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Life Lessons From Twitter

Yeah, I learned some life lessons from Twitter. Yesterday, I brought up Twitter, and in the “trending” section, a certain hashtag caught my eye: #ILearnedtheHardWayThat. I had to click on it.

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Life Lessons From Twitter

Life Lessons From Twitter

Of course, there were the funny (or people attempting to be funny) blurbs–I particularly liked this one–and lots of political statements (kill me). Then there were the more heartfelt and serious. Two tweets in particular caught my eye, both by the same person: 

I learned the hard way that. This hashtag was trending last night. What have you learned the hard way?

Now, the tweets are pretty different and definitely stand alone. I wanted to talk about the top one, but I couldn’t help but include the bottom one (not using first or second as a descriptor because if you think about it, the first one is the second one… lol). I think that both are important reminders for each of us, every day.

Lesson #1: Not Everyone Is Nice

I am going to start with the first tweet (first tweeted tweet): #Ilearnedthehardwaythat not everyone is nice. Some people don’t even have it on their goal list. 

I love this. I don’t love that it is true, but we all could use a reminder that “haters gonna hate.” Every amazing idea has met a litany of people who passed on it, or were just outright mean (JK Rowling comes to mind). We are only in control of our own minds and reactions and emotions (and even then, as I have shown recently, not as much as we would often like!). There is no requirement in life to be nice, to be supportive; but nevertheless dare to be you, dare to shake off the detractors (including the voices inside YOUR OWN head).

Lesson #2: Make a Goal of Being Nice

Secondly, I really love the idea of being nice being on someone’s goal list. That doesn’t mean that you are fake nicey-nicey. Rather, it means that you aren’t a pratt for the sheer sake of it. Don’t make a point of being nice; make a goal of being niceBe truthful to your feelings, but convey them in a way that is always respectful of others. In my experience, one gets furthest in life by standing their ground but holding the door open, if that makes sense. 

Lesson #3: You have to Work for What You Want

We all know that life isn’t easy. For anyone. I don’t care who you are, at some point, you will be tested. And if you want something, if you truly want something. Work for it. Every day, contribute something, large or small, to that goal. There will be days when you advance leaps, there will be days when simply maintain. But find a way to fight for and believe in yourself and what you want every day. Maybe that means a long run, maybe that just means a plank and not eating cheese for every meal of the day. Little victories are still just that: victories.

Lesson #4: Consider How You Build The Life You Want

I was used to be in architecture, and in historic preservation to be more precise; I think I know the value of a good foundation. Now that I am in fitness and health, I see it just as much in a different way, and I work with each of my clients to build a strong foundation upon which we build. Same thing with life: I suggest starting with a foundation of love and support, first and foremost, and then adding knowledge and sense. Next develop the skills that you need to take you to where you want to go, and call in trades as needed to take care of specialty work. 

But always have a strong foundation. And sometimes, that means working on that which others cannot see. But you will know that the foundations are there, and that will, in time, mean that you will have all the freedom in the world to play later.

Some food for thought for Tuesday.

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What else can you take from these quotes?

How you ever been especially struck by something you have seen on Twitter?

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