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Favorite Memories from Living in Streeterville


During the past 3 years of living in Streeterville, to say that Alex and I have amassed quite a collection of memories is an understatement. Here are 5 of my favorites from across the years!

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Favorite Memories From Living in Streeterville

Join me as I look back at Favorite Memories of Living in Streeterville Chicago! @suzlyfe

About Streeterville Chicago

For those who don’t know Chicago, Streeterville is a neighborhood just to the north of the Chicago River (the famous Loop and Millennium Park are just to the south of the River). The Magnificent Mile is the western border, and the Lake Michigan is the northern and eastern border (Lake Shore Drive curves), and the Chicago River is the southern border. Streeterville is largely residential high rises, hotels, and, of course, a large section of it is Northwestern Memorial Hospital, which is why we ended up in the area! Navy Pier, one of the big tourist destinations, is at the southern end and extends out into the Lake.

Map of Streeterville Chicago and what it is like living in Streeterville Chicago

Pros of Living in Streeterville

Restaurants of every kind, fast casual to 4 star, are in the area. Thai, Italian, burgers, cocktail bars, rooftop bars, even a Cheesecake Factory–there is something for all. We also have a huge movie theater and entertainment area, a rockin Whole Foods, and we are super close to River North and the food, entertainment, nightlife and other stores of that area. You can walk/drive/bus to the Loop in a matter of minutes, or get onto Lake Shore Drive and head up and down the city.

For runners (cough), you are at basically the midpoint of the Lake Front Path, which is perfect for long runs during the summer–you just head out, get on the LFP, and pick a direction!

Cons of Living in Streeterville

We have seen a TON of high-rise construction in the past 3 years, and it isn’t going to stop any time soon. Our gorgeous view of Lake Michigan has recently been filled in, and our view to Millennium Park was filled in long ago. Also, it is freaking expensive. We are in one of the less chi-chi buildings, and it is still $$$ for our 620 square feet. 

Streeterville is also a pretty busy area–lots of tourists going back and forth between the Lake and Mag Mile. Where we are isn’t so bad, but it can still get a bit annoying. 

But overall, the location is on point, and we love that.

ALLLLRIGHT, to the memories!

Favorite Memories of Living in Streeterville and Our Apartment

1) Our first weeks in the apartment

Our first dinner at the table in our new apartment while living in Streeterville Chicago!

Our first dinner at the table in our new apartment while living in Streeterville Chicago!

This was the first apartment that Alex and I lived in together as JUST the two of us, so even as much as things have gone downhill in the past few months with our apartment and building, this place still means a lot to us. I remember walking into it for the first time, seeing our fabulous (now largely gone) view, and setting up our lives together. I’ve been itching to get out of this place for a long time, but I still remember eating on our floors (we had a table, but I wanted the experience, lol), searching for furniture, hanging our pictures, etc.

2) Bringing Zoe Home/Adding Zoe to our Family

Zoe and I having very deep conversations about deep things.

Our furbaby went home with Alex (I had to work) at the end of August, and our lives became a bit more complete. I will never forget the yowling the first 4 nights (and Alex yowling about the yowling), and Alex finally getting ear plugs (allowing me to sleep as well, lol). Her cat tendencies are part of the reason that I’m excited about the finishes in our new place… but she makes this place home.

3) Our first Thanksgiving and Christmas in the apartment

Thanksgiving set up 2013

Our first married Thanksgiving, I hosted my mom and brother in our apartment (and started my blog!). I made everything from scratch, we ate off our fine china (largely for the first time), got out the crystal, and made an event of it. For our first Christmas season in the apartment, we got a baby tree, stockings for the three of us, and hung up the lights that we have kept up since! I made cookies for the doormen/apartment staff, and Alex got off early on Christmas Eve and got Christmas Day off, an unexpected surprise!

4) Dinner with My Mom and Alex at Cicchetti after my Interview

Cicchetti suzlyfe nonna foccacia shaved salad 2

I will never forget dinner with my mom and Alex at the now gone Cicchetti. That night was so full of hope and excitement that something might finally be happening for me after so many years of nothing coming to pass. Plus, the food was absolutely incredible–it was one of our favorite places, and we were actually sad and mourned it closing! 

5) Our Many, Many Visits to D4 Irish Pub (and Blaze)

It is no secret that we love this restaurant. We go there multiple times a month, and their sweet potato fries are freaking the bomb diggity. I will be pilgrimaging back to Streeterville specifically for those fries. 

Blaze coming to the neighborhood was one of the best things to happen to me. Let’s not count how many pizzas I have eaten from there. Heck, it was the place that I waited 5 long months to return to in celebration of my triumphant return to running. There are others in the city, but this one, which was conveniently right below the Core Power Yoga I used to work at, will be my fave.

So, so many other memories (Fourth of July! Marathon Training! GreenRiver!), but these are a few that I will always love and look back on. 

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I’m spending the weekend packing. What about you?

Tell me a favorite memory of a past apartment/neighborhood!

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