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Like Real People (Weekend Catch Up 11/14)

Short Weekend Catch Up today (but I know Ali needs her updates, lol). We had a busy weekend, and I wanted to tell you about it!

Did you see my last full Catch Up?

Weekend Catch Up 11/14

Mom and I went to Stroller Strides together on Friday, and she got to meet so many of my friends and their kiddos, plus we made a craft for her to take with her back to Mexico. Ironically, it was a snowy tree suncatcher, lol….

Alex and I had a lovely date night that night! We returned to Little Bad Wolf, where we went with Ali and Justin for a double date a few months ago. We celebrated the end of Alex’s year of ridiculous scheduling (what a year it has been), the end of overnight call, and nearly a year of being parents!

We cheers’ed with a few El Chupacabras (omg so so good), the freshest chips and salsa and guac (seriously, the freshest chips), and then split a ginormous salad and a double burger and fries. The lighting dark and moody and perfect for a date, but not so good for food pics. But I’m not kidding, giant salad.

Saturday morning, we had swim with Ali, Justin, and Ryan, and Mom went, too! I wish I could say it went way better, but unfortunately, Emmie knocked her head on the side of the pool, and that led to tears 🙁 BUT she did do better with getting closer to going underwater, so there was progress made!

Matching besties!

That night, after Mom left and while snow was coming down, we went with friends to a newer Italian place down the street. The food was delicious, it was so good to see our friends (who live around the corner, but they have these things called “lives” that means they have to eat before 5:30 lol). Our friends go on the coolest trips (next up is Tokyo and Hong Kong). I’d like to say that they remind Alex and I of how we lived prior to Emmie, but we were never cool or really traveled (not that we wouldn’t love to go cool places). So basically they just fuel my wanderlust.

In other news, Emmie had a pouch, some bread, a full packet of PB, and some water for dinner. Girlfriend wasn’t so interested in other foods.

Sunday, we met up with Holly, her hubs, Max, and Ali, Justin, and Ryan for a taco fiesta! I made a major goof, though! I told Alex to double check the cross street for my turn, and I gave him Ali’s address by accident! He told me the exact opposite of what I was expecting to hear, and when I reached the destination (and we got Emmie out, etc), we discovered why >> I had told him Ali’s address! Luckily, they don’t live far apart…

Emmie had fun, but she is less enthused with/interested in hanging out with others right now. She’s been having more separation anxiety recently, and she is pretty clingy with her mommy and daddy at the moment. She walked a few steps, and was really on a roll going back and forth between us, and then she tripped and that was the end of that…

Also, thank goodness for Getaround this weekend, we saved so much money not taking Ubers! (no, not sponsored, but we do get referral credit. I LOVE the service, though!)

Ok, I am going to run so that we can watch Schitt’s Creek and eat chocolate (I’m dialing back, but not going without!)

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