!) and get some fresh beignets!

5) WALKING EVERYWHERE and Utilizing the Awesome Apps in my Moto 360 Sport!

MotoBody on the Moto 360 Sport keeps you up to date with everything you need for an active lifestyle! Check out the full review at

You better believe we are going to walk like crazy, and I cannot wait to put the Moto 360 Sport Watch to the test! I just hope that one of those uses won’t be “find my phone” or “call a cab.” I’m hoping to log some serious steps! But also to take the necessary breaks that my back needs. 

5 Favorite Happenings or Events from this Week

Some great things happened this week as well!

1) I got asked to be a Matron of Honor!


On Wednesday, one of my best friends asked me to be a co-Matron of Honor at her wedding! She was my Maid of Honor, she is one of my closest and best friends, and I couldn’t be more honored or excited. I’ve even already ordered my dress! I have no doubt that I will get along just find with my co-Maid of Honor, who is her childhood friend, because she is going to take on a lot of the east coast details, and I will take care of a lot of the day-of organization (I’ve been in a number of weddings, after all!).  I’ve already texted her like 15 times about how excited I am.

2) Wearing the Moto 360 Sport Everywhere

Check out my Moto 360 Sport Watch Review and enter to win your own in the giveaway! This watch is more than just GPS: it is perfect for marathon training to just living a fit and healthy life. Get the details at

Guys, I’m obsessed. Sometimes, I say “Ok Google” to it just for the heck of it. I’m like a little kid around it. I’ve now downloaded and linked the Google Fitness app to it as well, and it is busy compiling data so that I can find out even more about myself! I never had the full on FitBit or life tracker wearables, so this is just too much fun for me.

3) Wearing “Runner” Things

Walking it out in Nike Zoom Elites, Tiux Compression socks, and my favorite running gear!

No lie, I totally wore a full on running outfit on Tuesday just to feel like a runner. My Tiux Compression socks, my Nike Zoom Elites from the Chicago Marathon, some of my favorite running shorts, and my Chicago Marathon race shirt. Fake it till you make it, right?

4) Zoodles Galore

After being on my liquid diet, I went crazy when I found some good produce. I have had zoodles several days this week, and one of them was a particularly inspired idea–adding fresh zoodles to my leftover Tom Yum soup broth from our Saturday night sushi date!

Tom Yum Soup with Zoodles! Zucchini noodles were the perfect addition to my leftover soup!

Last night, I had zoodles with chicken sausage and a simple balsamic mustard sauce. I love veggies 😀

5) Our Fertility Appointment

Starting out Fertility Journey at Northwestern

Well, guys, the journey has begun. We are going to go “natural” for a month and see where we are, but we will likely have to try Clomid and injections. My plan with regards to covering my fertility journey on blog is to be honest and accessible, but I will maintain privacy where needed. That said, I know that many of us have or will go through a similar battle, so I hope that we can share and support each other. But this will not become a pregnancy blog. Just like it isn’t a full out running blog, food blog, or Crohn’s blog. This is Suz LYFE. If I get to the point that all I have is trying to get pregnant, well, that is the time that I need to step back and gain perspective!

But things did look good, all the equipment is there, and we are moving forward with hope. I will keep you informed, but I will try to keep balance.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have shenanigans to get involved in!

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What is something that rocked your week?

What is something that is going to rock your weekend?

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