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Stress Reaction Recovery Update and A Serious #likeaSuz Moment!

I hope you all are enjoying the Ode to Mom week. Last day to enter the Mother’s Day giveaway for active/running moms, by the way! And I am continuing to add to the pile….. just saying 😀 And remember, my Canadian friends–if you are willing to help me out a little with the shipping, this is open to you, too!

So that you can do this

So that you can do this

Other mom-love posts this week? Why running and a life of fitness is improving my (future) parenting, and a very special post–my own mom’s first guest post–being the support system when a loved one is diagnosed with a chronic illness.

We are going to take a brief break from the action for today to allow me to spout some nonsense, but tomorrow I have a cool new app + gadget that I think will be amazing for helping moms (or, well, anyone really!) take care of themselves in the midst of taking care of everyone else. And if you were wonder, Daiya Cheezecake is part of the whole ode-to-mom thing. I have to do research to help my moms out there, right? 

Alright, some nonsense for you.

Merci, Spoons!

Merci, Spoons!

First off, Ground Breaking News.

Per Uber Facts, Scotland’s national animal is the unicorn. Neil, Erin, I’m coming!



GREAT Suz moment from this weekend.

jennifer claire photo suzlyfe 5

I woke up on Sunday with plans for a rest-ish day but had a lot of time in front of me before brunch (remember, Alex’s parents were in town), so I decided to go for a short swim at my work pool. (With my boot on, it takes me about 15-20 minutes to get there). So I hobble over, get my stuff from my office, and then start making the wild-goose-chase trek up to the amenity floor where I can take the elevator up to the pool (still with me?). Well, my card decides not to work in the elevator (to give me access), so I go for an elevator ride in the hotel until I get a guest to swipe me to the right floor. Then I get there, get out, go to the restroom to change….

and I don’t have my suit. 

Luckily, I had seen a roundabout way to get back down (sans evil elevator) but it requires stairs (difficult in the boot) and an even more roundabout path to my office. Whatever. I do it, return to my office, get my suit, and then make my way back up. I would say that office-to-pool-to-office-to-pool journey takes about 25 minutes AT LEAST. Right, so back to the changing of the suit, wet hair, put in conditioner, get swimcap….

and swim cap breaks. Tears right in half. 

Fun. At this point, it is literally a challenge and I am going to win this GD it. I thought about it being a “sign” but then decided it was hogwash and it was rather a challenge. So I take my stuff out to the pool, get in, start my swim….

and I can’t remember if I put my ring in my bag or just on the counter. 

So I get out, look through my bag, can’t find it, go back to the changing room, don’t see it there, and decide that it must be in my bag somewhere. I get back in the pool and end up having a really good swim, actually! (and my ring was in the OTHER side of my bag. 

Polar bear #facepalm

Polar bear #facepalm

On another but related note: INJURY UPDATE!!

Stress Reaction Recovery

What I am dealing with:

A stress reaction is everything BUT a fracture–there was none showing on the X-Ray, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Read about my initial appointment last week! I was to a point where I literally couldn’t walk. Our goal is to essentially telling my bone to SIMMA DON NAH.

Why did it happen?

The easy answer is overuse, but to be honest? Not sure. I was running a helluva lot less and had actually been resting more in the days preceding my very initial symptoms. I think it was just the perfect storm + osteopenia + Crohn’s + female + athlete. 

How long has it been?

It has been a week and change (last Tuesday) since I got put in the boot, and two weeks and change (Monday the week before that) since I have run (I feel like I am at an AA meeting). And you bet your ass that I miss it.


newton running blue kismets suzlyfe


Where I am Mentally:

I actually tweeted that out the other day–thank you Gretchen and Jeana for giving me a little love back 😀 But overall? I’m ok with it, or at least coping. It isn’t like this is the first time that I’ve had to take time off! And I’m so happy that I can do other things.

Where I am Physically:

  • I am quite pleased to report that I have minimal discomfort while walking without the boot!
  • I have done the bike twice with rises out of the saddle, and sans pain, but I am trying to be incredibly mindful and tapped into how it feels. And RIGHT BACK TO THE BOOT after. #dasbootsuz
  • I am getting stronger in my upper body and give those muscles a little TLC so that I don’t have such stick-insect arms. Plus it is hilarious to watch people watch me work out in my boot and Dansko.

suz flex strength update

  • I’ve gone to Pilates several times, as well–the reformer is great for helping me get my alignment back from walking slightly unevenly in the boot (though I can wear my Danskos and be pretty even).
  • I CAN EVEN JUMP UP AND DOWN!!! This is a big moment. Especially considering that I told the doc just straight up NO when she was testing me last Tuesday.


Stress Reaction Recovery Plan Moving Forward?

  • Continue with what is obviously working! That means continue to work on rebuilding my baby muscles (which are at least slowly growing again) while the focus isn’t on running.
  • Start doing mobility and stabilization exercises again to strengthen my ankle back up. That includes working into yoga, but not overdoing it. 
  • Continue Pilates until my Class Pass cycle is up (I’m skipping the next month due to travel and such).
  • Mmmmaaayyybbe try the elliptical this weekend, but only if I’m feeling dangerous.
  • Keep swimming even after this weekend!
  • #DasBootSuz it up until my next appointment on Tuesday. No questions, no excuses! 
  • As always, good nutrition, sleep, and taking care of myself.

After all, I want to get back here:

suz nike free running media chicago

The whole boot through next week thing will be a trip, considering that today is the last day sans rain that we are anticipating for a while. wooooooooooooonot.

When was the last time that you had a face palm, all around the world and back again, experience? 

Update me on you! This week has been a lot of static content, what is going on in your life?

What is your spirit animal?

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