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The Lighter Side : Thoughts on Thursday

Things have been on and off heavy for the past few weeks, so I thought that today I would lighten the mood up with some thoughts on Thursday.

Thank you to Amanda for the Thinking Out Loud partaaaay!

We all know that I have a ridiculous mind. Here are some of the

Thoughts Passing Through My Mind of Late

Saturday as I was fixing lunch: you know you love veggies when you opt to eat at home so that you will eat less veggies in preparation for your night race. And then the first things that you grab? Spinach, onion, and tomato. #facepalm. (and then your husband brings you home some more veggies from the local Mediterranean joint.)

Post race meal of champions at IHOP. Omelets and short stacks! What do you eat after races?

Veggies even when I’m carbing.

Pretty much every day: How do I get so hungry out of nowhere when I am eating 2500-3000 calories a day? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? later on OMG I AM SO FULL. later on OMG SO HUNGRY

Upon discovering that my car has been hit/marred again: Poor Tally (the name for my car). You look a hot mess. 

Oh, Nike Pegasus, You are so pretty. How much do girls love their running shoes?

Every time that I look down at my feet: OOOOOoooooo I love my new shoes. 

Grabbing my last bag of Ips Crisps: I’ll just have a few. HA.

Ips Snacks makes high protein chips and popcorn in amazing flavors to fuel your healthy lifestyle with healthy snacking! Check out the review at

Every time I look around my apartment: What is it like having a clean apartment in working condition? I really need to clean. I can’t wait to have a clean apartment. Please notice the amount of cleaning that is actually getting done…

Some Ironic/Funny/Exasperating occurrences of late:

I got a parking ticket on Friday. At 3:24 PM. My car doesn’t have to be moved from that position until 5. WTF

i can't even meme

My car has been hit TWICE while in private parking garages here in Chicago in the past year. Saturday, someone ran into the back of me and did minimal damage to the bumper. Monday morning, I go out to move my car to another parking space, and my rear hubcap is missing. SERIOUSLY

My laptop will no longer charge. Again. Last time, it was an issue with the charger. Now, who the balls knows.

Discovering that the only person I know who spells my name the same way as myself is a cast member on the Real Housewives of Melbourne.

My Sacro Iliac Joint feels better after 3 consecutive days of running than 2+ weeks of babying it. 

I had froyo 4 of the past 5 nights. One of those times was just samples. We are bleeding money to Whole Foods and Yogurtland. I should probably just go back to buying it at the grocery store. But then how will I get rewards points? 

First froyo of the year!

Just the number of times that I have to pee a day. It is just insane. What am I going to do when/if I get pregnant?? Funny aside–Alex didn’t realize until a few days ago (when I explained it to him) that girls have to take rompers all the way off to go the bathroom. My answer: Thus why I will never wear one. 

Before about 10 months ago, I never listened to podcasts. Now I spend the vast majority of my day doing so. I’ve gone over my data for the month because of it (and the fact that I spend so much less time at the gym, where I couldn’t listen to them).

After swearing off Snapchat for months, since this weekend, I have dived back into the Snapwater and am having fun with it. Not documenting my entire life, but it definitely is a fun place for me to show you all new products and ridiculous happenings in my life rather than using Instagram, which these days is so brand and marketing driven. No, I do not use filters. Consider my Snapchat a filter free zone of safety.

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Things I’m Excited about Right now:





Going to two restaurants with them that have been on my radar for years now (and which Alex and I have tried to go to and not been able to). 

Having a full kitchen and full apartment! Not having to look above and use the remote around the dining room table for TV purposes. And being able to come home during the day to my apartment for lunch, to change, for work, etc.

Getting the cat’s stuff out of our bedroom. I’m really excited about not having her litter igloo and her food stuffs in our bedroom. Also excited not to lock her up every day again. She “loves” it. 

Finishers! Alex and I after the race! Amita Health Fitness For America Sunset Half Marathon/10k/5k Race Review and Race recap at

Alex and I becoming 10k buddies. We are going to start doing Saturday 10ks together (and then I’ll go further if I feel the inclination). And the next Saturday is the BTN B10K (win the chance to run with us!)

Considerations I’m Considering:

Writing an eBook. In fact, I have a few topics that I would like to write eBooks on (potentially later, the real thing). I’m nervous that no one will buy them, but I guess now is the best time, right? Now, or too late?

There are two times in life.. For more discussion on the power of words, see

Additionally, after having so much fun with the Facebook Live chat for Cottonelle, I’m considering doing Facebook Live? 

Stealing some of the cookies from the guy next to me. He brought an entire sleeve of what looks like ginger crisp-thin things and I WANT.

What half marathon I can run. Even if I don’t run my Summer Fitness Goal Half Marathon Time (that’s a mouthful) at a race–and yes, I will totally consider it accomplished if I do it on a regular run–I still want to run a half before the Chicago Marathon. That’s the cutoff that I am going to use. 

(One really serious consideration) If/when to start IVF. We are giving me a month off and then trying another medication, and then going to IVF. But do we go immediately to IVF? Or do we give it more time? 

Can I live with Ange and Kaella in Canada during the summer and live in Mexico during the winter after this election? Do you think that they would notice?

Tell me something going through your head at the moment!

Would you buy a running-focused eBook? Or would you scoff?

Facebook Live?

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