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Like a [Suz] : Take the Leap to Self Acceptance (prAna and Sweat Pink)

I was given and accepted the opportunity to work with prAna and Sweat Pink after having had such a wonderful experience this past fall. Though I was provided clothes, my opinions are, as always, my own. 

Before I forget:

Use my code to get get 15% off SITEWIDE at prAna this month! PSPS15SL

Thank you so much for your support on yesterday’s post! You know I won’t compromise who I am, I just have to figure out how I want to express myself.

Don’t just say Happy Valentine’s Day to the ones that you love, say it to yourself. Let me explain.

As many of you may remember, I had the fortune of working with prAna a few months ago. Prana has quickly become one of my favorite companies to work with–they embody my motto to live every day of my life. As I said in that post:

In my yoga practice, I have learned to cultivate what is called the “ujjayi pranayama,” or “breath of fire and victory.” Pranayama is the practice of controlling one’s prana, or breath, which in turn signifies more than simply the act of respiration. Though not a chi, or a chakra, your prana is connected to the spirit, the “life force” inside of you.

prAna is also a clothing company, one that focuses on enabling and encouraging the pursuit of breath, life, spirit, and vitality. “Clothing for people who live life fully, play long, and travel well,” prAna creates mindfully designed products built to last, move, and explore, but also to look and feel beautiful.

I think that it is interesting that February is not only the month of Valentine’s Day but also Black History Month–in short, February to me is a month that is dedicated to love and acceptance (and learning to be accepting). But it is also a month for bravery–the bravery to love and accept yourself.

prana suzlyfe skye dress

Grab onto that buzzword that so many people are throwing around and be present in yourself–stop trying to be like yourself in the past or the future. In short: #taketheleap to be yourself. As you are, right now.

Cultivate your ujjayi pranayama on the yoga mat as well as off.

And then we have the Super Bowl Commercial for Always, telling us to act #likeagirl. I’m a girl. I’m a blogger. I’m a runner, I’m a bitch I’m a lover. There are many things I am, but most importantly? I’m Susie. The Suz. So while I wish I could do things #likeavirgin #likeagirl, I think that it is more important and more appropriate to say that I do things #likeaSuz.

I run #likeaSuz


I eat #likeaSuz.

I model #likeaSuz

I dress #likeaSuz

I always act #likeaSuz

One of the aspects of this community that I love most, beyond the incredible real life friends that I have made and met (and I get to see some of them this weekend!!) is the incredible acceptance in this community for who we each are as individuals. We are able to maintain our resolution to blog with integrity because we find that we are surrounded by people who don’t give a damn:

  • how fast we run
  • how perfect we look
  • if we have an off day. Or month. Or year.
  • if we are pretty darn chuffed at how awesome our day was and just need to freaking tell someone.
  • If we are anti-inspirational bloggers

In fact? THAT IS WHAT WE LOVE ABOUT EACH OTHER. My favorite blogs, stories, and people are the ones where we stop trying to be something or someone other than ourselves. Be you. Do you. Goofy pants under your gorgeous dress. Chips for dinner or coq au vin. 

So #taketheleap into yourself. Learn what it is that makes you tick. Learn #whatslovely about you, accept it, and cultivate it. And learn to accept yourself in that moment, as you are. When you fall out of a pose, smile, take a breath, re-calibrate, find your drishti (your point of focus), and try again, being more cognizant of what went wrong–was it because you were pushing into new territory (good for you!) or because you weren’t giving yourself the benefit of the proper set up? Ask for help if you need to, and then use the guidance to find your own way that works for you.

prana skye dress suzlyfe 2

Like my dress? It is the new Skye dress from prAna’s spring line! Super comfy, has a shelf bra, and you know I love the color. I almost got the yellow (it was the one that caught my eye originally), but the teal is just so me. I can’t wait until it is warm enough to wear here in Chicago. And you better believe that I love my Mena sweater that I wore in that post (I wear it all the time) and those Roxanne Tights? Just check out my Common Yoga Mistakes Clinic to see them in action. 

Want to learn more about prAna? Follow up with them here:

Our Story
Life Content

How do you think that you might be able to #taketheleap into finding yourself a bit better? Do you struggle with loving and accepting yourself enough to do things #likea____?

How do you react when you “fall out of a pose”? Do you smile and try again, or do you rebuke yourself? 

Thank you to Heather, Nicole, and Jill!

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Please take a moment to visit my guest post at Fitzala and explore #whatslovely about YOU

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