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Long runs (feet+mouth) and Lake Shores #MIMM

First things first! Social Enjoyments launches today! Chicagoans, look for it in stores!

Hey friends! How are you all? Can you believe that we are nearly halfway into July? HOLY BALLS. Shall we chat about our weekends? Yes, let’s!

Thanks, Katie!

Thanks, Katie!

My weekend did a little bit of a flip-flop, due to weather, but that just means that I watched more The Tudors than I previously expected to, and I got a good rest day before my long run.  I did go to Target. Always a plus. And I didn’t really over-spend. I got toasted coconut almonds for Alex, but they are a present and therefore don’t count  😉 Also, I restocked on sprinkles, critical for part 1 of my recovery post Sunday’s long run.

Sunday I work up quarter till 5 and did my English Muffin/pb/plain cereal/half banana/coffee shindig and then warmed up (Yes, I did my warm up (though I forgot part of it, whoops), but I changed up my playlist (I listened to it last week, so I needed something totally different).) and headed out to the Lake Front Trail.

7 13 run suzlyfe long run

I did the same route as last week, and this time it was mucccch better, even with the increased humidity. The temp was good, though, and the sun stayed behind the clouds, so other than fatigue and some intermittent tummy troubles, it was a good run, and a good mental exercise. I also didn’t feel like hurting small woodland creatures or hurling myself into the lake, so that is a major plus.

I finished in time to shower, change and refuel (NOMS) before heading up town to Lincoln Park to meet a new old-friend! Sara and I met up at Lululemon Halstead for their free yoga class, and it was much needed after that long run. Also, it is HILARIOUS to do flow right after a long run. Certain things felt disconnected, certain things were dialed in, and I practically, no I DID, over jumped and fell forward! But it was great as a restorative class, but I’ve already convinced Sara that we need to get her started on the Core Power Yoga program. She needs some Tanya, Linnea, and Kayla in her life ASAP. That is, if her back cooperates!

Apparently, I took this picture with an old-timey Casablanca lens.

Apparently, I took this picture with an old-timey Casablanca lens.

After yoga, we went to brunch, and bad bloggers, we tucked in sans pictures. Her’s was pretty, mine was not, so it is all well and good. I essentially got what I would have at IHOP (2x2x2) because I reeeeaallly wanted pancakes. And they were so simple, but so good. Next time, I need to get a bite of the peach-raspberry ones. I wanted them, but without the pomp and circumstance that I was sure they would come with. And I wanted some eggs. Not sorry.

We parted ways after walking some of the way back, but suffice it to say that the only time we shut up the entire time we were together was during yoga. I hope that this is the first of a great many to come, if she can fit me into her PACKED schedule! Girlfriend has got game, y’all. I’ll be glad to say I knew her win.

I stopped by Whole Foods on the way home for trail mix. And jicama (I had to buy pre-sliced because LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THESE THINGS!!!). Seriously, the produce was on roids.

Doesn't even do it justice

Doesn’t even do it justice

I also got my biscotti.and this tea.

whole foods products

It was on sale, and I tried 2 others, which were great, but you know, I’m a Georgia girl, through and through. I also think this needs to become sangria.

I wandered my way home, and watched a bit more Tudors and put off the laundry. I figured it wasn’t going anywhere. At least, not yet. It wasn’t smelly enough to be walking around of its own accord, not yet.

Alex got to come home relatively early and get to the gym, and then we went to Cicchetti and sat outside. Guys. Just…..YES. Amazeballs. Another review to come asap because let’s just say, it never disappoints. And, funnily enough, we had the same waitress!

More to come, but that is an amarena cherry on pistachio brittle with tiramisu gelato.  YEAH

More to come, but that is an amarena cherry on pistachio brittle with tiramisu gelato.


A few heads-up for the week:

a)      My post tomorrow is going to be a long one. I wrote it this weekend, and it is a two-part-er, but I don’t want to separate the two parts because they are intertwined. I am giving you a heads up because I would like to ask you all to take your time reading it, and to please, please engage in discussion at the end. Part a of it will discuss a comment that I got on Friday and my response, and part b is my contribution to a Writing Process Tour that Ms. Sara invited me to take part in. It will be a bit of a behind-the-scenes look into the Suzlyfe, which I hope you will all enjoy or, at the very least, not hate 😉

b)      This week may end up being very busy for me. We are starting some big changes and projects at the office, and I am going to be taking on a lot—both as the leader of several of these projects, as well as being relied on by my boss, who is both traveling and taking on much himself. So, you will get the Suzlyfe, as per usual, but you might get a lighter version. Like a decaf, if you will.

c)       I am likely to continue on my current pattern of responding to comments the next business day, as it were, unless my time at the office begins to be utterly taken up. Either way, I will always get back to each and every one of you. Believe me when I say that you all are my favorite part of this whole endeavor. I like to talk about myself, sure, but I like to talk with you all far more. Just a heads.

Cheers to a great, dare I say marvelous, start to the week!

Tell me something awesome from each day this weekend—Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and then tell me one thing that excites you about reaching the MIDDLE OF THE YEAR!!!


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