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Time Capsule: London Honeymoon Part 1

Did you know that the first leg of our honeymoon was in London? For a total change of pace today, we are going to look at the very first days of our trip.

Alex and I are traveling to Denver today, and what with all of the craziness of this week and before, I needed a blogging rest day  that said, I wanted to have a little fun! Enjoy this look back down memory lane.

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As I am currently knee-deep in honeymoon pics, I thought I would return to one of the original purposes of this blog: to capture some of the most important moments of my life. And so we have a return to my Time Capsule series!

Goobers. En route to London!

Goobers. En route to London!

A brief intro to these episodes:

My husband Alex and I were married May 26, 2013 in the Rose Garden of the Atlanta Botanical Garden. We left the next day for our honeymoon trip, which would encompass 3 nights each in London, Paris, and Rome. These are their stories (duhn duhn (Law and Order Style, but with a much happier ending)).

London Day 1

Alex and I arrived in London the morning of Tuesday, May 28, after flying through the night. Alex had gotten zero sleep, and I had managed a little bit, so we were in a pretty hilarious state of mind when we disembarked the plane at Heathrow. After taking the tube into central London at the stop nearest our hotel, we emerged into the drizzly London morning completely turned around and having no idea which way was up, down, north, or west. Though a seemingly insignificant fact to most, the trials of getting to our hotel became an ongoing joke and source of pride for Alex and I, as we never once took private/taxi transportation while in Europe.

We may or may not have added a solid 30+ minutes of commuting time to our journey to our hotel, but we earned the bragging rights.

A solid hour of wandering after emerging from the Tube station, and a hilarious level of frustration later, Alex and I arrived at Thistle Kensington Park, checked in, and Alex crashed hard into our very comfy bed. I (surprise surprise) went downstairs to the Waitrose convenience store attached to the hotel to procure some foooooods. It was raining (another surprise, with it being London), and I was dragging, so I camped out with a tea and my eats in the lounge of the hotel restaurant for a few hours.

View from our window. I should've taken pics of our hotel room. It was small, but super modern and comfortable.

View from our window. I should’ve taken pics of our hotel room. It was small, but super modern and comfortable.

When Alex arose later on, and we had refreshed ourselves and our stomaches, we decided to go out into the world and check out the British Museum, one of my dream destinations for their artifacts of the Ancient World. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that certain areas of the museum close earlier than others, so we missed out on some things, but we got Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome in, so I was vvvvverrry happy indeed. Plus, i got my architecture and art nerd on, and Alex got inspired.


After we got kicked out of the museum, I took Alex on a wild goose chase for another little museum that I wanted to see but was also closed. And I took us in the exact wrong direction away from where we were planning to eat (a legit, non-touristy fish and chips shop supposedly halfway between the museums and our Tube stop). Wellll, as is typical of Susie and Alex, we found the museum and then started our trek back only to get lost and desperately STARVING.

Starving + exhausted + OVER IT = desperate. Add to that the fact that apparently, pubs don’t serve food after 5? Hmmmmmm…. We finally found a pub that served fish and chips, as well as was cozy, (we later discovered it was like Ruby Tuesday’s of pubs (ie the big chain) but they had a great drink list and things that I could eat). The food was meh, but, they had what would become one of the most important discoveries (for Alex) of the trip: CRABBIES.

Alex's first sip of Crabbies.

Alex’s first sip of Crabbies.

Actually, it was mine, but Alex absconded with it.

We stayed at the pub for a good while, then made our way back to the hotel, I got a yogurt for dessert, and we crashed HARD in our very comfortable bed. Thank you blackout curtains.

And then, the next day, it was time for Royal London and an epic trek through Westminster.

London Day 2

Let’s just say, we crashed hard. And missed breakfast (GASP). But luckily for us, there was a Starbucks within a stone’s throw of our hotel and the Tube station, so we hit that up for oats and an Americano (me) and a sandwich and OJ (Alex). Then it was onto the Tube and off to HOP! (House of Parliament)


Piece of Advice: if/when you go to Westminster Abbey, get the audio tour that they offer–it is totally worth it because it takes you through the chapels and points out famous graves and such. So cool, and truly an experience that I would recommend to even the most skeptical of tourism-snobs, such as myself.

The picture in the gardens (which were beautiful), is also the site where I dropped my big camera. This becomes important in Paris….

After finishing the Abbey, we were already hungry, and so we set off to find a place to eat. We found a pub nearby and had meat pie and I think? I had a salad with periperi chicken that had no flavor. However, I remember Alex’s meat pie being surprisingly delicious. And Crabbies was involved. Duh.

Next up was a walk through King James Park to Buckingham Palace! Also, Alex likes to take pictures of ducks. Blurrily.

Londoners drive obscenely nice cars.

Londoners drive obscenely nice cars.

london32 london50

This is part of a series of pictures that began beach week of my second year in undergrad. I will post them at some time, because they are honestly hilarious.

This is part of a series of pictures that began beach week of my second year in undergrad. I will post them at some time, because they are honestly hilarious.

BP3zoomI am going to end here before this post get too out of hand, and I will recap the second half of Day 2 and the full of Day 3 next time! Hope you all enjoyed going down memory lane with me 😀 It’s self-indulgent, sure, but what is Tuesday for if not for Treating Yourself???

Merci, Becky!

Merci, Becky!

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